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Homemaking Motivation | Get It Done Stylishly


I’m sharing some major homemaking motivation in today’s video and encouraging you to get it all done… stylishly.

Welcome back to the Daily Connoisseur. Sometimes when we get into a rut as homemakers, we need some extra motivation to get back into it all. I find when I’m having these unmotivated feelings making what I’m doing stylish and beautiful seriously helps. We homemakers are visual creatures. We love beauty! It’s a natural want. Why else would we work tirelessly to make a lovely home or cook a mouth-watering meal? Because we want to live a beautiful life at home and life at home sets the scene for our lives in the big wide world.

I always start the day with dressing to express not only my style, but mood. Some days I feel a bit whimsical, some days more formal, today I feel like being fun and playful. I’m wearing the MerSea Breton slub tee and Mott and Bow skinny jeans (JLS10 for 10% off). This shirt just reminds me of adventure. Maybe because the red stripes remind me of the sea or pirates (haha). Homemakers… don’t forget your jewelry! You might not be seeing anyone all day, that doesn’t matter. If you’re like me, it’s noticing pretty nails, smelling the subtle scent of my perfume, the tinkling of my jewelry, and a whimsical watch that keeps me cheerful throughout the day. I’m playing with my jewelry today by layering the Dana Rebecca bar necklace with the Miranda Frye Gothic letter charm (Jennifer10 10% off) necklace. And of course, this whole look needs to be topped off with the homemaker’s pièce de résistance: the apron. Now I’m ready to work.

Time to make lunch. I’m going to whip up some steaks in the air fryer today. I’ve been low key loving my air fryer. I brush the steaks with olive oil and season them with steak seasoning and cook them in the preheated air fryer on the steak setting. I’m making some cheesy rice pilaf, steamed broccoli, and maple butternut squash to go with it. Isn’t homemaking like a fine dance? The effort it takes to cook a multifaceted meal for the whole family, even a basic one like this, requires coordination, a sense of adventure (for who knows how it will all turn out?) and an eye for style. I flip the steaks halfway through cooking and then allow them to rest on a cutting board while I go pick some flowers for the table.

I’m going to use this blue and taupe tablecloth for lunch today. Choosing and laying the tablecloth is always my favorite part. Then I venture into the garden to see what flowers are on offer. My very favorite rose, the double delight, is blooming magnificently right now so I decide to cut some blooms. While I’m there, the little boy from next door is chatting to me through the fence. What a pleasant surprise that was. He was telling me about the roses in his garden. He said they have pink and yellow roses. What a lovely moment to connect with another human being unexpectedly. The double delight rose has such an intoxicating scent. It was developed in 1977 and is a hybrid tea rose, made from the red and yellow “Granada” tea rose and the ivory “Garden Party” rose. What a thing of beauty. I’m setting the table with the square rattan place mats, and for a bit of contrast, these blue striped napkins. I’ve always liked the combination of stripes and florals. Portmeirion Botanic Garden drinking glasses round off the spring look of the table.

Time to cut the meat and plate the dishes. Some people ask if we serve dinner family style or if I plate every meal. I find with little ones, that it’s easier for me to plate their meal beforehand so generally I do that. My girls are old enough to use a steak knife but my boys aren’t, so I cut their steak into smaller pieces. I generally know how much they will eat so I plate the food accordingly. And now it’s time to enjoy lunch. My son thinks it's hilarious the camera is at the table. I do admit, it’s rather strange!

And now time for laundry. Does it ever end? The answer is no. No, it does not. But therein lies the secret: if you must do the laundry, make your routine a ritual. I like to listen to audiobooks when I’m folding the laundry. Today I’m in my daydreams. I make it a meditation. I get my senses involved. I dream up ideas and play them out in my head while folding the towels. Hey, it’s just another moment to dream… why not seize it?

The day is done. I like to take a nice hot bath in the evening and read a book while looking at the birds on the treetops. Then getting into my pajamas is a joy. You know I love stylish sleepwear. This is the Sunday Morning Silk pajama set (Daily15 15% off) in emerald green and my red velvet slippers. I need to do some planning (CONNOISSEUR10 10% off) for the week and I plan to journal a bit more as well. But first, a nice cup of herbal tea will help me wind down after a long day. The rituals of tea are so comforting aren’t they? The rolling boil from the kettle. The pouring of the water. The stirring in the cup. Ah, it’s magic. I go through my planner to see what’s coming up this week and write down a few things I need to do. I’m going to do some journaling too. Homemakers, take time to reflect at the end of the day. Write down your thoughts, your happiness, your sadness, your dreams, your struggles, your inspiration. Write it all down. Reflect on your day. Hopefully whatever happened, you enjoyed yourself and did it all with style.

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Comment of the Week

Carolyn writes, "I so enjoyed reading the children’s poetry by Stevenson. My world here in northern Wisconsin is just now awakening to spring. Our little house is surrounded by trees which are alive with birds. All so busy building their nests and feeding their young. I shared on Facebook Stevenson’s poem, “Nest Eggs”, delightful and charming. By the way, one of our favorite authors, D. E. Stevenson, was a niece of Robert Louis."

Hi Carolyn, the description of your garden had me smiling. I just love observing the birds ♥️ Happy spring!

I hope you enjoyed today's video and that it provides homemaking inspiration for you. See you soon!

Love, Jennifer

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