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Winter Wardrobe Updates | Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe

Welcome back to The Daily Connoisseur. Today I'm going over my winter wardrobe plans. I'm also sharing how my fall wardrobe performed and what is going to be put away for the season.

Before we discuss winter, let's talk about the fall. 

I was so happy with my fall ten-item wardrobe choices. I am retiring two pieces now that we are moving into winter: the plaid Kate Kasin skirt, and the Everlane dress. I loved both of these pieces but because they are autumnal colors, I am going to pack them away until next year. 

Building up my special occasion extras Every wardrobe has an area that needs work. For me, that is re-building my special occasion extras. These are the dresses or other dressy clothes that you would wear for special occasions such as: date nights, theatre, opera, ballet, formal ceremonies, weddings, concerts, etc. Because I was in and out of the maternity phase for so long, I neglected this aspect of my wardrobe until I returned to a more stable size. During this time, I was able to dress up my everyday clothes to make them special enough to wear on a special occasion. But I do like the idea of having a small capsule of special occasion dresses for certain occasions. I started to build this last spring with the SKYE Corentin dress (Jennifer20 for 20% off) and this season, I am adding this beautiful silk dress from Lilysilk Daily12 for 12% off. My plan is to add one or two items each year to this collection with the hope that my special occasion wear will be ready for future nights out. My earrings and necklace are by SKYE Jennifer20 for 20% off. 

Lilysilk is the sponsor for today's video and in addition to the dress, they sent this bestselling camisole code Daily12 for 12% off. I like the thick straps and the crepe de chine material that does not wrinkle. This looks particularly good paired with the Mer Sea Hampton Duster

My winter addition I am taking it slow with additions to my winter wardrobe. On Cyber Monday I took advantage of a sale from Velvet by Graham and Spencer (one of my long-time favorite brands) and purchased a green jumpsuit. You know my love of jumpsuits is strong. I just love them! I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but isn't that the great thing about the ten-item wardrobe? You can dress unapologetically in your true style and feel comfortable in your clothes. I really like this jumpsuit. It is corduroy and I can also wear this in the fall of next year. Since I am filling two holes in my wardrobe for fall, I was seriously considering buying another jumpsuit from Everlane that had my eye. I'm holding off on it for now and just going minimal with my wardrobe. 

How did the SKYE dress do? This was the most surprising verdict of the season. The SKYE Dezi dress (Jennifer20 for 20% off) which I loved right away, but wasn't sure how much I'd wear it on a regular basis, continues to be a surprise hit. I like wearing it without the belt for everyday. It's fun to pair it with leggings when it's cold outside. As one viewer commented, when paired with leggings it looks like a sari. I really enjoy wearing this dress. I think the belt makes it look fancier, so I would wear the belt for a more elevated occasion. I plan to continue wearing this in the winter. If it gets really cold, it will pair nicely with my heavy J. Crew black wool coat and a think scarf. 

Favorite shoes I really liked all of the new shoe additions to the wardrobe. I found the Oliver Cabell mules (JSCOTT10 for $10 off) to be so comfortable. I love sliding these on to quickly run errands. The driving loafers (JSCOTT10 for $10 off) are so comfortable too and still look great after wearing them all season. A major star for me were the Captain boots by Thursday Boot Co. These boots are a dream for me. They are so high-quality and have the edgy Victorian look that I like. 

Handbag highlight

I recently conducted a poll on my YouTube channel asking about the types of handbags you are interested in. I was so surprised to see how many women were interested in crossbody bags. I plan to do an entire feature on handbags in the new year, but have an early selection to share with you today. The American Leather Co.  THEDAILY gives 25% off. has really high quality handbags. This particular bag, the Carrie Dome Satchel functions as both a Satchel and a Crossbody bag. I love the versatility here. This high-quality bag is gorgeous. 

Online Clothing Stores of Note

Here is an additional list of some interesting and high-quality online retailers you can check out for your winter or pre-spring shopping:

Rungolee The dresses, in particular, are so gorgeous at Rungolee. They are high-quality silk garments designed by the most talented Indian designer, Anjali Kamra. 

Karina's Dresses This is an online dress shop that many of you have mentioned to me. They sell dresses for all types of body shapes in various styles and I am eyeing them for spring.

Ash & Rose  has an eclectic curation of ethically sourced clothing. They are worth checking out as well. 

I hope you enjoy today's video

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Comment of the Week

Regarding last week's planner series, Sugarplum K writes, "I think what you’re saying is you use your digital diary for appointments and events and your planner for planning your tasks, to do lists and tracking. That’s what I do."

Yes! That explains it well. I like the digital planners because they remind me with an alarm and can be connected to GPS if I need to travel. I write everything else down as a to-do list in my paper planner and I get so much done this way. Thanks for sharing what you do too!

I hope you enjoyed today's video on Ten-Item Wardrobe winter updates. I look forward to hearing your winter wardrobe plans (Summer for our Southern Hemisphere friends). Let us know what you plan to wear this season! Your comment could be chosen as comment of the week.

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Sonya said...

Absolutely LOVE the jumpsuit!

Jo said...

Congrats on being featured in Victoria Magazine!
I'm telling my husband, er, Santa, I'd like a copy in my stocking : )

Unknown said...

I love your 10 item updates!! You look glowing in the red dress and I love to see how excited you are about your new jumpsuit!! I remember when jumpsuits were popular in the 70's and wore alot of them then....You have inspired so many of us to curate a closet of items we love!! Recently, we purchased a new home and I was giving my friends the tour...EVERYONE of them asked me, "Where are the rest of your clothes?!" I proceeded to tell them that I subscribe to your 10 item wardrobe. Hopefully that will plant the seed:) But I can tell you, even at 60 y.o., I get SOOO excited about a new dress...God Bless you and your family...Stacie

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, ladies!

Sonya, thank you! I love the jumpsuit too.

Jo, Thank you so much! It was a great honor.

Stacie, Thank you! That is so great! I love that your friends found your lack of wardrobe mysterious :)

Have a wonderful night, everyone.

Jennifer xx