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8 Ways to Look Effortlessly Polished

I'm sharing 8 ways to look effortlessly polished in today's video. For more inspiration, check out my book, Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic

Looking polished doesn't come naturally to people. A polished look is intentional. In today's video I go over 8 tips to help you look effortlessly polished, naturally. 

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Tip No. 1

Regard the Overall Outfit When selecting an outfit, regard the overall look and ask yourself if it is a polished look. You will want to avoid excessive rips or overly trendy items. Make sure your clothing is well-taken care of. Remove sweater pills and make sure your pants are tailored to the correct height, for example. I use this machine to remove lint and pills on sweaters. A good clothing steamer will also come in handy. 

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Tip No. 2

Have a Clear Complexion This is clearly easier said than done. Choose the best skincare products for you that allow you to have clear skin. If you struggle with blemishes or dark circles, apply your makeup in a way that creates the appearance of clear, healthy skin. I use Paula's Choice skincare. I like their RESIST line as well as their Omega line. Right now I'm double cleansing (as opposed to using a makeup wipe) with the Omega Complex Cleansing Balm and the Resist Cleanser. Then I tone with the toner, apply an AHA or BHA exfoliant (only 3x a week), and finally the RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer. Once a week I apply a Purifying Face Mask and this AHA BHA Exfoliant Peel

Tip No. 3

Control Unwanted Hair Controlling unwanted hair is a key part to looking polished. If you want to have smooth legs, for example, shaving is a must. Thank you to Billie for bringing us today's video and sharing their excellent razor with us. 

Tip No. 4

Brows Before Bros I'm going to keep repeating this one because it's so critical. Finding the eyebrow shape is a big key to looking polished. Uneven, unruly brows can create an unkempt look. I have used Vegamour to grow out my sparse brows and have been pleased with the results. This is my favorite eyebrow palette

Tip No. 5

Perfect the Neutral Manicure If you'd like a low-maintenance, yet polished manicure, opt for neutral shades. Dark shades are beautiful, but unless you can fix chips right away, they can hinder that polished look you're going for. My favorite neutral shades are Londontown illuminating nail concealer, Cheerio, and Teatime JenniferS for 25% off, and Essie Mademoiselle and Ballet Slippers. For your feet, a good foot file is imperative to get the rough skin off. 

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Tip No. 6

Wear Well-Kept Shoes No matter what type of shoe you're wearing, whether it be smart or casual, make sure your shoes are well-kept. Scruffy, fraying, or falling-apart shoes will need to be repaired or replaced. Shoes (and handbags as you'll see in the next tip) are very important. Here are some high-quality shoe brands: Oliver Cabell JSCOTT10 for $10 off, Thursday Boot Co., Nothing New, The Spanish Sandal Co. JEN10 for 10% off, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom

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Tip No. 7

Carry a Quality Handbag Equally as important as shoes are handbags (and wallets!). Yours doesn't have to be expensive, although you should invest in the best quality you can afford as a well-constructed handbag could last you years and save you money in the long-run. I've had my Louis Vuitton Totally MM for ten years and have worn it regularly. It still looks fabulous! Here is a blogpost that links some of my favorite handbags. 

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Tip No. 8

Messy Hair? Yes, I care! If you want to look elegant, the "messy hair don't care" attitude needs to go. That doesn't mean your hair needs to look like everyone else's hair. Embrace your hair's unique look, but do have a plan for it. Whether you like to wear it up or down, figure out the best and most flattering looks for you. 

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⚜️ Time Stamps 0:00 Introduction
2:02 Regard the overall outfit
3:53 A clear complexion
5:20 Billie sponsor
6:20 Brows before bros
7:39 Perfect the neutral manicure
9:55 Well-kept shoes
11:19 A quality handbag
12:20 Messy hair? Yes, I care!
13:57 Conclusion


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