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Homemaking Week in the Life | The Business of Bliss

Welcome to a new homemaking week in the life video. Today we are exploring the business of bliss. 


If there was one standout series on my channel this year, it would be my homemaking videos. Those are my favorite to make and I know many of you enjoy watching them too. In today's video I'm cooking, cleaning, and musing on how we can make homemaking blissful... even the most dreaded tasks. 

I am featured alongside 6 other amazing women entrepreneurs in Victoria Magazine's annual Business of Bliss issue. The Business of Bliss in this sense is attributed to women making a living doing what they love. This certainly applies to me, but it got me thinking about homemaking. Homemaking is the ultimate career, after all. How can we make homemaking our business of bliss? Find out in today's video. 

The Secret

Reframe our minds

Retune our hearts

To enjoy 

Something like this.

To find beauty in

The everyday

That is

The business of bliss. 

- Jennifer L. Scott 

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Comment of the Week

Carla writes, "Every time I do a chore your words go though my mind. I like that you find beauty in the mundane. Merry Christmas."

Merry Christmas, Carla! Thank you for your encouragement!

Thank you for joining me today. I hope today's video inspires you to find bliss in your everyday homemaking. I'll see you later in the week for the last video of 2020.

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Susanne Sutton said...

Look at you! Congratulations! As I watched the preview of today's video, I rushed out to the livingroom to get my copy of the latest Victoria, which I hadn't planned to open till after Christmas. What a lovely article . . . and now we know what the special portrait was for! This has been quite a year for you, and you've made it quite a year for us. Thank you for staying with us during what are constantly referred to as "these trying times"--you've been a lifeline to quietude, loveliness and normalcy in our homes. Every blessing for a beautiful, fulfilling Christmas; continue to stay safe. And congratulations once again. Susanne