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Shop with Me bare Minerals + Sephora | Dinner with My Sister | Jennifer L. Scott

In today's vlog, my sister and I go shopping and have dinner together. I've been running low on some basic makeup essentials so we also stop by Sephora and bare Minerals. I hope you join me for today's video.

Here is the makeup I purchased on my shopping trip. I was running very low on foundation, concealer, eyeliner, and mascara.

BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation in Sandstone 16

The lady at bare Minerals suggested that I try the bare pro foundation powder on top of the liquid foundation. I really like this combination together!

bareMinerals Bare pro Performance Wear Powder Foundation, Sandstone

For times when I am only using the powder foundation, she recommended I use this brush to apply it...

bare Minerals Core Coverage Brush

bareMinerals Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20, Medium 2, 0.07 Oz

I will use the Mineral Veil for times when I am only using the liquid foundation....

Bareminerals Mineral Veil

I was nearly out of eyeliner, so I purchased these two shades, which I really like.

bareMinerals Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner, Endless Orchid,

Bareminerals 'Lasting Line - True Romantic' Long Wear Eyeliner - Eternal Bronze

Bareminerals Gen Nude Patent Lip Lacquer - 2Legit

Bareminerals Gen Nude Patent Lip Lacquer - Dahling

Bareminerals Gen Nude Powder Blush - Pink Me Up

At Sephora, I purchased the following:

Benefit Boi ing Airbrush Concealer - # 03 (Medium) 5g/0.17oz

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara - Burgundy

This was not purchased in my video, but if you're curious about the eyeshadow palette I used, it was the one by Kate that I purchased in Japan. I'll link it here for those interested.

I hope you enjoy today's video.

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Comment of the Week
Regarding Monday's pantry organization video, Erin G. writes, "When you played the horror music I laughed. That was a good one! You have a great size pantry. I can relate to wanting to organize during the summer as well. With two kids and a part time job during the school year, life gets hectic and chaotic! When I organized my pantry I purchased OXO containers which gave my pantry a sleek organized look and they're extremely easy for the family to use. I purchased mine on Amazon, Bed Bath Beyond as well as Home Goods. Hey, I'm always searching for a good deal! You should try the cereal containers OXO makes. I will never use anything other than those!"

Hi Erin, I think my horror music gave a few people a good laugh, including myself! I modeled it off of the old British TV show, How Clean is Your House? :) Thank you for the OXO recommendation. I do still need to buy cereal containers.

I hope you all enjoyed today's vlog-style shop-with-me video. I'll see you tomorrow for a new episode of Natural Home with Jennifer.

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Lily said...

You are so blessed to have your sister. My sister died last year after a long battle with cancer and I miss her so much. Take care of each other.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Dear Lily, I'm so sorry to hear of your sister's passing. You have my deep condolences. ~ Jennifer

Gigi said...

I loved this video - particularly the first part with you and your sister laughing! I also imagined you skulking around with your phone trying to surreptitiously take video without the other people catching on to what you were doing; it made me laugh.

Lily, I am so sorry to hear about your sister - my condolences.

Ladylike said...

Dear Jennifer,

You are also very blessed to get along well with your sister! I struggle in my relationship with my sister. I am sorry to hear about Lily's experience.

As for the cosmetics, I am glad I don't share your passion for them; It would just be another area of potential hazard for me. I am minimalist when it comes to make up, and I seem to be getting away with it. At least, I think I am! Ha ha~ I wear the same cosmetics every day.


Patricia Wilson said...

Jennifer, I am a long-time follower/fan of your blog. Yours is always the first I read when checking my e-mail. I would love it if you would do a tutorial on the proper use and reason for the various makeup brushes I've watched you use. Your makeup is always subtly beautiful whether it's your "no makeup look" or "evening glamorous."

Vicki Zimmerman said...

It was so much fun to see you with your sister and I share that same easy laughter with my fraternal twin sister and we enjoy our time together. So happy you two could shop and enjoy each other's company.

Regarding your cosmetics purchases, you looked so pretty with your makeup application and how smart of you to take your list with you. The blush you bought was really nice as was everything else and thank you for explaining the mineral veil vs. the foundation powder, and I'm thinking the latter probably gives fuller coverage. You'll have to experiment with both. I'm curious about the two eye liners you purchased and do you alternate colors on different days? Both colors look like they'll go beautifully with your eyes. I still buy Chanel waterproof eye liner pencil, in Santal, because I tried a few kohl pencils and they seem to smear and smudge over time. It was fun shopping with you, oh yes, and dining, too!

Lily, I send my hugs and condolences to you.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you so much for watching. I love reading all of your comments and input. Lily, we all send you our love and virtual hugs...

Patricia, I can talk about makeup brushes in a future video, thank you for making the request!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

Love, Jennifer

public chatroom said...

I also love to go shopping with my sister :D

joyln said...

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