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One Week of Outfits from my Fall Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe | Cold Weather Style


Welcome to a new outfits of the week from my ten-item capsule wardrobe. This week it's finally cold in Southern California. I enjoy dressing warmer this week and taking you along with me. 

Below, I have each outfit pictured and have linked everything worn/ mentioned that day. I hope you enjoy today's video.  I always try to provide discount codes for as many items I can, to save you money if you are interested in the item. Those codes are reflected below. 

Thank you to Function of Beauty for sponsoring today's video. 

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Comment of the Week
Lauralicia writes, "WOW! what a welcome respite from the overdone and overtalked cleaning videos. This video is truly a set of goals for me and my home. It reminds me of the calm and gentle way my mother, whom I miss very much, used to caretake our home and family. So controlled, so efficient but with warmth and finesse. Thank you for posting this, it will be a favorite for me to watch again and again as I work toward my own home goals."

Thank you, Lauralicia. I'm happy you enjoyed last week's homemaking video!

I hope you enjoy today's outfits of the week video and that it gives you ideas on how to make your ten-item wardrobe work for you.

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Adventures said...

I love how you style all your clothes! I especially liked the turtleneck under the denim dress (a good idea as opposed to always just putting on a sweater), the black dress with leggings and flats is chic, and I love the back cardigan and your riding boots. Also loved how you said you don't care about wearing an outfit twice in a row. I do the same. : ) You are glowing in these videos, with beautiful eyes and smile. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. It's fun to enjoy the cozy clothes and embrace this time of year. We just had our first, much needed rain here in northern CA too and are looking forward to more this week!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, Adventures! It's funny how we Californians get excited about stormy weather. Thanks for watching.

Unknown said...

You mentioned that you had a grease stain on your Everlane Cashmere Sweater. My favorite tip to get this type of stain out is to put a generous amount of baby powder on the stain, pat it in with your finger (don't rub), let it sit for a few days to a week and launder as usual. I hope this works for you.

Cindy Lou said...

I wanted to say thank you for the inspiration to step up my wardrobe. Over the past few years, but especially this year with the pandemic and being relegated to working from home, my attention to how I was dressing was, well, less than chic.

It's so easy to always reach for the yoga pants and t-shirt, especially when you're not going anywhere, but it seems when you relax your standards in one area, it becomes all to easy to relax them in other areas too.

I've needed to make a few additions (boots, driving mocs, a new skirt) to be able to step up my game and I needed to remind myself that it's beneficial to make the effort even if my daily commute is no further than my home office.