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My Top Ten Films of the Decade- #2 Match Point

Woody Allen’s 2005 thriller Match Point, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Scarlett Johansson is my second favorite film of the decade.

I came into this film knowing very little about it. I did know that Woody Allen directed it. I quite like Woody Allen films so I was expecting to be pleasantly entertained with neurotic characters looking for love and acceptance in New York City. Instead what I got was a complete shock- a thrilling 124 minutes that completely enveloped me in a tale of morality and seduction in modern day London.

Match Point follows Chris Wilton (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) a young Irish tennis teacher that has a passion for Dostoevsky, tennis, fine wine and the arts. He befriends a wealthy upper class British family that is composed of brother and sister Chloe and Tom Hewitt (played brilliantly by Emily Mortimer and Matthew Goode). Wilton makes his way into the Hewitt family by romancing Chloe but temptation constantly lurks around the corner in the form of Nola Rice (played seductively by Scarlett Johansson). This film is fluid, enthralling and utterly fascinating with just the perfect touch of darkness added...

Match Point
thrilled me in 2005 and continues to do so today and is, in my opinion, Woody Allen’s pivotal masterpiece…

I will announce my pick for the number one film of the decade on New Years Day. To recap my picks so far... here is my list:

10. Intimate Strangers
9. Drag Me to Hell
8. La Vie en Rose
7. Marie Antoinette
6. Lost in Translation
5. Y Tu Mamá También
4. The Dreamers
3. Gosford Park
2. Match Point

Any guess as to what #1 will be?

Scarlett Johansson is pictured in a scene from Match Point above.


tina said...

finally, match point. now this is the one i can completely agree on with you!! :) that's where i fell in love with jonathan rhys meyers and matthew goode. it's very ironic that allen's masterpieces such as matchpoint and vicky christina barcelona were made outside his beloved NYC.
well, good choice :)

hmmmm, let me think, i'd say number one is Closer.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I forgot about Match Point and how much I enjoyed it. I need to see it again. I usually do not like Woody Allen films but loved this and loved Vicky Christina Barcelona. His NYC films are too neurotic and predictable for me. Thanks to Tina's comment above for reminding about Vicky Christina...I need to see that one again too! Can't wait for your #1 pick.

Kristi said...

Thanks for inspiring me to see Marie Antoinette and The Dreamers! Both were must sees. I agree with all your other picks as well that I have seen. Now I'm off to add the ones I haven't seen to my netflix list. Thanks again!
La Bella Figura

Helen said...

Oh, you 'sell' a write up so well! I loved hearing about Match Point and will definitely have to watch it. I hope it's one of those weekly DVD's, and I suspect it will be, 'cos it's not a new release. We always have trouble getting them back on time!

I so enjoy the experiences you take us on. Keep up the good work, and many blessings xx

Jen said...

I never even thought to see this movie, but now I will definitely check it out. Besides, I don't really need a reason to watch something with Jonathan Rhys Meyers in it, he's reason enough!

Anonymous said...

I love love loved this movie! I remember walking out of the theater and thinking, "Wow!" This is not a typical Woody Allen film. Masterpiece indeed!

Tine said...

I love Scarlett so I am definitely putting this on my list of movies to rent. Out of the rest, I have only seen Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation. Loved LIT, but I wasn't a huge fan of MA.

Tom Bailey said...

I am going to half to watch about half of these movies. I have watched some of Wooody Allens old movies and liked them so this is now on my need to watch list.

I am not a big fan of Woody Allen but if this the best one for him I would give it a shot.

Thank you for sharing.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey

Mixed Reflections said...

Must go check it out after that review. Scarlett is a talented young lady. Enjoyed the Horse Whisperer so much & have been amazed by her ability in everything else.

Anonymous said...

I am not a movie fan and was wondering if your list would include any i know. But u did...drag me to hell..I watched that movie and I did not like it. I hate horror films but my god that was horrible. It made me sick lol

I hated the ending...see with me..i love my dramas lol

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Yes! I'm so glad those of you who have seen Match Point share my enthusiasm about it! For those of you that haven't seen it- you really can't miss this one- rent it if you get the chance.

And I know I keep catching a lot of hell (no pun intended) for my #9 pick, Drag Me to Hell but I stand by my choice LOL! I still think for the horror genre it is funny, refreshing, scary and doesn't take itself too seriously- not for everyone, but then again neither are most films on my list :)

Thank you all for your contributing comments xo

Rose said...

Daily I am a big fan of this film too- am very pleased to see it featured here because I remember it getting good but not great reviews when it came out here and I don't understand why- I love it. I think there areexcellent performances and it's genuinely gripping. I like the opera tracks very much too. it's one I really enjoy re watching.

Perfumeshrine said...

I simply love this one as well: it's ironic (but oh so meaningful) that Chris is a Dostoevskian hero indeed. The remorse in-his-head in the end reads like a Greek tragedy's Erinyes...

sanjeet said...

let me think, i'd say number one is Closer.

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Dee said...

Match Point is one of my favorite all time films. It's brilliant and I never get tired of watching it. Woody Allen's best (from what I've seen of his films).