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Ten Years on YouTube | Reacting to my First Video + Q&A


It's official. I've been on YouTube for TEN YEARS. In today's video, I react to my very first video from ten years ago. I also answer all of your YouTube questions and let you know what it's like to be a YouTuber in 2021. 

I started my YouTube channel in 2011, with the intention of building an audience and marketing my books. At that time, I was in the process of self-publishing Lessons from Madame Chic (after experiencing countless literary agent rejections) and I knew that if I wanted my book to be successful, I'd have to come up with a marketing strategy. I enjoyed watching YouTube back then and figured I would start my channel and market my books on YouTube and my blog. 

It proved to be a winning strategy as Lessons from Madame Chic caught the eye of CNN and The New York Times. In the spring of 2021, I signed with an excellent literary agency, Trident Media Group, and we sold Lessons from Madame Chic to Simon & Schuster. The next ten years saw me publish four more books, and along with raising a family, have been the busiest years of my life. And by some miracle, I am still on YouTube! Today I answer all of your questions about YouTube life. I hope you enjoy today's video

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Comment of the Week
Justyna F. writes, "I always look forward to your videos. It doesn't matter what they're about (tho 9 times out of 10 it's a helpful video) but your overall attitude is so calming! Your content is uplifting and I find myself more and more almost frantically seeking out calm havens in this turbulent world. Your channel is one I can count on time and time again to be a safe, classy, feminine haven for me to retreat to. I send you all my love and thanks! ❤️"

Thank you, Justyna. As I mention in today's video, I really do appreciate supportive and kind comments like yours. You keep me going. Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed looking back at my first video and life on YouTube. If you have any more YouTube questions, please leave them in the comments. I'll see you on Thursday!

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Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer-- I follow a few select YouTubers and bloggers, but you are hands down my favorite! I really appreciate what you do--your passion, creativity, class...It is so refreshing to have someone uphold the values that are, sadly, becoming harder to find in society today. Your encouragement really makes a difference to your followers.
I'm looking forward to your new book, as well as your continued posts!
Take care--

Erica said...

Happy birthday, Jennifer! You look lovely as you did a decade ago. Wishing you 10 plus more years of chic inspiration on youtube.