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6 Ways to Stay Consistent with Your Planner in 2021 | Jennifer L. Scott

Regarding planners, each year starts off the same... with great enthusiasm. And then as the year rolls on, we can sometimes abandon our planners. Why does this happen? In today's video, I share 6 tips on how to stay consistent with your planner in 2021. 

Why do we need to stay consistent with using our planners? Because I believe that proper planning is one of the key tools to living an organized life. If you've never used a planner, this might be the year to try one! 

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⚜️ Choose the right planner for you. Think about your life and how you like to plan. What will you be using your planner for? Work? Homeschool? Homemaking? All of the above? How do you like to plan? Do you require a detailed day schedule? Or do you prefer to look at the week as a whole? I personally like weekly planners, but I know those are less popular. It seems that most people prefer day planners. Figure out what you like and choose the best planner for you. Of the many planner companies I have listed here, there are both options. 

⚜️ Keep your planner in the same place. Whether it's on your desk or your bedside table, try to keep your planner in the same place so you don't need to waste time looking for it. If an appointment comes up and you look for your planner but can't find it, you might make a mental note to jot that appointment down later, but forget to do so. It's fine to bring your planner with you throughout the day (in your purse, for example), but try to select a resting spot for it when you are at home so you can easily access it. 

⚜️Store ample writing supplies near your planner. I understand if you have small children, this might be tricky. Trust me, I totally understand. If I have a nice pen or marker, it will be found by one of my children and disappear forever. But try to keep a nice pen or pencil either in your planner or somewhere nearby so you don't have to take a frustrating jaunt around the house looking for something to write with. 

⚜️ Use both paper and digital if it suits you better. I like to use both paper and digital planners. I utilize the calendar feature digitally and also appreciate the handwritten notes I am able to make in my paper planner. Don't feel as though you have to use one over the other. Find the best balance for using both. 

⚜️If you feel overwhelmed by the sticker and decorating options... don't use them. If you check out some of the planning videos on YouTube, you will be amazed to see how some women like to decorate their planners. I appreciate their art. It's kind of like scrapbooking. It can be a therapeutic way to be creative and will make you want to open your planner on a daily basis. But if you are not artistically inclined, or feel too old to use stickers (that's me, ha!), you don't need to use them. Having said that, if you enjoy that type of artistry and get therapeutic benefits from it, go for it! 

⚜️ Don't just plan your day, consider using your planner in other ways that suit your goals. You don't need to use your planner only for scheduling appointments and keeping on top of cleaning routines or work deadlines. You can also use your planner to track goals. If you're trying to drink more water or exercise more, you can remind yourself in your planner. You can use your planner for grocery and meal planning. You can use your planner to write inspirational quotes that will help you get through the week. You can write notes to your future self in the planner that you will get to as the days go on. Customize your planner to make it exciting to use everyday. 


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I hope you enjoyed today's video. I would love to know if you like to use a planner and what your tips are for staying consistent with it. Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week.

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Claudia Cruz said...

Hi Jennifer! I’m so glad that you are planning on having more videos on this subject. As you say: “being chic is being prepared”...and in order to be prepared you have to plan ahead.
I’ve always been a planner girl. I took a time management course (Franklin Covey) on my early twenties, and I loved it. I don’t use a Franklin Covey planner anymore, but each year I buy and use a new pretty planner that I spotted online. I love weekly-vertical planners since my brain is wired to see my week as I used to see my school schedule back in the 90’s (mornings at the top and noons at the bottom), and also because I like to organize my day in blocks of time.
I don’t worry about decorations, but I do use the stickers that come with the planner. I also like to use different pen colors, primarily to classify my activities, chores, appointments, etc. I try to make my best handwriting since I only write on my planner and my Bible journal.
I’m very consistent using my planners. I love to declutter my mind every night by writing down all those things that cause mental fatigue and may affect my sleep quality.
I love to plan: meals, cleaning schedules, homeschool, activities, etc... I usually plan on Fridays so I go grocery shopping on Saturday morning. This way I’m able to rest on Sundays and have a fresh start on Mondays.
For next year I just got a beautiful Recollections planner from Michael’s which I found on sale. I’m from Mexico, and I ordered it online... it arrived 2 weeks ago... I was so excited when it came!!! I want to use it already!
I look forward to see which are your best tips for using a planner.

Thank you for your hard work and vlog content!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Dear Claudia,

I thoroughly enjoyed your comment. Thank you for sharing your planner story with us. I'm so happy you found a great one and that it already arrived! Happy planning!

~ Jennifer

Karen said...


I also did the Franklin Covey planners/workshops/DVD's, you name it back in the 90's!! Brings back good memories! :-) I'm like you in that I like a vertical week....it never occurred to me that it might be because of class schedules way back when. :-) I also like to schedule lots of things out. I tend to go over my weekly schedule and menu plan on Sunday afternoons while resting. I do a combination of the ToDoist app and Google Calendar (which is color coded for our entire family of 5 and my teens/young adults also put their work schedules, activities in it so that we are all in sync...became much more necessary with teens). Then, I tend to take those digital things (which are on my phone and with me always which is why I really like them) and write them out in the evenings for the next day in my non-digital planner. A weird system, maybe, but it works for me.

Claudia M. said...

I am also another Claudia!! Alas, I too love the vertical planner and I homeschool..horizontally...I have no idea why...I love Erin Condren for my personal daily planner..similar to what Jennifer uses..and interchangeable covers...which is fun..(as if I have time..)...I just got a great homeschool planner on Amazon in the fall as we were new to homeschooling due to COVID...but a silver lining is we LOVE homeschooling and we will never go back..We live overseas and were not super happy with our US military overseas school...I digress...I love all of this and I just wanted to chime in...Muchas gracias from Spain and Feliz Navidad!

stasia said...

Stop promoting ivory paper co!!! They are a scam and the company has stole money from hundreds of customers.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Stasia,

Thanks for your comment. A few people have reached out on Instagram, mentioning their trouble with Ivory Paper Co. orders. I'm so sorry and wish I could help, but I have no business relationship to the company. I will not be mentioning their planner further until the issues are sorted out internally.