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Outfits of the Week | Spring Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe


Welcome to Outfits of the Week from my Spring Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe

I'm sharing my outfits of the week and I hope they give you inspiration to have fun with your ten-item wardrobe and express your true style every day. 

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Miranda Frye Crawler earrings Jennifer10 for 10% off

Mott and Bow skinny jean JLS10 for 10% off
Marc Fisher sandals (The croissant shoes are sold out! But this link shares his others)
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White tee shirt Mott & Bow JLS10 for 10% off
Lilysilk Cashmere sweater Daily15 for 15% off
Mott & Bow Beige Jean JLS10 for 10% off

The Spanish Sandal Co. JEN10 for 10% off

Mott & Bow v-neck tee JLS10 for 10% off
Lilysilk black trousers Daily15 for 15% off
Teddy Blake Gigi Palmetto bag TBJennC30 for $30 Off

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Lessons from Madame Chic comic book in Japan... 

Comment of the Week

Bella Aria writes, "I just told my husband that I'd like to use our air fryer more often! These are great alternative ways to cook, and I'll bet it keeps the kitchen cooler than using the stovetop and oven."

BellaAria, I'm happy you enjoyed the air fryer recipes. That is one major benefit of the air fryer... not having to heat up the oven. It does keep the kitchen cooler in the hot summer months. Thank you for watching!

I hope you enjoyed today's video. I would love to know how your ten-item wardrobe is coming along. Have a wonderful weekend!



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