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The Best Holiday Gift-Wrapping Hacks for Large Families | Elegant and Affordable

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and were able to forget the worries of 2020, even for a moment. We had a great day.

In today's video we are discussing gift-wrapping hacks that will help you this holiday season. These ideas are particularly helpful for large families that have a lot of presents to wrap. 

I've always faced a wrapping paper conundrum. Gift wrap is so expensive and there is so little paper on the rolls... Usually you can only wrap a few presents before the roll runs out. I would solve this problem by buying bulk wrapping paper at Costco, but I was never pleased with the aesthetics of the paper, and then I was stuck with more paper than I needed. When birthday and non-Christmas holidays rolled around, I had to turn around and buy even more wrapping paper.

Today, I'm sharing my wrapping paper hack with you... and that is to never buy wrapping paper again (unless you want to, of course). 

I find that by buying a bulk roll of recycled Kraft paper (brown paper), you will have more than enough wrapping paper to last you the entire year. This bulk roll of paper is affordable. My roll of paper is 30" x 2,400" (30 ft.) and cost under $20. 

For those of you concerned that your presents are going to look boring wrapped in this recycled paper, just think about The Sound of Music's "Favorite Things"... "Brown paper packages tied up with string". 

The fun in wrapping this way is in expressing your creativity with styling the present. If you are giving presents to multiple children, it can be fun to assign a stamp to each child. Their package will have their signature stamp on the paper. (Tip: Stamp the paper before wrapping the present so you don't get an uneven stamp.) 

Continue to decorate the package with seasonal ribbon, gift tags, and natural items found in the garden. I have listed all of the gift wrapping supplies that I used in my Amazon gift wrapping store. There you can find the paper, twine, gift tags, and more. 

I hope you enjoyed my holiday gift wrapping video today. I would love to know how you like to wrap presents in your home. 

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Valentine M. writes, "Each of them kept looking up at her comfortable, rosy face secretly curious about the delightful feeling she gave them - a sort of warm, supported feeling." Doesn't this just make you cry? Love this series.

Valentine, I loved that part of the novel too. It made me so happy. I'm glad you enjoyed my Secret Garden video!

I hope you enjoy today's video. Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday! 

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DD said...

Using the same concept with a less rustic aesthetic, I buy wrapping not specific to an occasion or holiday -- a simple stripe or pattern or nice solid. Last year I got a large roll (at a super sale price) of a pale robin's egg blue solid. By varying the ribbons it fit every occasion for the year -- a black ribbon for my husband's birthday, strips of gingham fabric "ribbons" for a female friend, tartan plaid for Christmas, etc. It becomes your signature paper and cuts down on decision making, right?
If a person likes thrift stores, they are great sources of (often) whole rolls of paper-- wrapping, craft, wall, drawer liner, shelf. I've also used foreign newspapers, maps, funny papers, sheet music, pages from discarded books -- all free. Inexpensive fashion scarves and handkerchiefs from thrift stores wrapped and knotted (Japanese style) are beautiful, too. So many fun, economical ways to wrap gifts. (BTW, those are rose hips.)

Unknown said...

Great ideas! I save all the various gift bags, ribbons, and bits and bobs that I receive on gifts throughout the year and recycle them on the gifts I give. Your stamp idea would work really well on plain paper gift bags too.

Choosing Optimism said...

Every year after the holiday, I go through the cards I received. I save the photo cards in an album. I do not keep the non photo cards. Before I dispose of the regular holiday cards, I cut out any pictures/designs I like. (as long as there isn’t a personal note or signature on the back ...it’s important to note where the personal greetings are and NOT decorate with personal notes.) I keep these cut out decorations with my wrapping supplies and use them as gift tags and/or to decorate the packages I ship. Festive, fun, personal & inexpensive! Win-win-win. :)

MeghnaCL said...

What I like best about using Kraft paper for gift wrapping is that it’s recyclable. A lot of wrapping paper isn’t—anything that’s metallic or shiny, for example. Kraft paper is recyclable and sustainable! And one can use stamps, seasonably appropriate if deemed necessary, to decorate the plain brown paper, a win-win in my book!