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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Surface Scrub | Natural Home with Jennifer

Welcome to our new Friday series, Natural Home with Jennifer, where I give you in-depth, honest reviews of natural cleaning products. Today, I'm reviewing Mrs. Meyer's Surface Scrub in Lavender. I tackle a deep stain on my stovetop with dazzling results from this natural scrub.

You can read about why I'm switching to natural cleaning products in Monday's blogpost, Switching to Natural Cleaning Products | New Series.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Surface Scrub works on the grimy surfaces throughout your home. This non-scratching gentle and effective cleaning scrub powder is made with a naturally safe ash and oxygen bleach for use on cleaning cookware, tile, stainless steel, porcelain fixtures, and more. It's chlorine and phosphate free, too.

*Ingredients are at least 98% naturally derived
*Phthalate free
*No animal derived ingredients

To use: wet the surface, sprinkle the powder, and scrub. For the tough stain on my stove, I let the powder sit for several minutes to penetrate the surface.

Please note, you can find the surface scrub on Amazon, but I don't recommend buying it there as the price is way higher than at Grove Collaborative. At the time of writing this, the scrub sells for $9.12 on Amazon, but on Grove Collaborative it is only $4.95. You can see the major price difference. Grove always has the best discounts for these natural products.

I hope you enjoy the review and cleaning session in today's video.

New customers can get a free Mrs. Meyers gift Set, which includes a Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, and Mrs. Meyer''s Multi-Surface Spray + Free shipping with VIP Trial when you sign up with Grove Collaborative and spend $20. Existing members with Grove Collaborative can receive a free walnut scrubber sponge.

Thank you for joining me for today's Natural Home with Jennifer. If you have any natural products you'd like me to review please leave them in the comment section below.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

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Frenchcaligirl said...

Looks great! I signed up for Grove, via your post, on Monday. On Wednesday my first box arrived. I am excited to try some new eco-friendly products which smell heavenly.The product demonstrations that you started today will be helpful. Thank you Jennifer for introducing this to us. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend. 🌎🌿

Easlyn said...

Hi Jennifer, I love that we get to hear from you three times a week now. I look forward to your videos after a long stressful day at work and once the kids are in bed :) I would recommend this book to you called that Art of the Natural Home - by Rebecca Sullivan https://www.amazon.com/Art-Natural-Home-Rebecca-Sullivan/dp/0857834061
It has a lot of recipes for cleaning, beauty products all homemade. Thank you for doing what you do! I think you are simply amazing doing so much with three small children and one more coming. I can barely keep up with my two little ones and a full time job. I don’t know how you do it. I struggle with keeping the home tidy, and getting the energy to exercise on top of work and the little ones!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Like Easlyn, I am also thrilled to know we can enjoy your online conversation and helpful videos three times a week, as your time permits. Along with Frenchcaligirl, I, too, signed up with Grove Collaborative and received my first shipment. May I say I love this recommendation. I already have three items in my cart for next time, although I'm not on auto-ship since I want to see how long my products last and I didn't want to have them stacking up until I knew what I would be using. In the cart is the Mr's Meyer's Lavender Surface Scrub you reviewed, above, and I can't wait to try it. Today, I cleaned my kitchen floor with the almond-scented Method Squirt & Mop and it was wonderful. The scent was clean and subtle. I even have untreated wood floors and after applying a small amount in a sample area, I determined it worked fine on my floors, so away I went. I also took someone's advice to put a discarded white washcloth on the bottom of my Swiffer and it works beautifully. I bought the Bon Ami natural powder cleanser and it does a really nice job, so I'll be happy to try the scented Mrs. Meyer's scrub next. Your stovetop looks fantastic after the cleaning and I notice you also used Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface cleaner in conjunction with it. What a sparkling duo! You're getting me reinvigorated on cleaning AND enjoying it. Thanks, Jennifer!

Gail Tester said...

Thanks Jennifer. I want to try this! I did sign up for Grove through your website and got the lemon verbena Surface Cleaner and just love it! I hope you will do something with glass and windows. Thanks a lot.

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Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for the product review~ I forgot to check your blog on Friday. I'm not used to the new video schedule yet~ The surface scrub sounds great. It reminds me of another natural scrub called Bon Ami which is also available from Grove. I have had success with Bon Ami with sinks, tubs, and even with my non-self-cleaning oven! I wonder whether the two scrubs contain many of the same ingredients. Bon Ami is made from limestone, feldspar, soda ash and baking soda.

Thanks again,