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Reviewing The Mrs. Meyer's Fall Scents | Natural Home with Jennifer

In today's Natural Home with Jennifer, I'm reviewing the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day fall scented cleaning products. We discuss, pumpkin, apple cider, and mum. I'm posting this video on a Wednesday so you can take advantage of Grove Collaborative's free fall gift set before the best scents sell out.

The pumpkin scent has a very authentic pumpkin aroma. It is spicy and aromatic, not sweet. This scent will not be for everyone. When you watch my video, you'll find out what my daughter thought of it! It does remind me of fall, however. If you like strong pumpkin smell without the sweetness, you might like this scent.

The mum scent (short for chrysanthemum) is a sweet, floral fall scent with a hint of blackberry. It's really delightful. Right now I only have this in the hand soap, but I am looking forward to trying the dish soap and multi-surface spray too. This one is great! A lovely floral for fall.

My absolute favorite is the Mrs. Meyer's apple cider. It perfectly captures a hot, steaming cup of apple cider, spiced with cinnamon. It's a sweet, tart, delightful fall scent. If I were to recommend one scent for fall, this would be it!

I would love to know... have you tried the Mrs. Meyer's fall scents? Which one is your favorite?

I get my natural cleaning products from Grove Collaborative. Grove has a wonderful promotion for September for new customers where they are giving away a free Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, hand soap, and multi-surface spray in whatever fall scent you choose (pumpkin, apple cider, or mum). Plus, you get a Grove replaceable head dish brush. Existing customers get a Grove walnut scrubber sponge.

I hope you enjoyed today's Natural Home with Jennifer. Which Mrs. Meyer's fall scent is your favorite?

I'll see you tomorrow for a fun family vlog involving our totally out-of-control vegetable garden :)

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Karen said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad that you like the apple cider scent. I added it to my September Grove order a couple of weeks ago and am excited to use it. I'm allergic to *most* flower scents and so I have to be very careful when using anything scented! Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. Autumn is such a cosy homemaking season! (Also, I love your blog's new design.)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, ladies! I hope you enjoy the apple cider scent, Karen. Come back and let us know!

Unknown said...

I found the Apple Cider scent hand soap last year at Target and fell in love! I would look for it every time I went from then on just in case they had some leftovers! Now I'm a Grove Collaborative member (thank you for the recommendation), and I'm so excited to see what other products they have in that scent so I can add them to my order this month. I'm going to have to try the other two as well!

Thank you for adding the natural home element to your classy blog and YT channel. I know Madame Chic would approve!

Joselle Palacios said...

I love Mrs. Meyer's products and am looking forward to trying the apple cider scent, which you made sound so enticing!

I was wondering, would you mind sharing the brand and color of nail polish you had on in this video? It's so flattering and lovely. Thank you so much.

Sending you wishes for a wonderful birth (if you haven't already had the baby ;) )

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Joselle, I'm wearing Londontown Jane Austen. I'm actually swatching it next week on the blog. Thank you!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Your reviews are so helpful so thank you for explaining with your fabulous descriptions what they're like. I just renewed my annual Grove Collaborative membership, so I'm off to see what's in my cart and add a few from here.

We're all anticipating your baby #4 news!!!!

Pam said...

Thanks for this review! I fell in love with the Apple Cider scent at Target a couple of weeks ago, but didn't take the plunge as I didn't need anything at the time. I do have a question for you about the all-purpose cleaner, though. How does it do cutting grease? Our new home has a glass surface stove-top and I am forever battling a greasy film on it. I have tried numerous store bought cleaners as well as a vinegar/dawn homemade mix and none of them do a good job. The only thing that seems to cut it is Windex or rubbing alcohol. Neither of those smell nice. I'm wondering if I should try the Mrs. Meyers?

Thanks for your input!

Laurie said...

Have you tried Williams-Sonoma homemaking scents? As a connoisseur of daily life I find them much more elegant than Mrs. Meyers.