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Bloopers 2018 | Jennifer L. Scott

Today, I'm sharing more bloopers with you. Some of these clips were too funny to leave on the cutting room floor!

Is our house haunted? What's with the stalker fly? What strange things do YouTubers have to do? What faux pas did Mr. Connoisseur commit? Watch this and more voice cameos from my children in today's bloopers video. I hope it brings you joy!

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Comment of the Week
I received so many wonderful pot and pan recommendations from Monday's Chat With Me post. Now I am more confused than ever! :) Many people have recommended All-Clad stainless steel, like Carrie J, who wrote, "When our house burned down in the California fires I found myself having to buy new pots and pans. After a lot of research I chose All Clad Stainless Steel. I have been using these amazing pots and pans for over a year and I love them. I have no nonstick pans and I find that I don't need them if you heat the pan with some oil before putting the food in. Even if it does stick you just put some water in and let it sit and it comes right out. The All Clad I bought was on Amazon and I've added pieces here and there to fill in my set. I bought the simple stainless set not the copper core more expensive ones. They have a lifetime guarantee and I imagine these pans will be handed down as they are so well made. Good luck."

Thank you for the recommendation, Carrie! I am so sorry to hear that you lost your home in the California fires. I hope that you are settled now and have your home life back together. Thank you so much for commenting.

I hope you enjoyed today's bloopers video. Be sure to stop by the blog tomorrow for a special post on Chic Summer Style from Halsbrook.com. Then, I will see you on Monday for my maternity ten-item wardrobe fashion video. Have a great weekend!

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Frenchcaligirl said...

Very funny! My favorite was Ben chewing gum. You two look to have a lot of fun together. I love your laugh. Sometimes iwhen I want a laugh I go back and watch your “High Fashion Dry Clean Dress” video. 😂

Vicki Zimmerman said...

This was laugh-out-loud funny, especially the last blooper with your husband and his gum and your fantastic laugh! Oh my goodness, I'm perfectly happy when your bloopers happens, because they're so enjoyable! Love it and keep the bloopers coming.

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