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One Hour of Cozy Fall Cleaning | Calming & Therapeutic Homemaking


They say homemaking is the new wellness... and today I have created another motivational hour-long cleaning video to encourage you in your daily homemaking tasks. 

Follow me for several days as I do daily and seasonal homemaking tasks around the home. The video shares the therapeutic sounds of cleaning along with a beautifully curated soundtrack. All of the music is copyright-free from Epidemic Sounds. 

Homemaking can be a lonely endeavor and sometimes requires extra motivation, so I hope you find enjoyment through cleaning along with this video.

I finally found a tool to clean out that hard-to-get lint from the dryer. It's a small, universal vacuum attachment I found on Amazon. 

⚜️ Cleaning Products Featured

Find all of cleaning products featured in the video, such as the dryer vacuum attachment, extra long gloves, and more on my Amazon Cleaning Store

E-cloth microfiber cloths  are the cloths I use throughout the video. I scald them in boiling water throughout cleaning.

Natural Cleaning Products from Grove Collaborative 

Hiketron laundry detergent JENNY25 for 25%

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Comment of the Week

Ashley G writes, "I haven't been on the blog in ages so I am binging a little today. Is it weird to say that I've missed you? :) This video was BEAUTIFUL. This may be one of my favorite 10 items you've ever done. I've been following since 2013 so I feel like an old pro... even with my absence the last year! (I had a baby and then suddenly she was an entire year old!) 

Thanks for all your inspiring words and calm presence. I've enjoyed your books and blogs for my entire adult life so it feels quite strange to jump back in and have no idea what you've been doing for the past few months. Happy Fall!"

Dear Ashely, Thank you so much! It's wonderful to know that you were able to find inspiration again on the blog. Congratulations on your new baby! 

I hope you enjoyed today's video. Have a wonderful week and I'll see you on Thursday! 

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