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How to Wear Presentable Sleepwear Every Night + The Latest in Sleepwear


How do you get into the habit of wearing presentable pajamas every night? I'm sharing 5 tips with you in today's video along with selections from the latest in sleepwear. 


 In Lessons from Madame Chic I write about the concept of looking presentable always, which includes sleepwear. Please note: due to supply chain issues, the hardcover of Lessons from Madame Chic is not available until January. Kindle and Audible versions are still available.

🌛5 tips to help you wear presentable sleepwear every night

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1. If you are holding on to sleepwear that is not presentable… ask yourself why. Why are you holding on to things that are past their prime? Moreover, why are you wearing them daily? Especially when you probably have nice things that you’re saving for special occasions. Don’t save your nice sleepwear for special occasions. Today is the special occasion. 

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 2. Get rid of everything that is not presentable. Don’t even hold on to it. Don’t think about it. Get rid of it. If it has a hole, stains, is saggy, doesn’t fit properly, it's time for the sleepwear to go. 

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 3. Organize your sleepwear storage. However you store your sleepwear, make it easily accessible to you. Store your out of season sleepwear somewhere else. In the middle of summer, you don’t need your flannel pajamas in your top drawer confusing things. 

 4. Start to wear it every night… even if it makes you uncomfortable to wear nice things. You will eventually tune your taste for it. 

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 5. Get inspiration from films. Watch a period drama where there is a night scene and notice the sleepwear. Draw inspiration from films and books to give you courage to dress well at night in your own home. 

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Do you like to wear presentable sleepwear on a nightly basis? 

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📍Due to supply chain issues, the hardcover of Lessons from Madame Chic is not available until January. Kindle and Audible versions are still available.

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I hope you enjoyed today's sleepwear video. I hope it gives you motivation to look presentable always, even with sleepwear!

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Aussie Connoisseur said...

I loved your tip about getting inspiration from old films. I think one reason some people don't wear nice pyjamas is due to their budget. Particularly for women, that clothing budget has to stretch a long way due to the cost of quality undergarments. My solution is to have lovely things but have less of them, and take very good care of them.

Jennifer, I would love to see a video on lounge wear. Do you think it is ever okay to wear lounge wear, and do you think it is okay to just wear a bralette when relaxing at home? Particularly in winter, I like to change into lounge wear when the days work is done but there are still a few hours to go and I don't want to be in pyjamas.