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Wear More Color (New Dress)

After watching the recent Diamond Jubilee celebration that took place in London and (as always) fawning over what the Duchess of Cambridge wore, I became newly inspired to introduce more color to my capsule wardrobe. She just knows how to pull off color beautifully and can wear anything from deep red, to subtle neutrals to bright green.

I recently purchased this bright green dress by Amanda Uprichard to inject some vibrant color into my wardrobe. It's a lovely, lightweight silk piece that has a bit of a forgiving silhouette as I am still losing the baby weight.

If you are unable to see the embedded video above where I show you my new dress, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

As a side note, for all of you Duchess fans, you must check out the blog What Kate Wore to always get a comprehensive post on her elegant style. (Thank you Cashmere Librarian for recommending WKW so long ago!)

So this week I would love to know... how are you with wearing color?

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helen tilston said...

Hello Jennifer

The dress is beautiful and a classic.
You look terrific and so healthy and your skin glows.
Thank you for sharing


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I have two new dresses and both are coloured!
Summer garden weddings just seem to call out for something a little brighter.
Hope babe is doing well and that you are getting enough rest...I remember those days well, and they grow up so fast.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful dress. I will be googling Amanda Uprichard soon. The color is lovely on you and I think would be on most women. The style too is universally flattering. Thank you for sharing this. By the way...I love your book..'Lessons from Madame Chic".

Dangerous Curves

Dee J said...

Great dress! The color + cut are very flattering. It looks sharp with the shoes too!

Neutrals are the bulk of my wardrobe- black + khaki, pewter, navy,etc. but recently I've discovered coral. I also like fuschia. My go-to sweater this past winter was a fuschia v-neck in a lightweight wool blend.

Thanks for the recommendations!

CashmereLibrarian said...

You look adorable. As for me, I really want Kate's Links of London egg earrings!

Maureen said...

Lovely dress! That is a fantastic shade of green on you. Thank you for sharing the What Kate Wore blog. I too adore the Duchess and her fashion. I've added the blog to my Google Reader. :)

Like you, I tend to wear neutrals and need a pop of color in my capsule wardrobe. Thank you for the inspiration.

rosary said...

As a femme d'un certain age, I find the best lift for my face is wearing the perfect color in a scarf or shirt right next to my face!

Rosemary said...

What a Lovely dress. I'm glad your adding color. I'm a southern girl, and we love color. Plus, you look great.

Luli said...

Great post and great idea. I love color in every which way. I'm always wearing colorful nail polish year round and though I love love black (I own many black pencil skirts and dresses) I also often wear reds and oranges. I recently bought a green skirt from H&M and I'm basically wearing it every Saturday. It's too short for the office. I love reading what your readers have to say too.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in that dress. Great color for you. You really don't look like you need to lose any more baby weight. :)

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I find that where I live affects the amount of color that I wear. I currently live in SF, and it is definitely a black-and-neutral city, but I can't give up my bright colors! I lived in Arizona for a long time, and it seems like we just really embrace all kinds of bright colors there - corals, turquoises, etc, and you can wear them with white jeans or lightweight black capris.

These days in San Francisco, I've been embracing the color-blocking trend with a few pairs of bright shoes and I also have a bright orange scarf with peacocks on it that brings a great pop of color to a black and gray based wardrobe. I love colors!

Kristi said...

Ironically, the one color I have introduced to my palette this summer (which is usually navy, black, white and gray) is also green! I love that dress, but love even more the shirt/dress in the previous post with the eyelet sleeves. Que bella!
What can you tell me about that one?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you everyone for leaving comments. I'm glad I am not alone in wanting to introduce color! Of course I don't wear it every day but that just makes wearing it that much more special :)

Kristi- the green dress in the Penmanship video is ancient (5 years haha) BCBG MaxAzria. I keep my clothes for a long time if they are good quality and I take care of them. I've always loved that dress. It's not a part of my capsule wardrobe but I wear it for special occasions like garden parties, baby showers, that kind of thing. Sometimes I wear it just because :) xx

Kristi said...

It's gorgeous. I keep my clothes around for a long time, as well. My favorite boots are 13 years old!