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4 Storage Home Organization Hacks That Have Improved my Daily Life | Clutter-Free January

Clutter-free January concludes as we explore the concept of Home Storage. Clutter-free January was started by Dawn from The Minimal Mom. You can watch the playlist here for the final week to get inspiration on how to deal with storage solutions as well as sentimental items. You can view the playlist here.  

In this video, I share four storage hacks that have improved my daily life in small ways. 

Makeup storage

The problem: My makeup was stored in my bathroom drawers and was not easily accessible. I couldn't see all of the makeup I had easily and ended up only using the same products while letting others go to waste. 

The solution: This countertop clear makeup storage container is easily accessed from my vanity and clearly displays my favorite makeup. 

China storage

The problem: Our tea sets, china, and seasonal platters and dishes were stored up high in our kitchen, not allowing for easy access. Our beautiful pieces were also hidden behind the cupboard doors and not displayed properly.

The solution: A second-hand refinished china cabinet bought on a local buy and sell website now stores our pretty china tea sets and dishes. These items are easily accessible and displayed beautifully. You can find the tea cup stands here and the dish stands here. 

Toy storage

The problem: Toys were jumbled together and created a mess around the home. 

The solution: A cube storage system with canvas bins allow toys to be categorized for easy clean up. An ottoman that doubles as a storage chest allows for easy clean-up with toys in the family room.

Entryway storage 

The problem: Our shoes, coats, backpacks, helmets, and purses were not easily put away when we entered the home.

The solution: The second cubed storage shelf, minus the canvas bins, holds shoes for our family of 6 comfortably. The hooks on the wall easily store our coats, hats, and backpacks. The helmets now rest on the shoe storage for easy access. We also place our family command center in our entryway hallway as well. 

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Comment of the Week

Nicole M. writes, "I watch you and I immediately want to cook, clean, declutter. Even as a full-time working mother of 2, I have learned from you that there is always time to take care of my home."

Thank you, Nicole! That is my goal: to inspire you to enjoy the mundane. Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed today's video. Let us know about your storage triumphs or your storage conundrums. Your comment could be chosen as comment of the week.

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JanElise said...

Hi, Jennifer,
I have also enjoyed decluttering this month, but I don't enjoy making a big all day mess and being exhausted for anything else at the end. (I'm not implying you did it this way, but it is the way I used to do it.). This month I have spent about an hour a day on this project. I cleaned out drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, slowly over many days, I cleaned and sorted the books in the study a shelf or two at a time, and I oiled all the built in cabinets a section a day. I cleaned and sorted my built in kitchen hutch in the same way. You can see progress, but you still have time and energy to keep everything else going, too. Some of this will spill into February, but I don't mind. Inch by inch, it's a cinch!

Donna said...

Hi Jennifer, I love the idea of decluttering January! I have always done of version of decluttering at the end of winter but your videos have encouraged me to step up my game. I have lived in the same small house for 31 years so you can imagine how easy it is to put things away in the back of a closet or drawer and just forget about them. I have discovered a Hospice store -run by volunteers so all profits go to help people in Hospice care -such an important cause. I now donate all things worthy of selling to that store. My plan is to go through every drawer, closet and even the attic by mid February. I'm being brutal this time and sorting and organizing everything so I can enjoy the spring with a new start!!! Thank you so much for the continued inspiration on this topic!!!!

Unknown said...

Greetings, Peace to you.

I love the idea and practice of decluttering. I am constantly trying to find ways to declutter and pair down. It seems every time I achieve some order I find a new area to focus on. I have been following you and reading your books for awhile now, at least a couple of years. I am always inspired and uplifted by you. I also found the inspired by Nikki site through you, so I also thank you for that. I am trying to start bringing back the practice of writing letters and being pen pals. I would love to write to you and know if there is anyway I can help to encourage you or pray for you. I am subscribed to your blog and to your youtube channel. If you would like to write please email me and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Sincerely and with blessings and hope for you, Rachel Nicholson