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Homemaking on a Blustery Day | Fall Cook and Clean with Me | Elegant Homemaking Inspiration

Welcome to a new homemaking week in the life. The winds seem extra powerful this year and you'll see their ferocity in today's video. I find homemaking to be a comforting refuge from the storm. Today you'll see some steam mopping, cooking, baking, ironing, and (of course) a well-deserved rest with a cup of tea. 


Do you take comfort in doing housework on a blustery day? 

Many people have asked me about steam mop recommendations. I decided to purchase one of the steam mops with the best reviews on Amazon and I am very pleasantly surprised by it. The one issue I do not like is having to deal with a cord. I'm used to a cordless vacuum cleaner and with mops that are not attached to cords, so this takes some getting used to. Having said that, I love the steam mop and how it sanitized floors. I also find the steam sounds strangely soothing... kind of like when I steam my clothing or when I iron. It's the little things with homemaking! 

My daughter and I enjoyed making these pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. This recipe is so good... the pumpkin bars taste more like cake and the frosting is just delicious. The recipe can be found on Taste of Home. 


The storm rages outside,

Inside there’s warmth and peace.

Homemaking provides a calmness, 

As I wait for the gale to cease.


I focus on beauty in my task;

The eloquence of the steam.

My thoughts in their own soliloquy,

“To sleep, perchance to dream.”


There is tranquility to be found in

The art of an everyday chore.

I’m delivered from the din outside,

As I steam and mop our floor. 

- Jennifer L. Scott

Today's poem, Tranquility, explores the comfort that can be taken from homemaking when there is a storm raging outside. I hope you enjoy my original poems. 

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Comment of the Week

Jnethery writes, "I was very inspired by this youtube video on IF. I am planning to make some changes and implement this type of fasting for the next few months while I'm mostly working from home. I also ordered the rebounder that you use. I am getting ready to retire in the next few months and I think this routine will work for me. Thank you for the inspiration."

Jnethery, Thank you so much! As long as you have the approval from your doctor, everything should be good. Please come back and let us know how it goes!

Thank you for joining me for this new Homemaking Week in the Life. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you soon!

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DJ said...

Wow, you surely had a Blustery Day - my first thought was of Winnie the Pooh!!! Your video of the wind in the trees was beautiful but I'm sorry you lost a tree. However, I was glad to see California getting some much needed rain. I've had a steam mop for years and love it. Thanks for your lovely post today!!

Star said...

I owned that Penhaligon book so long ago!! So nice to see an old book friend in one of your videos.

jnethery said...

I have been so inspired by your IF video. I was hoping you might consider doing a video on the sportswear that you use (while rebounding). I have ordered one and it is being delivered today. So excited to get started.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

DJ- Yes, I chose Blustery Day after Winnie the Pooh... one of my favorite books :) It was good to have the rain!

Star- it is a wonderful book and mine still has scent, even though it is so old!

Jennifer- thank you! I plan to do a sportswear feature in the new year. It is hard to find nice sportswear these days so I am still doing my research. Let us know how it goes for you!

Unknown said...

These are my absolute favorite kinds of videos that you make. I know that they must take a lot of time and effort on your part, so I want to let you know that it is much appreciated! Also, you've inspired me to make the pumpkin bars. They look so good!

Adventures said...

What a great video. I love stormy days!! It was so effective how you had all the steam rising about behind your poem. Just perfect. Love your outfit and thank you for showing us how the everyday can be inspiring, soothing, enjoyable. Love your poem too!