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The OWL by Jennifer L. Scott #poetry


Welcome to the final video and blogpost for the year on The Daily Connoisseur. I wrote a Christmas poem called, The OWL, and had the vision to make it into an animated film. I do hope you enjoy it.

The Owl 
On Christmas Eve I saw him, 
The owl upon my ledge. 
His yellow eyes they sharpened, 
The stars inside them pledge. 

To convey certain wisdom, 
Of what I am not sure. 
We both just stared with held breath, 
A winter moment pure. 

Mistletoe and rustling wind, 
The owl called out to me. 
“Peace is all there is,” he said. 
Atop the sorrel tree. 

Presently a star did fall, 
The clouded moon was missed. 
Unexpected snowfall came, 
With snowflakes that I kissed. 

Opening my eyes I saw, 
The owl had flown away. 
Returned he to his warm bed 
Awaiting Christmas day. 

Thank you to Ruhama Azfar Rubai for creating the animation and to Evan M. Gallagher for editing the film.

And thank you for your support this year on The Daily Connoisseur. This was the best year yet on the blog and YouTube channel and you are the ones who have made it special! I appreciate every video you watch, every comment you leave, and every time you share my work. Thank you. 

I will be taking a break until January in order to spend time with my family this Christmas. I am wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! See you soon! 

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Thank you for joining me for The Daily Connoisseur season finale. I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I am so excited for everything that is in store for us on The Daily Connoisseur in 2022.

With love,


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Susan said...

I thought that this was a lovely idea, and so well done. Thank you so much! I do hope that you are able to enjoy a peaceful, and richly deserved, rest with your family. Blessings to all.

Mary Z said...

It's interesting how "lovely" seems to be the word that comes to most of our minds after hearing your poem. :)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, ladies! Happy New Year! Love, Jennifer