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Why You Should Wear Presentable Undergarments + The Season's Best Styles

It's that time of year again... our bi-yearly reminder to wear presentable undergarments. While many of us are attuned to the importance of decluttering other areas of our homes, we must not forget our undergarment drawers. Today's video will share tips and motivation on decluttering your undergarments and will provide resources for finding the best quality undergarments on the market. 

Be sure to watch today's video for detailed discussions on how to de-clutter your undergarments and how to store them properly. I recommend this undergarment organizer from Amazon that is quite affordable. 

Let's take a look at some of the excellent undergarments on the market...

I am so glad to have discovered Davy Piper. Davy Piper make comfortable, stylish, and functional undergarments for women. Their bras are very comfortable... perfect for an active lifestyle. I love their 5-pack of high-waisted panties as well. They fit beautifully, are very comfortable, and feel seamless. 

You knew Lilysilk did silk clothing and pajamas, but did you know they do undergarments too? Their silk panties are so comfortable and pretty. I love this three-pack they sell. They also sell silk bras and the prices are really competitive... especially for silk. 

Lilysilk classic silk panty with floral hemming 3-pack Daily12 for 12% off

Lilysilk bras Daily12 for 12% off 

Let's have a look at Montelle Intimates, one of my favorite lingerie lines. They have given us the code FALLVIBES for 20% off. 

I love their t-shirt bras. I have the one in almond spice and have enjoyed wearing it regularly since reviewing it last spring. This pretty blush line is about to be released. Some of the undergarments (like the Sugar N Spice collection) are not out yet but will be soon. Check out their website for their full and current selection. Please note: the bust-support chemise is going to be reviewed in my next blogpost on sleepwear. 

Montelle Intimates Wire-Free T-Shirt Bra  FALLVIBES for 20% off 

Every lingerie drawer should have a strapless bra. You never know when you'll need one. I like this one because it also comes with straps that you can fashion toward the outfit you're wearing. The smoothing brief is an excellent, comfortable high-waisted panty. I have it in black and it's one of my favorite pairs to wear. 

Montelle Intimates Strapless Bra  FALLVIBES20 (20% off)

Montelle Intimates Smoothing Brief  FALLVIBES20 (20% off)

The Sugar N Spice collection is coming soon on Montelle Intimates. Their Sugar N Spice plunge bra is not only flattering with gorgeous detail, but also very comfortable. I like the full coverage support the panty provides. 

The Flirt Demi-lace bra is good for ladies who are not looking for padded support. It is a beautifully constructed bra and comfortable as well. It is pictured here with the Brazilian. 

Flirt Demi-lace bra  and Brazilian  FALLVIBES20 for 20% off 

We can't talk about undergarments without talking about leg wear... especially going into the fall/ winter season. The way I stay warm and stylish in my dresses has everything to do with leg wear and my favorite brand is definitely Hipstik. I like the lace top, how they don't ride down, and that the tights are of a very sturdy construction (very hard to snag).

 Hipstik Legwear JEN15 for 15% off 

⚜️ What I'm wearing in the video Grey wrap dress from J. Jill Budget option here Necklace by SKYE Jennifer20 for 20% off Nail polish Vendetta by Londontown JenniferS for 25% off


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Comment of the Week

Halcyon Days writes, "I can’t believe it’s been so long since this video came out - but you have shifted my whole perspective with this one simple phrase and I can’t thank you enough. My tasks are an opportunity to practice mindfulness and gratitude where there used to be exhaustion and resentment. When I wash the dishes I’m so grateful that my family got to eat yet another nutritious meal. So many mothers didn’t get to do that today. When I fold the warm pyjamas I think of the sweet dreams my children have wearing them - snug and safe in their beds. When I wipe the toothpaste out of the sink I just feel amazed that we have clean running water. Nothing has changed in my outer circumstances but I live so beautifully now. My mind is so calm and my heart is so full of gratitude and joy. I truly delight in the mundane. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Jennifer. ❤

Halcyon Days, thank you for your amazing insight. I appreciate your comment so much and am thrilled that my homemaking videos have improved your daily life in this way. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy today's undergarment guide. Make sure you come back next time for the sleepwear guide. I would love to know what your favorite undergarment brands are. Keep the recommendations going in the comment section. Let us know your progress on de-cluttering your undergarment drawer. See you soon! 

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simplyme said...

Love the comment of the week from Halcyon Days.
I really need to start practising gratitude.
Going to view the sink full of washing up in a whole new way now.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

I thought of you right away when I saw an anti-slip thread on Twitter this morning. So I came over and was happy to see a slip in the picture! A slip makes a skirt hang better and protects the fabric and seams, extending the number of wearings between cleanings and actually extending the life of the garment.