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Welcome to a new homemaking episode. This time we are talking about the therapeutic aspects of homemaking. 

 In today’s homemaking video, we are doing some necessary cleaning. Cleaning often feels daunting and undesirable, but if we change our thoughts on the subject, we can allow it to be therapeutic. When we think about it as homemaking and break that word down: making a home, it gives cleaning a higher purpose. 

The word therapeutic implies healing. In medicinal terms, it refers to healing of an ailment. Certain treatments can be therapeutic. I often try to think of homemaking as a healing treatment. That’s because in general, it’s not the first thing I want to do each day. In fact, even after all these years, my body, mind, and sometimes soul, resists homemaking a bit. I might have fantasies of doing other things… anything really, other than wiping, cleaning, moping, doing dishes, and cooking. But wash the windows we must. 

 As I’ve mentioned many times I require shifts in my perspective, otherwise I won’t enjoy daily mundane tasks at all. So, I look at the therapeutic properties of cleaning and making a home. Let’s look at cleaning. How can that be therapeutic? Well, there is deep satisfaction to be found in cleaning a dirty space. It’s like righting a wrong... sorting something out. I focus on the tangible change that has taken place. Something was unsightly and now it’s beautiful. There is healing when you look at it like that. Making a smudged glass clear. Wiping the dirt off of an outside table. These things provide instant upgrades in satisfaction. I also take moments of deep appreciation for my space and focus on the beauty around me. This is why we should decorate our homes in a manner that pleases us. This also helps because when we finish cleaning, we enjoy our beautiful space even more. 

 Sometimes I’ll shut out the rest of the world and listen to music or an audiobook with my headphones. Other times I’ll allow myself to be present with my own thoughts. Sometimes I’ll have wild daydreams. Or cook up a great idea for a story. Or even write a poem in my head. Which does require me to run to my journal to write it down. 

Now, is everything done perfectly and gracefully? No, my therapeutic cleaning usually involves doing what I can, when I can. But I try to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Many times, I’m in a rush. Or I’m exhausted and am trying to get things done quickly. Sometimes I’m able to go slow and I actually enjoy it. I focus on the sounds around me. There is healing in those sounds. Everyday sounds we take for granted can be as beautiful as a symphony. 

 And finally, I wanted to share this perspective with you. We all want to live beautifully at home. Each step we take in our daily homemaking tasks brings us closer to beautiful living. Pleasure should not escape our daily life. Whether we take pleasure in lighting a candle, enjoying a delicious luncheon, picking herbs from the garden, laying a tablecloth, arranging a flower bouquet, or ending the day with a cup of tea and a good book. There is pleasure to be found in the everyday and when our home is running optimally, we can elevate these daily pleasures. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. 

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Comment of the Week

Nadia T. writes, "I was given several embroidered tablecloths of various sizes and matching napkins for my first holy communion and for years I considered them too traditional and old fashioned and I stored them away. Decades later I realized how ridiculous it was not to use them! These vintage tablecloths are now used with love and often get compliments from our dinner guests. Thank you Jennifer for encouraging the art of a beautifully dressed table!!"

Nadia, I am so happy to read your comment. Most of us own beautiful things we don't use because we are "saving" them for special occasions. The realization that every day is special is cathartic. I'm so glad you are enjoying them now. 

Thank you for joining me for today's video. I hope it inspired you in your homemaking today. 

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sumac said...

You are starting to channel Alexandra Stoddard. I like her too!

Sandy said...

I just read all you wrote and haven't even watched the video yet, and I am already so inspired. It's also a needed "kick in the butt" to be more productive tomorrow. A shift in thinking can do wonders. How true that cleaning something dirty is like righting a wrong. I love how you broke down and explained the word homemaking, and included the therapeutic and healing benefits; savoring the every day sounds like a symphony - yes! When the home is beautiful it really is calming and a pleasant place to be, and it does take continuous work as do so many other important things. Whenever you produce your next book, such as all of your poetry on homemaking, including what you have captured here in this write-up would be a great intro or worthy of being included somewhere for readers to think about. Have a beautiful Friday.

Sandy said...

I just watched the video and noticed how you are drinking with your teacup. I never would have noticed before and it only stands out because I just recently watched your latest interview with the author of an etiquette book (sorry her name escapes me), and she showed how to hold both a coffee and teacup, and why. Very classy. 😊

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you for watching and for your kind comments! I am so glad you enjoyed this video. Have a wonderful weekend. ~ Jennifer

Susanne Sutton said...

Hi, Jennifer. I always find your cleaning and homemaking videos so inspiring, as I've mentioned before. I was a bit behind with your blog and just watched this video over lunch today, June 7th. As it happens, I was cleaning this morning and just found a new carpet cleaner to help with the little messes my cats make from time to time--it truly lifted my spirits to see even some old stains come clean! I will keep in mind what you've said about the therapeutic nature of homemaking.
Also, I'm thrilled to see you reading Dorothy Wordsworth's Alfoxden and Grasmere journals. The edition you have is excellent, edited by Pamela Woof, one-time president of The Wordsworth Trust that owns the manuscripts. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Grasmere a few times, and she is another one of us who follows her passions! I hope so much that you enjoy the journals.
Every blessing,