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Mrs. Meyer's Laundry Detergent in Honeysuckle + Laundry Room Tour | Natural Home with Jennifer

I had so much fun connecting with you four times this week on the blog! Today's post is highly requested: I am sharing my review of the Mrs. Meyer's laundry detergent line, namely the detergent, fabric softener, and scent booster. I have the honeysuckle scent and simply adore this laundry system.

I also give you a tour of our laundry room in today's video, and talk about the nostalgic scent of Madame Chic's laundry detergent.

I have two basic white laundry racks that I use in the room to hang-dry clothes...

...as well as one wall-mounted laundry rack.

I use this wall-mounted rack to hold my ironing board and iron.

You can find Mrs. Meyer's laundry detergent in many places. Online you can find a two-pack on Amazon, the fabric softener on Amazon, and the scent booster on Amazon.

As you know, I like to get my natural cleaning products from Grove Collaborative, who tend to have the best prices, wider variety of choices, and really great regular gifts for their VIP customers.

Grove Collaborative is running a new gift promotion for the month of July, where new customers will receive a Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, Mrs. Meyer's hand lotion and an adorable farmhouse-style cleaning caddy when they spend $20. (I have been told that the cleaning caddy goes quickly so this promotion is only valid while supplies last.)

My sister ordered the free gift and didn't realize you could choose your own scent at checkout. So if you take advantage of the offer, be sure to select your favorite scent. For a review of the Mrs. Meyer's scents, please see my blogpost from Tuesday, Favorite Mrs. Meyer's Scents.

This gift promotion starts today and runs until Sunday, so I wanted to give you the opportunity to take advantage of it. Existing Grove customers will always receive a walnut scrubber sponge set for free when you use my special link.

I hope you enjoyed the review and laundry room tour in today's video. I also plan to review the Method laundry detergent in the coming months. Please let me know if you have any requests for other laundry reviews. I'll see you on Monday for a master bedroom tour! Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Too much plastic! I prefer to buy powdered products in boxes.

Evaline said...

Hi jennifer,
I am a great fan of yours. I am commenting on the blog so to be seen by few of your followers. Please give some additional thought to your natural products venture. First of all, please think of your family ... the three little lives and the new one forming in you depend on you and your huband. Why are you exposing them to products poorly rated by the EWG? I have had three cancer sugeries im my life so far and it was not fun for me and my family, although I am grateful to be alive and healthy now.

I hope you can find another company to partner with to help you make money from your blog.

You are also an influencer and it is clear that many of your followers are unaware of the concerns about some of the products you promote. You seem like someone who cares genuinely about others and makes responsible decisions.

All the best with your natural product venture.

Christine Gaines said...

Hi Jennifer,
I too love the Mrs. Meyers product lines and their scents. I currently have geranium, bluebell, and rosemary. I have also tried and loved the lemon verbena and the honeysuckle as well. I actually don’t care as much for the rosemary. Do you also use dryer sheets in your dryer? Thanks for making cleaning such a joy!

Wellyboots said...

Thankyou for showing us your laundry. I feel if a laundry is kep clean, tidy and organised it's much more inspiring to take care of the family's clothing and household laundry. As I live in Australia I can't access all the products you use, but I am also experimenting with more natural cleaning and laundry products. I'm even making some of my own and use your lavender spray(but I use peppermint for the kitchen),all the time. The laundry powder I make is cheap, super effective and leaves our fabrics soft.
Some people might think a laundry segment is boring, but let's face it we spend quite alot of time working in it! So let's make it fun, healthier and inspiring....which you do.🙂🙏🏼

De Anna said...

I love the Iowa Pine scent around Christmas time. I have an artificial tree and it gives a nice scent of Christmas while cleaning. I have read to be careful about essential oils if you have pets as it is toxic to them.

Jo said...

Hi Jennifer,
Being a fellow cancer survivor, I agree with Evaline above. In addition, I don't know if all the evidence is in on essential oils. As De Anna mentioned them being toxic to pets, where is the proof they are not toxic to humans? My son's family has been using them extensively and at first they didn't bother me, but lately, they make me ill. (I must qualify that statement as I suffer from terrible sensitivity to fragrances, chemicals, etc.)
Why is this world mad for fragrance? Most people are quite hygenic, so it's not to cover noxious smells. I want to tear my hair out when I see commercials for scent boosters on TV and I was livid when I saw that you were recommending them. Even if these are "natural", too much can be too much. Some people are made quite ill by others' need for all this scent. Sometimes I can't walk in my own neighborhood due to all the strong scents wafting from the dryer vents.
A note on fabric softener: you may want to use it only every few washes, as it does build up on fabrics and makes them less absorbent.
I love all your books and your blog, but this Grove Collaborative thing is definitely not my cup of tea.
I buy only Free and Clear products, as I can physically tolerate nothing else.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Another wonderful video by you and I’m eager to try the honeysuckle and especially the littlle granulated scent booster. Of all things, our Bosch front-loading washer lost its spinning action and we are going to Best Buy to look at LG front-loading washers and dryers to replace it since Bosch no longer makes the regular size and only makes compact ones. Do you know if Mrs. Meyer’s laundry products can be used for high-efficiency HE machines? I thought your sweet comment about wanting to be remembered by your family when they notice the fresh scents of their laundry for the care you provide to them, as a most touching thought and how it links memories as when you hearken back to your time with Madame Chic. One other question on future reviews would be on bleach and how you keep your white towels bright. Thanks!

KC Williams said...

I was curious about whether the Mrs. Meyers detergent is HE compatible too, so I checked. The HE symbol is on the packaging, so I believe it is HE safe. :)