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Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe Closet Tour | Winter 2021

As part of A Clutter-Free January, The Minimal Mom and many other wonderful YouTubers are joining together to encourage you to declutter in 2021. This week we are discussing clothing clutter. On the playlist, you will get lots of advice on how to properly declutter your closets. I have hundreds of articles on this very subject in my ten-item wardrobe posts, and also have my Madame Chic books and my TEDx talk which explain this thoroughly. 

I thought rather than reiterating my decluttering advice, I'd share what my ten-item wardrobe actually looks like. In today's video I share absolutely everything (including what's behind the curtain!) 

I have gathered all of my closet storage and organization solutions like padded hangers, canvas bins, drawer organizers, and more on my Amazon shop.

Here are a few tips on how I like to style and organize my closet. 

I enjoy using velvet and padded hangers for my clothes. Avoid using those wire hangers from the dry cleaners as they can misshape your clothing over time and don't look as uniform. Space bags and canvas bins are great ways to store out-of-season clothes if you don't have enough drawer space. I used to store clothing in space bags under my bed when we had limited closet space. 

If you do not have much closet space at all (I have been there!) and you must store your out-of-season clothing next to your current core items, simply shift them down together so you can focus on the core items for the current season. You want to avoid closet confusion when you open your closet and get dressed each morning. You want the decision to be easy each morning so you can look presentable always with no effort. 

The ten-item wardrobe should be a system that is enjoyable and works for you. It should not be a strict and harsh punishment with all counting and no joy. If you have a well-curated ten-item wardrobe with extras that compliment, you can enjoy opening a closet door and having joy when choosing your clothing and you can be ready and well-dressed for any occasion! I hope today's video gave you an idea of how a fluid ten-item capsule wardrobe could work for you. 

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Comment of the Week

Bree M. writes, "These kind of videos are among my favorites. Several of your recipes have become family favorites (your creamed spinach and fried rice immediately come to mind. Oh, and those crescent pastries!) Thank you for all you do and for the reminder to stay calm and keep it classy in this week’s member video! 🌸"

Thank you so much, Bree! I will continue to post my recipes this year. I enjoy doing those videos too! 

I hope you enjoyed today's closet tour. Let us know about your closet. What works for you and what do you need to work on? Do you do the ten-item wardrobe? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on The Daily Connoisseur blog. 

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Sandy said...

I enjoyed this closet tour and thank you for doing that. When you have fewer clothes, I love that they can fit in those bins. I recently purged my closet and am working through wearing more of my staples. It lifts my mood to see an organized and beautiful closet, and does make getting dressed more simple.

Also I loved what was behind the sheet and your willingness to share- your catch all space lol. I can relate to random photos and items, etc that I also need to deal with. I would like to add some beautiful touches around my room too, little vignettes of special items to have on display.

I wanted to comment on your last video of the year but never did. Just want to say thank you for your uplifting messages and encouragement, and showing that being a homemaker and carrying ourselves with class is an important job. I bought the Victoria magazine you are featured in. How fitting that you were included in that magazine!

I love your Keep Calm and Stay Classy poster too. Cheers - here's to all of us creating a wonderful year for our families and communities.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you so much, Sandy! I was thrilled with the Victoria feature! Have a wonderful day. xx

martha said...

Yay! I’m back in!