# 10 Item Wardrobe # Jennifer L. Scott

Outfits of the Week | Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe | Winter 2021 in California


Welcome to a new outfits of the week from my winter ten-item capsule wardrobe.


California winters are chilly, but very mild. So my winter wardrobe might look a lot different than your winter wardrobe. The emphasis here is on layers and how I make them work for me. I am enjoying my wardrobe very much. I hope this video gives you inspiration with your own dressing journey.

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⚜️Day 1
SKYE Dezi dress Jennifer20 for 20% off
Hipstik tights JEN15 for 15% off
Thursday Boots Captain boot
Nail polish Londontown Cheerio JenniferS for 25% off

⚜️Day 2
Grey wrap dress (linking similar)
SKYE earrings Jennifer20 for 20% off
Jane Winkworth ballet flats (available for UK customers only)

⚜️Day 3
Lilysilk camisole Daily12 for 12% off
Oliver Cabell mules code JSCOTT10 $10 off

⚜️Day 4

Hipstik tights JEN15 for 15% off

Ballet flats designed by Jane Winkworth (UK customers only)
Pearl stud earrings Ana Luisa NY Jennifer10 for $10 off

⚜️Day 5
Mott & Bow sweater JLS10 for 10% off
Mott & Bow Jeans JLS10 for 10% off

⚜️Day 6
Lilysilk blouse Daily12 for 12% off
Belted cardigan (similar)
Mott & Bow jeans JLS10 for 10% off

Oliver Cabell mules code JSCOTT10 $10 off

⚜️ Makeup MERIT minimalist makeup (review coming soon!) Tarte eyeshadow palette Too Faced (blush, bronze, highlight) Clinique Black Honey Hourglass Achiever lipstick A'DEL natural Cosmetics TDC15 for 15% off

I hope you enjoyed today's video. 


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Comment of the Week

Glenda J. writes, “We all have work to do” amen ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ may I just say from my heart that sometimes I think how does she keep everything so perfect all the time.. nice to see the stuff behind the cover๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿป

Glenda, your comment made me laugh. I'm glad you enjoyed my closet tour. Especially the part "behind the curtain" haha!

Thank you for watching today's video. I hope it gave you outfit inspiration to look presentable always.

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