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How to Look Presentable Always | 5 Tips


The key to looking presentable without daily effort lies in your preparation. You must plan to look presentable always. Preparation is key.

In today’s video I’m sharing 5 tips to help you look presentable always.

1. Service your clothes ahead of time. Make sure your clothes are steamed and ironed ahead of time. If you get behind on laundry, or if you find yourself really busy (who doesn’t?) you might, after washing your clothes, simply place them in drawers or on hangers without preparing them to be worn. Then on a busy morning, you want to wear one of your presentable core items, but it’s wrinkled or rumpled. The thought of bringing out the iron or steamer at that point in your busy morning seems too much for you so you either just wear the wrinkled garment and hope no one will notice, or you opt to wear something else… maybe something less appropriate. Set aside one day a week, preferably the same day you wash your clothes, to finish the task completely by ironing and/ or steaming whatever needs to be prepared.
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2. Store your clothes properly. I like to fold my tee shirts and sweaters, but I find that even if I iron or steam them before doing so, they are still wrinkled when I go to wear them. So I like to iron them and then hang them up. I still fold some tee shirts, but the ones I know I’ll likely wear that week will be pressed and ready to go, hanging with my other core items. If you do the ten-item wardrobe, you might be in the habit of only hanging your core items and folding your extras… but there are no rules here. You can hang up your extras next to your core items if it means you will be more prepared to wear them each day.

3. Create outfits ahead of time. Spend time creating presentable outfits from the clothes you already have. This will require an hour or so in the afternoon. Have fun with it! Make yourself a cup of tea, put on some music and create outfits. You might discover outfit combinations you never thought of. Channel your inner influencer and take a mirror selfie to remind yourself of the outfit and also to see how you look in it. You can create a lookbook of sorts for this season that is custom for you.

4. Only display the current season of clothing in your wardrobe. Most people display all seasons at the same time. If you have a small closet, this is even more problematic. Your eyes will only meet confusion each morning as you try to select an outfit. You must visually and physically sort through the out-of-season clothing to even see what you have. When you do the ten-item capsule wardrobe, this is one of the first things you tackle. Think about your closet as you would a chic boutique. If you walk into a nice clothing boutique on a warm summer’s day, you would not expect to see heavy sweater dresses next to pretty sun dresses. You would immediately think something was wrong with the management of that boutique and you might walk out. You expect to see the curated summer items. Your closet should be no different. No, if you have a large walk-in closet with room to house all seasons, make sure the out-of-season items are off to the side and out of view, separate from your current season of clothing.

5. Be okay with wearing the same things repeatedly. When you find “outfit winners” you will be wearing them over and over again. They will become your go-tos. This does mean that you might wear the same things all the time. This was an initial concern for me years ago, but I have so gotten over that. I used to have the mentality that I needed a new outfit every day and people couldn’t see me in the same thing twice. Where did we get that from? Perhaps television? In television shows, the characters are in new outfits in each scene and generally don’t wear the same thing unless the director wants to convey that they have fallen on hard times. Even when you read articles on the royal family, if The Duchess of Cambridge wears the same thing twice, the media makes a big deal out of it saying she is “recycling” an outfit. No, she’s just wearing it again because it’s normal to wear an outfit more than once. When you adopt the ten-item wardrobe, you get over that eventually. You don’t care that people see you in the same outfit over and over again because you know you look good and that’s what matters anyway. Taking this stress away helps you to look presentable.

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