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What's In My Hospital Bag? | Baby #4 | Jennifer L. Scott

By request, I'm sharing what's in my hospital bag in today's video.

I shot this video over Labor Day weekend before I delivered the baby. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I gave birth three weeks early to our sweet baby boy! I sure am glad I had my hospital bag packed and ready :)

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It’s a boy! ❤️

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This is my fourth labor and delivery and I have found that you really do not need to bring much to the hospital. A special outfit for the baby, plus a few comfortable onesies (some prefer to bring a tee shirt for the baby, instead of a onesie, to not irritate the umbilical chord/ belly button), socks, pants, and a hat are nice to have. I also bring swaddling cloths as well. You can also bring newborn diapers, although they have always provided them for us in the hospital.

As for mama, I like to bring reading materials, presentable pajamas, and two outfits to wear. Additionally I pack minimal toiletries, socks, undergarments (nursing bra and suitable underwear), and a small bag of makeup. Although, I always add a bit of eccentricity to things, so I'm also bringing an Amish cookbook and a shirt for my husband, who doesn't like to pack bags. :)

For your reference, I am listing and linking (where I can) everything that I am bringing below. I would love to know, if you had hospital births, what you found helpful to bring in your hospital bag. Please let us know in the comment section so other future mothers can benefit from your advice.

(Please note: I wrote this post before delivering the baby, which explains the tenses used :) )

Kindle I have always had a lot of downtime during my hospital stays so I like to come equipped with lots of reading material, which is conveniently stored on my kindle.

Aden + Anais swaddle cloths I have a lot of these and I find them to be essential. The ones I show in the video are years old and I can't find the exact pattern, but I have linked the newest ones they have.

Navy dot dress This is one of the new dresses I featured in my recent ten-item wardrobe prep video.

Hello Miz nursing top was purchased from zulily and fold-over black knit skirt This combination is comfortable, nursing-friendly and presentable.

nursing nightgown 2-pack with built-in bras These nightgowns are fantastic for their built-in nursing bra. I will cover them with the dressing gown (listed below) or oversized sweater robe. *Update* these were fantastic in the hospital. I only stayed one night, so I wore the black one. It was perfect for what I needed.

navy dressing gown (robe) with lace trim This is a great dressing gown. Very simple and presentable with a lace trim.

nursing coverup with wire I've had this nursing coverup since my first child was born and find it necessary for when visitors are around while nursing. They no longer make the exact pattern I have, but I have linked the most similar one.

Schmidt's deodorant 2-pack on Amazon (I purchased my deodorant on Grove) This is a great natural deodorant that I have reviewed on a past Natural Home with Jennifer.

Pellu skincare I love this natural skincare line. I have reviewed it in the past (it used to be called Nudu, they changed their name to Pellu). I plan to bring the cream cleanser and day moisturizer.

Bend Soap coconut goat milk lotion (if you order from them, enter code DC10 at checkout for 10% off). I suffer from dry skin and I love this goat milk lotion and recently reviewed it. The coconut scent is so nice. *Please note: I also packed a travel size goat milk soap from Bend. I forgot to pack it before shooting this video. Bringing soap is essential. The hospital soap is very lacking.

For links to the bare Minerals makeup, visit my bare minerals haul blog

Chanel Les Beiges stick (no. 21) I'm bringing this blush because it doesn't require a brush applicator and is easy to apply.

bare Minerals Gen Nude eyeshadow primer in low key and basic These primer/ eyeshadows are easy to apply without a brush too. This helps with my minimal packing goal.

**Update** I didn't wear much makeup in the hospital this time, just concealer and lip balm, but in past hospital trips I did apply makeup. I attribute that to the condition of my skin. I barely had any melasma this time around so I didn't feel the need to cover it up. For all my past pregnancies, my melasma had been very heavy.

Lansinoh nursing pads (a must!) These nursing pads are an absolute must. I find I use them everyday for at least the first four months after postpartum, to prevent leaks. You might not need these in the hospital as it takes a few days for your milk supply to come in. But it's better to be prepared by bringing a few and having them ready at home.

honey belle lip balm When I forget to pack lip balm, I am miserable as my lips can get really dry. This Eucalyptus lip balm is so nice and natural.

I'm also bringing baby clothes, one outfit for returning home from the hospital, and two onesies with two footed pants. For more on the baby and delivery, stay tuned for my delivery story, which I will do in a future post.

On my nails: Londontown Jane Austen. This color has bumped Essie Mademoiselle aside. I absolutely love this opaque neutral. Londontown always give my readers a discount. Use code JenniferS for 25% off your order.

I hope you enjoy today's video. Plus, Mr. Connoisseur's appearance. :)

I'll be going on maternity leave soon. If you will miss the blog, consider taking one of my eCourses, Create Your Own Ten-Item Wardrobe and Chic Financial Principles for Debt-Free Living. Packed with hours of video instruction, accompanying text, quizzes, and a lively comment section, you have a wonderful community of support with other fellow connoisseurs.

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Thank you again for just being you."

Maggie, thank you so much for writing on my guestbook and for leaving such an encouraging comment. I sometimes focus on the negative comments I receive too much, so I really do appreciate your kind words. Thank you! Come back and let us know how you enjoyed the eCourse!

I would love to know your tips on preparing for birth and packing a hospital bag. Please let us know in the comment section below and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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Leah said...

Congrats on your new baby boy! I'm expecting in December and it's been fun to anticipate our new kiddo while watching you get ready for yours.

I read this today and thought of you - I figured you'd enjoy the behind-the-scenes tour of one of your go-to companies: https://www.designmom.com/every-factory-mindful-one/

Best of luck for the post-partum period, Leah

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

I hope all is going well at home with the new baby. Since you like Amish cookbooks, I thought I would share my favorite one. It's "Cooking from Quilt Country" by Marcia Adams. It's an oldie but goodie from 1989. It includes lovely photos of Amish people in the midst of their various activities as well.

Looking forward to your return to the blog~!


Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer:

Congratulations on your new baby boy! He looks very sweet! I hope everything went really well for you.

I was surprised by some of the things you packed for the hospital but it could be that things are different in the U.S.? I have two children now. When you give birth in a Canadian hospital, you are allowed to stay 2 nights for a first birth but only one night for each one after that unless there are complications. So when my daughter was born as child #2 I had her at 3pm on a Friday and started preparing to go home when I got up on Saturday.

I did not need to bring any additional clothes as I wore home what I wore to the hospital. I did not need any sleepwear because it is just easier to wear the hospital gown. I did bring a robe and slippers. Also, you are discouraged from bringing any scented products to the hospital. You are required to bring all the supplies you need to take care of your baby including diapers, wipes etc. It doesn't really matter how you look in the hospital because you are only there for such a short time. I did not have any visitors for the same reason. My husband went home to sleep because there are no accommodations for spouses or other family members so nothing was required for them! And there was definately no time for reading or anything else besides taking care of yourself, the baby, calling family members and filling out many, many forms!

Jeanette said...

Hi Jennifer
Thank you for another lovely video. Great to see how organised and positive about the new arrival you and your husband both are. You look really well and your baby bump is beautiful.

Your baby boy looks so sweet! Awww, it makes me think maybe I could have another,... but I won't freak my husband out with that idea. We are already blessed with three children, and as he says 'his quiver if full'.

I enjoy your videos every week, I have read your three books and I have bought your two e-courses and got a lot out of them too! I really like your ideas, obviously. My seven year old daughter and I both like your 10 item wardrobe concept and are trying to implement it. I find your guidelines very helpful and practical. The first thing my seven year old said on seeing the photo of you and your new baby was "Wow, she's even presentable there." :-)

Thank you for your positive encouragement in the work you do and wishing you all the best with your beautiful boy.