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Intermittent Fasting | Answering Your FAQs

In part 2 from Monday's Intermittent Fasting video, I'm answering your questions about my intermittent fasting routine. 


There was intense interest in my first intermittent fasting announcement. Many of you wanted to know what constitutes my "light" dinners, how I choose my portion sizes, if coffee breaks the fast, and how intermittent fasting fits into our homeschool schedule. I answer these questions and many more in today's video. 

For your reference, here are the time stamps in case you need to skip to the portion of the video you are interested in most. 

0:00 Introduction 0:42 Skillshare (Thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring today's video!) 1:54 Disclaimer 2:13 Light dinners 4:43 Initial challenges with IF 6:41 Portion sizes 8:32 Breakfast- what I eat 9:39 Do I do IF every day? 10:36 How to enjoy black coffee 12:03 Homeschool + big lunch= HOW? 14:44 Drinking wine? 16:34 Where does teatime fit in? 18:01 Eating with family 19:27 Criticisms 21:25 Conclusion

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Comment of the Week
Claudia C. shared the pros and cons of Intermittent Fasting that she has experienced since starting it last March. Here is what she found:

-It takes a while to adapt
-It takes a while to know your body and what schedule and foods will work for you
-The first weeks I had a hard time falling asleep

-You can literally feel a “clean body”... so you don’t want to get it dirty with any trash foods
-More energy, concentration
-Better digestion
-Freedom during special celebrations... you can enjoy without guilt
-Bye, bye diet mentality
-Sustainable weight loss...
-Definitely: appetite correction!

Looking forward for your next video on IF!

Thank you, Claudia! I can relate to a lot of what you have experienced here. The pros definitely outweigh the cons for me too. 

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments as I am sure I will address the subject again in the new year. If you have any testimonials on how IF works for you, please leave them here as well! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday. 

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GreenEyed Susan said...

In regards to hormones, from what I've learned, the issue with hormones has to do with women not eating enough carbohydrates when they IF. Eating enough carbohydrates is essential to hormone health for women, especially during the child bearing years.

Choosing Optimism said...

I decided to start IF on Dec 1. My problem is also the evening snacking. I do NOT feel like you are doing anything “extreme” or weird...actually, that’s a NORMAL eating schedule! When did we (me included!) pick up this idea that we have to eat all. the. time? Reminds me of a George Carlin skit “when did we get so thirsty?” about how we never used the leave the house with food & drink and now we’re afraid of going to the store without bottled water. 🤣 Anyways, I typically eat breakfast at 7:30, lunch around 12n, and dinner at 4. I do not plan to change my meal times, I’m simply cutting out the late evening snack I have around 8:30-ish. I know this will make a huge difference over time. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your inspiration! :)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

GreenEyed Susan- That is an interesting find. Thank you for sharing that! I definitely eat enough carbs, haha

Choosing Optimism- That George Carlin quote is hilarious! That is so true. Thanks for sharing that.

Have a wonderful evening, ladies!



Loren said...

Thank you for bringing up this new interesting topic, Jennifer!
I usually struggle with digestion and food in general and, after several (quite expensive) medical exams that led me nowhere, I'm now taking care of myself without any particular diet but one thing I've noticed: when I don't eat too much I definitely feel better.
Last summer I was in unusual good health and I couldn't really tell why, since your video about fasting made me realize that it was probably because I used to skip breakfast. I would just have black tea, because I don't feel hungry when it's too hot, then I would eat lunch and dinner as usual. I was fasting 16/15 hours every day without even noticing!
So after watching your video, about three weeks ago, I went back to morning black tea and I can already tell it's much better!
I start my fasting period at about 8-9 in the evening and break it at lunchtime. This way works best for me because I want to have dinner with my family, and in the morning I'm at work and I'm too busy to eat. Plus, here in Italy we never have a big breakfast anyway - it's not in our culture.
Advice: you might want to schedule your fasting in the part of the day in which you are more busy, or distracted by other activities; it's easier to forget the hunger and not to indulge in nervous snacking. This way you can get used to it in no time.
This is the easiest regime I've ever heard of, one that allows me to follow my rhythm (and my faimily's). Thank you so much for sharing it!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Loren, I am so so happy to read your comment. Thank you for sharing what time frame works for you. Please keep us updated on how you do!

Ann said...

Thank you for this video...very interesting. And not drastic. Watched a PBS special on this topic and my husband and I are going to give it a try. We like breakfast...but for the last few days had our BIG meal at noon and dinner at 6...then just water or tea. So far, so good.

Willa said...

Thank you for sharing your experience! I look forward to your one year recap. How much time elapsed before you started seeing results from IF?