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ASMR Clean with me on a Windy, Wintry Day

During stressful times, there is peace to be found in the mundane. Join me for an ASMR clean with me on a windy, wintry day as I tidy up the living room and kitchen to the peaceful and meditative sounds of daily life.

The purpose of this video is so that you may be kept company while you clean your home. Allow the familiar sounds of home life to bring you into the calmness of the present moment.

⚜️ Featured in the video
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I hope you enjoyed this week's bonus video. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday for part 3 of Clutter-free January.

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Jessica said...

I love these videos. Did you get new couches?

Saucier, Kat said...

I just took your course on efficient homes. I loved it. I wanted to take a ten-item wardrobe course, but I can not find it. Can you put the link in reply? Thank you so much.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Jessica- thank you! Yes, new sofas were Ben and my Christmas presents to each other. We love them!

Kat, thank you! I am currently updating the ten-item wardrobe course and am about half way through. I will make an announcement when the course is ready again. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for watching, ladies!



Wenzday said...

This was lovely. I totally felt calm and happy watching. Toward the end I noticed that the little dirt flecks on my computer screen were showing up on your white kitchen backsplashes - oh no! So I cleaned my computer screen while watching :)