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Paris Fashion Week Recap, How to Wear Boots Like a Royal & Death on the Nile Fashion |3 Articles on Dress

Welcome to a new episode of 3 Articles on Dress. This week we are looking at the best looks from Paris Fashion Week, how to wear boots and jeans like The Duchess of Cambridge, and the most glamorous characters from Agatha Christie's oeuvre. 

Let's dive into the articles... 

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The Most Glamorous Characters from Agatha Christie's Oeuvre 

Death on the Nile comes out October 12th and Tatler has compiled the most glamorous characters from Agatha Christie's oeuvre. Please note: this article contains spoiler alerts, so do not read the text if you do not want spoilers. 

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Harper's Bazaar has collected the best looks from Paris Fashion Week. My favorite looks came from Dior, such as the beautiful and exotic look shown above. What were your favorite looks? 

Getty Images

And finally, The Duchess of Cambridge wore skinny jeans and boots in the most royal way and Who What Wear analyzes the look. 

I am still loving my Thursday Boot Co. Captain boots and enjoy wearing them with jeans in a similar fashion to the Duchess. 

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Comment of the Week

Niki S writes, "Greetings from Greece! I'm so grateful for your channel. Your videos have inspired me to start delighting in the mundane and the repetitive tasks of a stay at home mom Then I read your books and was deeply touched by your ideas. I'm starting to move more slowly and mindfully, to cultivate my poise. For the first time in years I am driving a car (I had been too scared to even try for more that 15 years!). I'm wearing nice clothes that fit me well, I listen to clasicam music, and I have even established the ritual of afternoon tea with my husband and 1 year old baby -in my grandmother's china no less! All this is to say that I feel very different, more empowered and confident. My life has been much more enjoyable. Keep up your great job!"

Niki, thank you for your kind and encouraging comment. I'm so happy that the books have inspired you. Please keep us updated!

I hope you enjoyed today's video. What are your thoughts on all of the topics discussed? Did you have a favorite from Paris fashion week? Let us know in the comments and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog. 

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1 comment:

Amie Rikke said...

Hi Jennifer!
Did you see the article in Victoria’s October edition, “Nana’s Treasures” by Betsy L Haase? It’s on the very last page. She writes of her Nana, how Nana used her good things every day and didn’t save for special times. Haase contrasted her Nana’s home with the home she grew up in where her mother had more common items.
I’m looking forward to seeing “Death on the Nile”