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Bikini Alternatives + Summer Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe Updates

Bikinis and one-piece bathing suits... are they the only options we have to splash about in this summer? Let's explore bathing suit alternatives that still keep you looking chic. 

In today's video I discuss various bathing suit styles that are ideal for being active and out in the sun all day. 

Let's have a look first at the tankini option. Tankinis are great because they can be paired with whatever bottom style you like... traditional swimsuit bottoms, skirt bottoms, or short bottoms. There is often ruching in the tummy area and support in the bust. I love this tankini from Lands' End paired with this mini skirt option. To check out all of Lands' End's swim suit options, click here

If you plan to be in the hot sun all day and want to protect your skin, or if you are going to be very active (think waterpark, or beach volley ball) consider a rash guard. These come in varying sleeve lengths and give your skin extra protection from the sun. I love this rash guard that is inspired by the classic Breton stripe. I am wearing it with beach shorts. 

Other great resources for chic bathing suit coverups and accessories is Mer Sea & Co resort

I will be retiring the Rachel Pally Marion dress as the long-sleeves are not ideal for the hot summer weather. That will be packed away and brought out next spring. To replace it is this gorgeous Penelope dress by SKYE (Jennifer20 for 20% off). It's gauzy, and white and I have been living in it this summer. I am wearing the dress with The Spanish Sandal Co. tan nubuck sandals. JEN10 for 10% off 

The Penelope dress is wrinkle-resistant, washes well, as does all of my SKYE dresses, and has a beautiful button detail that cinches in at the waist. Here is a preview of some of SKYE's beautiful 18K gold and pearl jewelry collection for summer:

Estelle long layered clover and pearl necklace Jennifer20 for 20% off This necklace is long and can be layered for a fuller look. It has SKYE signature pearls and elegant crystal clovers that remind me of 
Van Cleef & Arpels. 

The Lena pearl choker necklace  Jennifer20 for 20% off is delicate and charming in a vintage way. 

The Therese 18K gold freshwater pearl bracelet is a delicate delight. I love the dainty design of this bracelet! Jennifer20 for 20% off. 

⚜️ Other Swim Resources
Mer Sea & Co. resort (coverups, bags, hats)
Albion swimwear (modest coverage, gorgeous suits)
Swim and cover-ups at Nordstrom
Swimwear and coverups from Neiman Marcus

Thank you to Ritual vitamins for bringing us today's video. Code 10DAILY gives 10% off your first three months. 


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Comment of the Week
On Monday's etiquette video, Mia writes, "I once had a great conversation with a disabled veteran that I’d just met at a business networking event about SASQUATCH. 😂 The man had been invited to an area where they film Finding Sasquatch, and we laughed as he shared “Squatch” stories. To this day I still don’t know if he thinks Sasquatch is real, but we text and share pictures each time we see something related. It’s so fun. Even my husband and daughter send him selfies with anything Sasquatch related."

Dear Mia, this is the best part about making a new friend and getting to know someone. It's those sasquatch moments where you can think of the other person and smile :) Thanks for sharing!

I hope you enjoyed today's video. I would love to know... what types of bathing suits do you like to wear? Have you updated your wardrobe for the change in season? What type of jewelry do you like to wear in the summer months? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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Unknown said...

Good morning from Europe

it was very useful and beautiful video.

SLovak Republic

DD said...

Lands End has always had awesome swimwear. You can mix and match every style of top and bottom. I wear a tankini top with high-waisted bottoms with modestly cut legs, but they have everything from high-cut bikini bottoms to boy shorts to your swim skirt. When I first saw your swimsuit, Jennifer, I thought you were wearing their one-piece swim dress. I also have a Lands End tank suit that's at least 25 years old and the stretch and elastic are like brand new. Love all the choices. You can really customize your swimwear. Reasonable prices, too, and frequent sales.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Dear Vierka, thank you so much! ♥️

DD- Yes! Lands' End is such a great resource. I buy a lot of my children's clothing from them too and always look for the sales.

Long term supporter said...

Dear Jennifer, thank you for great blog and books! I hope you do not consider my comment too intrusive but I think in order of transparency, you ought to inform the readers about why you do not promote bikinis or traditional one piece suits. You talk about 'chic' alternatives to bikinis etc and I find it hard to believe that being chic is the only issue here. Modesty does not equal chic, not always anyway. I do respect that some individuals choose certain type of fashion but others are not free, but forced to make modest choices. These individuals are often women. On your blog you are of course free to promote any content you wish to promote but I would appreciate your honesty about reasons behind it, out of respect for your readers, who then can make a choice if your brand is compatible with their beliefs.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Long term supporter- I don't understand your comment. I have no problem with bikinis and one-pieces and own some myself. I am using this post as a way to share alternatives for people who are looking for them. Thanks and have a great day!

Sandy said...

LLBean has some really cute tankinis with skirts, shorts etc, similar to Lands End. I feel comfortable around anybody in those styles and don't need to worry about body parts popping out or showing more than most people probably want to see. Love the style of that white dress too!

Unknown said...

Here in Australia, a "rashie" is an absolute necessity if you are in the sun for any length of time. I was interested to see yours was quite loose, I'm used to them being much more form-fitting. I pair mine with medium-length swim shorts - super comfortable and carefree.