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Switching to All-Natural Cleaning Products | New Series | Natural Home with Jennifer

I'm really excited to launch a new series today on The Daily Connoisseur, Natural Home with Jennifer. I have made the decision to completely switch to all-natural cleaning products for our home. I've always been interested in natural cleaning products. As you will recall, I share my homemade lavender vinegar cleaner recipe in At Home with Madame Chic, and have also done a blogpost on it. This is an affordable natural cleaner that will aide you with many areas of your cleaning.

But while I was using my lavender vinegar spray, I was also using many cleaners that weren't natural: shower sprays, floor cleaners, dishwashing detergent, dish soap, laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaners, glass cleaners, and I'm sure many other cleaning products that I'm failing to think of right now.

Earlier this year, I read the major bombshell study that came out in many different publications on the detrimental effects of using traditional cleaning products on women's health. The study was published in many places including Newsweek, Fortune and Reuters.

The study, which was originally published in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, discovered that, "Women cleaning at home or working as occupational cleaners had accelerated decline in lung function, suggesting that exposures related to cleaning activities may constitute a risk to long-term respiratory health."

The headlines on Newsweek and Fortune put it more bluntly:


"Using Household Cleaning Products Can be as Bad as Smoking a Pack A Day"


This study really convicted me, because I come in contact with cleaning products every single day of my life. Cleaning is a major part of my life, and I'm guessing yours too. Occasionally using my homemade vinegar cleaner wasn't going to cut it. I decided I needed to switch to all-natural products in all of the other areas of cleaning as well, not only for my sake, but my family's sake, and the environment's sake.

After I made my decision, I wasn't quite sure where to begin. Do I just go to the nearest store and see what natural products they have available? How do I make the switch?

I did a lot of research and found an online company called Grove Collaborative. I had heard of Grove from many of my friends who use it and it's also featured on some of my favorite YouTube channels like, How Jen Does It.

Grove Collaborative is a certified B Corp, which means it's a company that has passed the most rigorous standards for businesses that prioritize social, environmental, and community wellbeing. Every product they offer is natural and meets strict requirements to even be on their website, so you don't have to worry about any of the products you're purchasing. They sell very familiar brands in the natural product world such as Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Method and Seventh Generation. They also have their own line of eco-friendly, natural products. Grove also sell all-natural beauty products as well.

The best part is that they sell their products at a major discount. I price-checked so many of their products against Amazon, Target and Whole Foods and Grove sold them at the best price every time.

Grove has the option to have your cleaning products on a subscription service so you never run out. You are always reminded before your next shipment ships and are always able to modify or cancel your order at any time. If you don't want your natural products delivered to you on a subscription, you can just place a one-time order or as-needed orders. They are always offering free gifts and amazing deals. In short, it's a wonderful company.

Another exciting thing about Grove's all-natural products is that you can't find them in many places. They carry niche boutique cleaning products that smell and look amazing. Many of them I had never seen or heard of before! I love that their products infuse aromatherapy into the formulas. When I clean, I can confidently enjoy the scent of the products and not worry that my health is being compromised.

So, I have made the switch to all-natural cleaning products and I get them all from Grove Collaborative.

If you are interested in making the same switch and would like to try out Grove, I have an amazing free gift offer for you.

Get a free Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Set, which includes a Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, and Mrs. Meyer''s Multi-Surface Spray + Free shipping with VIP Trial when you sign up with Grove Collaborative.

There are so many unique and interesting products out there, however, it can be overwhelming. What are the best scents? Which ones work the best? In my new series, Natural Home with Jennifer, I plan to review the natural products I use. This video will be in addition to the ones I already post on Mondays and Thursdays. So, for the summer, you can expect to see three posts from me. Natural Home with Jennifer, will go up each Friday. I'm excited for this new series and hope you'll join me for it!

Be sure to watch today's video for much more on Natural Home with Jennifer.

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On last week's Maternity Ten-Item Wardrobe Talk-Through video, Ebby writes, "Now, I don't fit into any of these clothes, so let's look at the clothes that I do fit!" haha, you have such a positive body image!! Growing up, the women in my family were always dieting, extreme dieting, yoyo dieting, never exercising and grazing in the kitchen all day! I never realized what a negative impact this had on me, since before kids I was always small. Now after my first baby Im resorting to all these crazy, desperate measures to drop the weight, not to mention I'm not that nice to myself, but that's how I was raised! That's what I was taught was normal. From your books I am learning to dress well for the current shape I'm in, stop trying to squeeze into my old tight clothes, and to eat more mindfully. The weight will come off in due time. Thank you for your videos, they're so encouraging to me as a new mom. Much love from central Texas! -Ebby"

Hi Ebby, I loved your comment. Sometimes it's hard to break the bad habits we pick up from the past, but it is possible. Having a positive body image is really important, especially during and after pregnancy, as your body will most certainly change. Thank you for commenting!

I hope you enjoy today's video and are excited about the new series. I would love to know... have you made the switch to all-natural cleaning products? Which natural products are your favorite? If you have a request for me to review a natural cleaning or beauty product, please leave your request in the comment section. I'll see you on Thursday for a fun makeup video, and then again on Friday for the first natural product review.

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Frenchcaligirl said...

I have used one or two Mrs. Meyer’s products and am excited about your new series. When cleaning my Koehler tub with the skid protection it is always a challenge and always have the bathroom window open. I still feel like the fumes are a bit overwhelming so am anxious to see alternatives for tough jobs such as that. Thank you Jennifer for all you do and for promoting healthier options.

Ladylike said...

Thank you, Jennifer,
This is wonderful! Like you, my cleaning products have been a mixed bag of natural ones and...bleach... Thanks to you, I am now a member of the Grove collaborative, and I am looking forward to receiving my free products! Since you're pregnant, this seems to be the perfect time for you to make the switch~ And we get three videos per week! Yippee! The almond floor cleaners sounds great since I love almond scent and flavor. I am looking forward to the review!

Summer Smith said...

I have always coughed and coughed cleaning the house, especially the shower! I’m so thankful you shared this video. This is important. I already signed up!! I am thankful for what Costco does sell. I like their dish soap and have been using it for years. I have started using vinegar with citrus since you posted the idea and LOVE it for my windows but was going to look up other ways to make homemade products & then I saw your video! YAY!! Thank you! Thank you! Would you please be so kind as to review a good deep cleaning shower cleanser and a toilet cleanser? Thank you! 💗

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Frenchcaligirl- I had the same problem cleaning our bathtubs. I would open the window and inhale all those fumes. It was so unpleasant! I'm looking forward to trying a few natural cleaners and recommending what I can.

Alexandra- Thank you! I was the same... some natural some chemical :) Excited you're making the switch too.

Summer- Thank you for the request! I am especially focused on a shower cleaner and I'll add toilet cleaner to the review list. Thanks so much for watching.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

You've got me excited with this video and I have so many questions about the natural products that you purchase through Grove Collaborative. It's quite timely as today I enjoyed a "look back" with your "Morning Kitchen Tidy" video you did, because I was wanting to get "inspired" on cleaning, and here you go, today, with your new series! I'm reinvigorated and inspired. Here are a few of my questions: 1. Do you use the Method almond cleaner on wood floors or know if it can be used on that surface? 2. Related to that, and I won't ask your son this question due to his recent "blooper": are you using the Wet Swiffer with this Method almond product or in another way? I was going to ask about your Wet Swiffer use anyway. 3. Are you still using your water-vinegar-lavender spray for cleaning your counter, etc. or have you switched to Mrs. Meyer's products? 4. Are you a V.I.P. member and is it a better way to go? 5. Speaking of "natural," you look so gorgeous in this video, and I'd love to know what lipstick and eyeshadow you're wearing, and if you are moving to "natural" cosmetics, as well, which is probably a good idea, overall. I wanted to add that I use your homemade spray and Mrs. Meyer's multipurpose spray for my counters. I'd love to hear what you do for your shower, dishwasher, sink (like Soft Scrub) and what natural products really get the job done. Oh, goodness, so many questions; I hope I get some answered. I'm thrilled about your new "Natural Home" series, Jennifer.

Gumbo Lily said...

I've switched over to natural cleaners too, but I make many of mine with vinegar (for windows, glass, chrome, etc.) And I use soap (can be castile soap) and water. Scrubs made from baking soda and borax are also good. For scents, I like to add whichever essential oils I like.

I do look forward to your reviews of the natural products that you try. Does Mrs. Meyers have unscented products? I used one handsoap in the past from Mrs. Meyers and thought the fragrance TOO strong. Sometimes I just don't want a fragrance, but instead, a clean, nothing smell.

De Anna said...

I found a great product called e cloth for glass and mirrors. Only uses water and it is amazing at shining windows in my home and in my car super easy to use! Their e mop just uses water also and also makes a great dust mop. The products are a little expensive but they are so worth it!!

I found mine at Ace hardware but I'm sure you can find it online too.

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Mimi Gregor said...

I'm so excited about this series! I, too, use a mix of natural and toxic. Yeah... I feel conflicted about that. I use vinegar for windows and mirrors with great success. I use Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, and find that it cuts grease better than Dawn. Method surface cleaner is great, too. My problem is the bathroom, particularly the shower. Even with the chemicals, it doesn't cut the soap scum and some of the mildew. ( I don't think that a nuclear blast would cut our soap scum. ) And I use a Swiffer wetjet and its floor cleaner refills to clean all my floors. I would prefer natural products that don't leave so many plastic bottles in our recycling bin, but Swiffers are just so easy. If you have a natural way to clean floors that doesn't involve a separate bucket of soapy water and mop, I'd love to hear of it!

RachelCreel said...

Mimi, I use the Rubbermaid Reveal mop. It has a container that you fill with water or whatever solution you choose. It uses a pad that you can remove, wash and reuse. It functions like a Swiffer, you just squeeze the trigger when you need to spray more water or solution on the floor.

Mimi Gregor said...

Thanks, Rachel! I will definitely check that out! I'd rather make my own solution -- I'd know what's in it! Washable pads would save me some money, too. Thanks again!

Sherrylynne said...

Grove Collab is a nice organization and easy to work with. Kuddos to them. But the Mrs. Meyers products actually make me cough as soon as I spray them. The only other product that this has ever occurred with me was Easy Off Oven Cleaner. I even took a two year break and tried again. Nope. I love, love the cleaning supplies through FlyLady which is more about the tools and basic water and soaps .. any soaps or shampoos left over. Seventh Generation is my go to for stronger cleaning.

KC Williams said...

So excited about this! I was cleaning our guest bathroom yesterday, and after spraying tub cleaner all over the shower and tub, I could barely breathe! I thought, “This cannot be good for me!”

I wish Mrs. Meyer’s had some more mainstream scents. The only one I’ve actually enjoyed was a limited edition cranberry-scented dish soap. I use the honeysuckle multi-use spray in my kitchen, but I don’t really care for the scent. My husband likes it though! I’m going to try the gardenia next.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Don't know if you still monitor the comments of old posts, but I just started getting products from GROVE and love them too. I was hoping that on this video you would mention what you did with your leftover chemical products - did you just toss them in the trash or use them up, first?