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Intermittent Fasting What I Eat in a Day | 16:8 Method


I'm sharing another Intermittent Fasting What I Eat in a Day video for you with two days of meals. 

I do the 16:8 method of Intermittent Fasting, which means I fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour eating window during the day. I do not do a special diet (like keto), but rather, try to eat a well-balanced regular diet. This video is not intending to give nutritional advice. If you wish to do intermittent fasting, please consult your doctor first. These videos are for entertainment purposes only. 


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Hi Lynnette, what a wonderful idea! I absolutely love that.

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Are you doing intermittent fasting? I'd love to hear about your experience. Let us know in the comments.

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AshleyC said...

Yes! My favorite song is back! Thank you for bringing back your song at the end of the video, Jennifer! I love it and always look forward to hearing it.
I believe you composed the song. Would you share the name of the song, please?

Also, this is my first time writing a comment, even though I’ve been following your Youtube channel and blog for awhile. I so appreciate your content. And of course, I read your books, and they are fabulous!

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer/ I am so inspired by your story and started on my own journey of IF. Question- how do you have meals ready when it’s your time to eat. I find it challenging to cook and prep for my dinner time and then again for my family who eats later in the evening? Any tips? Also, what about weekends- with socializing back, we meet friends, go out to eat and drink and it’s not easy to eat at 5 or 6 pm while being social. What works for you?

Unknown said...

I am desperately trying to find your recipe for the pot roast. Where can I find it?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Unknown- here is the pot roast recipe https://dailyconnoisseur.blogspot.com/2021/09/3-impressive-dinner-recipes-that-are-so.html

Ashley- thank you! The song is Reflections by Borrtex. I did not compose the song. It is beautiful!

Unknown- I just manage to plan the meals with plenty of time but I am home a lot so it is easier that way.

Thank you for watching!

~ Jennifer