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Capsule Wardrobe Closet Organization Secrets | Hot Mess House Collab | Bee Organizing Style


I'm sharing updates on my ten-item capsule wardrobe closet organization in today's video.

My YouTube friend, Cass from Clutterbug, has a new hit show on HGTV called, Hot Mess House. The second season premier airs tonight and to celebrate, Cass has invited me and several other YouTubers to share our organization secrets.

Check out this playlist with Cass' favorite YouTubers sharing their decluttering style. I'm in good company here! 

Cass' organization system on Clutterbug categorizes different organizing styles based on a "bug" system. Cass classified me as a "Bee". Bee organizers are visual creatures. We like to see our things and we are not stark minimalists. We enjoy beauty, but we are also perfectionists, so sometimes we put off organizing if we can't do it perfectly. You can take Cass' Clutterbug quiz to find out what type of "bug" you are when organizing. 

In today's video, I am sharing my closet organization updates. Remember my hot mess wall behind the curtain? That's all been sorted out. I hope you enjoy today's video.

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Comment of the Week

MK08 writes, "I always find that those asking rude questions might have gotten the "answers" in time if they just got to know those people in a normal process. We ask those questions because we are part of a culture that "needs to know" every possible thing, when really, if we desire to know people and have any understanding, we would just be patient in our relationships. If I want to tell you parts of my story, just wait for me to initiate that - OR, ask appropriate questions that could lend the opportunity for me to go further if I choose. Great topic!"

MK08- yes! All of those personal questions can come out in time when you get to know someone. It could not agree more. Great comment!

I hope you enjoyed today's closet tour. Thank you to Cas for inviting me on this fun collaboration!

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Adventures said...

I love your hair today and blouse. Thank you for the closet tour. It is nice and elevates the space to put out some pretty things on display. It does help to see what we have because I am more more likely to use those items too.

Unknown said...

Ok I don't normally comment because I think I am using my husband's account but I LOVE all your videos (and of course your books) and I am so glad I watched the Clutterbug video. I'm a ladybug! She described me to a "T" and now I feel a bit more motivated to complete my cabinet and closet organizing tasks I had planned for the summer (that I haven't started yet). So much truth...my house looks pretty neat and tidy but my drawers and closets and even the spare room could use a macro organizing system. Thanks for linking Clutterbug's video! ~~~Kelli