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Epic Pantry Organization | De-Clutter With Me | Jennifer L. Scott

I'm so busy throughout the school year, certain organizational projects get postponed. In my case, the much-needed organization project involved our pantry. When we moved into our house last August, it was never properly organized. Then we took our trip to Europe and when we came back 6 weeks later, we jumped back into our homeschool routine and the pantry never got sorted out.

Now that we are taking a summer break from school, I have time to tackle these organizational projects. Today, I bring you along with me. I de-clutter and organize our pantry and, while it's a lot of work, it feels so good to get the job done!

I actually did this video a few weeks ago and I can tell you, it's been wonderful walking into an organized pantry each morning. What a joy! Everyone in the house has noticed too and has taken care to keep it tidy. I hope you enjoy today's video and feel inspired to de-clutter along with me.

Mentioned in the video:

I use these can rack organizers to store my canned goods.

I use these seagrass baskets to hold my bagged goods and these wire baskets to hold onions and potatoes.

Because we live in California and earthquakes are prevalent here, I always have a supply of prepper foods and extra water. You never know when a natural disaster might strike, and it's best to be prepared. I have a combination of dehydrated, long-shelf life foods, including Eden Valley Farms, which has a 25 year shelf life, Emergency ready standard survival kit, and emergency drinking water (pack of 66).

The appliances I have on my shelf are the following, Vitamix blender, Instant pot, Crock pot, small slow cooker (I use this for my oatmeal), rice cooker, heart-shaped waffle maker (please note: my waffle maker is so old, I can't find it anymore so I have linked a similar one here), yogurt maker, and Kitchen Aide.

The Mrs. Meyer's lemon verbena multi-surface cleaner and the Aunt Fannie's Ant Remedy are both from Grove Collaborative.

Get a free Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Set, which includes a Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, and Mrs. Meyer''s Multi-Surface Spray + Free shipping with VIP Trial when you sign up with Grove Collaborative for the first time. Existing Grove customers also get a free gift, a walnut scrubber sponge. *You must spend $20 in order to be eligible for the gift.

I hope you enjoy today's video.

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Regarding the debt-free course, Lynn writes, "Don't compare yourself to the Jones' - they are in DEBT!

I love it. Thank you Jennifer for everything you do - you continue to be a beacon of hope for me and an inspiration."

Thank you, Lynn! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the course.

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Comment of the Week
BettyLou writes, "I use grove collaborative and the customer service is amazing. I don't need to reorder as frequently as many households so I can just delete the products I don't need from my order. The glass spray bottles with the silicone sleeves are an investment but I love them. Each color gets a different refill product. I love the geranium scent and the honeysuckle. I wish they had a vanilla scent to use exclusively in the kitchen. They also have a product that draws away those annoying little gnats that get in the fresh fruit in warm weather. We have very hard water so some of the products don't work for our home, that is when i use a homemade vinegar, castile soap, and essential oil mix to clean with."

Hi BettyLou, I couldn't agree more. The customer service with Grove is excellent. I do the same with my re-ordering. I just delete what doesn't apply to me and order only what I need. This way I never run out. I also order a wide variety of items for the sole purpose of reviewing them on the channel, which is something that most people wouldn't need to do. I'm excited to try the geranium scent. I already love the honeysuckle. Thanks for your comment!

I hope you enjoyed today's video and feel inspired to de-clutter a space in your home. Please let me know what you thought in the comments below and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog. See you Thursday for a fun "shop with me" video featuring my sister!

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Karen said...

Loved the video and I'll try not to be too envious of how large your pantry is. :) I have a much smaller one and I love organizational things from The Container Store. I have my vitamix and kitchen aid on my counter and while I'd rather not, that's my reality right now. I purchased a white half-cami that you recommended from Amazon and love it!! It's not too hot! I'd been using these lace modesty panels that snap to your bra, and while they worked, they didn't stay in place especially well.

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Your horror video music was so funny! You inspired me to throw a couple of expired items out of my frig. It was a small change, but it feels good! I am looking forward to finally seeing your sister!


Unknown said...

Your pantry looks like a clean version compared to mine! So, there is no judgement here. I just need to tackle it. I wonder where you put your medications for the family?! Do they all really fit into your medicine cabinets? Or do you store them in your pantry or a cupboard. Anyway, thank you again for inspiration, as always!

Ladylike said...

Hello Again Jennifer,

I forgot to mention that your previous videos inspired me to replace my scraped cookware! Not all of my cookware was Le Creuset. I replaced the scraped items with Kirkland Signature cookware from Costco. So far so good ! Also, I did purchase a Needak rebounder. Wonderful!

Thank you,

Gigi said...

I am just a teeny bit envious of your large pantry - ours is just a reach in closet. And considering that my husband (the cook in this house) is a food hoarder ("It was on sale!" and "You never know when we might need that!") our pantry is usually a nightmare. Right now it's in decent shape but if I don't stay on top of it, it quickly spirals out of control. The main organizational project we need to tackle is the garage - but may need to wait for cooler weather.

Jennifer Baldwin said...

Such a timely post! I've gone through several pantry overhauls over the years, and I have it on my to-do this for this coming weekend. Now, I feel inspired to really do it and not just put it offer another week and another week and another week. I'm ready for an "after" pantry again!

Iris said...

You are smart to store emergency supplies. While we lived in California, we were in two major earthquakes! Fortunately, all we suffered was a temporary loss of electricity. We also keep emergency supplies on hand here in the Pacific Northwest, not just for potential earthquakes, but also in case of weather emergencies, like snow or ice storms.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you for your encouraging comments!

Karen, that's great! Aren't the half-camis wonderful? They really are a wardrobe-saver for me.

Alexandra, fantastic! Let us know how you like the rebounder.

Summer, we don't really have any medications except tylenol and children's tylenol so that just goes in a high cupboard in our kitchen...

Gigi, it sounds like your husband is a great cook! That's really neat.

Jennifer B., enjoy the de-cluttering process :)

Iris, thank you! I think everyone should have prepper foods and water. You never know what will happen and it's so simple to have and store. Much better to be prepared and never use it than to be in a situation where you need it and are full of regrets. I know you agree!

Thanks ladies and I'll see you again on Thursday.

Love, Jennifer

Megan McKay said...

Hi Jennifer. Your books have been my favorites since the first Madame Chic was published. A few years ago I asked if you would consider a parenting book but I didn’t realize you homeschooled until recently. I have homeschooled my three boys from kindergarten and now the two oldest are in college and I’ve loved every minute.

happyasyouare said...

Do you have a plan for the release of a parenting book?

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Unknown said...

Love your video! What a beautiful, well-stocked pantry. I have much smaller reach-in closet so, in order to economize on space, stock it according to season. In May I made a list for what I call "the Summer kit". For us it has black turtle beans, jasmine rice, quinoa, salsa, hibiscus ice tea, coconut milk, curry paste, capellini, grilling spices, bbq sauce and instant iced coffee. At the end of August I'll stock the Autumn kit which will have more stocks, beans and supplies for soup making and school lunches. I also re-inventory the spices to be certain that I have what I need for baking. I love to see other peoples pantries! So inspirational ☺

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I loved your video and I'm shouting a huge "YES, please take me along" on your next upcoming home-organizing videos, Jennifer. Much like your enjoyment of seeing what's in other people's shopping carts, I really liked seeing how you organized your pantry. I started using baskets to organize my walk-in closet space and my bathroom cupboards and I like what you've done in your pantry. We have a pocket-door-style pantry in our kitchen, since the space is small and there are only two of us, so the cute seagrass baskets won't work, yet I may be able to use them in our swivel-style pull-out shelves in a corner cupboard where I keep my cereal, preservative-free d'noire prunes, teas, honey, vinegar, protein bars, healthy chips, etc.

For spices and herbs, I have a large drawer for them and I love it as they are all resting flat and face-up and in alphabetical order. So, when I open the drawer, I can see all of them at once. My paper goods are stored in a large deep pull-out drawer (waxed paper, foil, saran wrap, plastic cups, paper napkins, paper plates, etc.)

Re: cleaning supplies (and I am new fan of Grove Collaborative), I store them under the sink in seagrass baskets. My only concern with your current set-up, is that your baby boy may spot them and get to them no matter how natural they are, as I noticed they were on a lower shelf when you were first organizing.

I really like the way you have your salad toppings in one place and, separately, after seeing your Trader Joe's shopping video with your tasty salmon lunch, I now make my green salads with your apple version. I bought Brianna's Champagne Vinaigrette Dressing and added diced Pink Lady apples (my favorite!) and candied walnuts and I love the combination!

Thanks for your preppers storage idea! Living in Southern California, it's something I had almost eight years ago and then we got rid of it. Time to recreate another one just in case. Thank you so much, Jennifer, for giving so much of yourself in these wonderful videos which improve everyone's daily living and inspire so many of us.

jhon said...

, Tijmen and Veronica are here. Our friend Anni is helping. And of course Dad and Mom will also be holding down the fort.
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Amy said...

Hi Jennifer! I loved your pantry organization video. It truly inspired me to tackle mine as well. I noticed you commented on not being able to get to your spices very easily. I wanted to offer a tip I learned a few years ago and it changed my outlook on spices.... and that is to lay them flat in a kitchen drawer (if you have one available). I use two drawers. One for the more savory spices and everyday spices. The second drawer for the sweeter spices I use for baking as well as spices not used as frequently. Hope it works for you! Happy summer.