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The Case for Presentable Sleepwear + The Season's Best Styles | Chic Pajamas for Women + Budget Dupes

Welcome back to The Daily Connoisseur. In our last post, we discussed why it's important to wear presentable undergarments. Today we are discussing sleepwear. Presentable sleepwear is a passion of mine. I love pretty pajamas! If you strive to look presentable in public everyday, you should also strive to look presentable at home... even if you live alone and no one sees you.

Today, I'm sharing my seasonal sleepwear guide with you and have pulled the season's latest styles from my favorite companies. All of the sleepwear I am showcasing is high-quality, high-end sleepwear, mainly from tried and tested brands that I am familiar with and have had excellent experiences with. 

Budget Sleepwear

If you are on a budget, however, and these do not fit in your price range, I did a lot of research and found nearly identical budget dupes. You can find all of those in the budget sleepwear section of my Amazon store

How to invest in sleepwear

How do you start to collect and invest in high-end sleepwear and still stay on budget? Because high-quality sleepwear can last for years, just start your collection by purchasing one a year. I generally allot for an update once a year and have done so for years. If you take care of your sleepwear by washing and storing it correctly, your sleepwear will last a long time. There will come a time, however, when you will need to throw your sleepwear away (or donate it if it is in usable condition). Make sure you read those cues and act accordingly. Don't hold onto sleepwear past its prime.  

The latest styles... which is your favorite? 

Let's take a look at some of the brands featured in today's video. Perhaps they can give you inspiration for the type of sleepwear you'd like to wear on a nightly basis. You can find my slipper recommendations in my Amazon store as well. 

The Lilysilk chic pajama set is their most popular, bestselling sleepwear item. Made of  100% 22 Momme Mulberry Silk, with contrast piping and mother-of-pearl buttons, this pajama set is luxurious and would make an excellent gift. Daily12 for 12% off

Lusome Lucienne Nightdress in Noir  LUSOME20 for 20% off The Lusome line is made from Xirotex, which is proven to eliminate night sweats and has an advanced moisture management technology. This is my favorite type of sleepwear. I love comfortable sleep shirts and nightgowns. I adore this one in particular. 

Lusome Luxe line with Xirotex  LUSOME20 - 20% off The Donna pajama runs big. Normally Medium pajamas fit well on me but this one is much larger. I would order true-to-size with this one. This is also made of Xirotex and prevents night sweats. A wonderful pajama set. 

Cami NYC is a luxury clothing line that is known for their beautiful lacy camisoles. They also have a capsule collection of silk sleepwear. This is sleepwear is extreme luxury and on the higher price range for those with a large budget. The silk is exquisite and feels so soft on the skin. 

Fleur't Intimates has very relaxed and casual sleepwear choices mixed with delightfully feminine ones. This cozy jogger with silk trim and relaxed top has a very modern silhouette and is so chic. FALLBEAUTY20 (20% off)

The Fleur't Iconic Chemise is not only beautifully constructed, but washable, wearable, and so comfortable. I've been a customer of Fleur't for decades as I love their iconic boy short. Their sleepwear is equally delightful. FALLBEAUTY20 (20% off) It's a great idea when thinking about building a sleepwear collection to buy things in the same style family. The robe, long nightgown, and chemise all go together nicely.

Rya Soleada Gown and Robe collection JEN4RYA 10% off  This gown and robe is available in gold and ivory in lustrous poly-charmeuse for easy care and wrinkle-free traveling. The Rya gowns are so unique because of their intricate embroidery details. The Rya robes and gowns are machine washable even though they look like they are dry clean only. I had great success washing mine at home on delicate... This style is for ladies who like fancier things in life and want their sleepwear to be a bit more dramatic... think Ginger Rogers. 

No sleepwear guide of mine would be complete without the Montelle Intimates Bust-Support Chemise  FALLVIBES20 (20% off) These chemises are truly delightful and come in a variety of colors. There is support and a thicker panel in the bust area which is one of the design's high-quality features. 

The Rya Swan Cover-up is always available in white and black, but often has seasonal colors available as well. JEN4RYA - 10% off This has three rows of Ostrich features that make for very graceful movements. This cover-up is machine washable. 


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Comment of the Week

Carolyn M. writes, "Perhaps my comment is a little odd but I wanted to share a story. Years ago I helped take care of my mother-in-law while she was dying of cancer. She and my father-in-law had always lived a simple and frugal lifestyle. When I had to help my mother-in-law get dressed I was blessed that she had nice underwear. Not fancy or expensive but pretty and fresh looking. It meant something of dignity and self-respect to me. She was not aware of it but I felt that she was still teaching me right up to the end."

Carolyn, what a beautiful story and observation. Thank you for sharing that with us.

I hope you enjoyed today's sleepwear guide. I would love to know... what's your sleepwear style? Do you prefer sporty looks, elegant nightgowns, short chemises, or tailored pj sets? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you soon!

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Mary-Kate said...

Jennifer, you inspired me to buy lovely sleepwear (that actually matches!) and it is such a joy to wear them of an evening. I've been watching your channel for years (5+), ever since I was a university student! Now that I'm a housewife and mother, your content resonates and inspires me even more. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Warmest regards,

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Mary-Kate, that is wonderful! Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it! ~Jennifer

pneu said...

You chose a great selection of pyjamas; something for everyone in there! I ordered a striped set of pjs similar to the Fleur't jogger set. I'm more drawn to casual sleepwear but appreciate the annual reminder to look presentable and be comfortable at the same time.

Just wanted to mention I started a second university degree this fall and I'm doing full-time Zoom classes from home. I definitely feel better and more motivated when I make the extra effort to put together an outfit and apply a bit of makeup. Thank you for the inspiration and tips. You make a difference in the world.

Unknown said...

I wanted to share a story. The other night, I decided to run out and get the mail (after donning my presentable sleepwear of coordinating top and pants) thinking it's evening and I won't see anyone....Well, the neighbor came out at the same time and wanted to chat:))) I was a little mortified I was in my sleepwear, but at least I wasn't in a torn tee shirt and underwear!!
Thank you for your reminders to look presentable always...even in sleepwear!!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

pneu- Congratulations on embarking on your second degree! I do love the Fleur't jogger set style. I bet your striped pair is great!

Unknown- That is so funny and it ALWAYS happens to me. The other night I had to get a package on our porch and I debated for a few minutes about it because I was in my pjs. I opened the door, swiftly got the package, and bolted back in. haha!