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The Chic Assignment June 2021

 Welcome to The Chic Assignment for June

Chic Assignment no. 1 Enjoy Handel's Largo from Xerxes 

A beautiful and hauntingly enigmatic piece, Handel's Largo from Xerxes performed by Hauser will astound you. We will learn more about German composer, George Frideric Handel, in the mid-month check in. 

Chic Assignment no. 2 Explore the artwork of Frida Kahlo 

Self Portrait with Monkeys, 1943 by Frida Kahlo fair use Creative Commons 

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican surrealist painter known for her self-portraits and portrayal of Mexican nature and artifacts. She lived a brief and tumultuous life, but is one of the most famous female painters of all time. We are going to learn more about Frida Kahlo in the mid-month check in. You can learn more about her artwork here

Chic Assignment no. 3 Dress the table beautifully

Yesterday I shared my tablecloth routine from start to finish as part of Mega Motivation. I hope it encouraged you to dress your table beautifully this month, even if you are dining alone. 

Chic Assignment no. 4 Write a poem for someone in your life and give it to them 

I don't think I've ever been more excited about a chic assignment in my life! This month I would love for you to surprise someone you know with a poem you wrote for them. You can write this poem for anyone in your life. It can be silly, dramatic, serious, romantic, or whatever you like. Write a poem and surprise someone you know. You will brighten their day, if not their entire month. If you would like to share your poem with The Daily Connoisseur audience, please leave it in the comments here on the blog or on the YouTube video. I will choose a few poems to read in the mid-month check in. Don't be discouraged if I do not choose your poem as thousands of people will see it in the comments and be enriched by it. 

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The Chic Society for bringing us The Chic Assignment. The Chic Society is the private membership group on YouTube. Membership is only $1.99 a month. I release a "vodcast" (a video podcast) every Friday and we go live (either on YouTube or Zoom) once a month. There are also two upper tiers who receive recognition in The Chic Assignment check-in. 

I hope you enjoy this month's assignments! I look forward to reading your poetry. Tag me on social media with the hashtag #thechicassignment and be sure to share this with a friend. 

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