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Memory Foam Gel Pillow + Solving a Marriage Conundrum | Jennifer L. Scott

Let's talk about a conundrum that plagues many married couples... sleep. OK, not necessarily sleep, per se, but the conditions of the room in which you sleep. Mr. Connoisseur is from England and is used to colder weather. We live in California, so let me just put it this way... he's ALWAYS hot.

I'm from California and I don't find it to be that hot. At night I'm ALWAYS cold. This is a problem, because he likes to blast the air conditioning and fans in order to cool down.

So when the lovely people from Save & Soft emailed me to see if I'd like to review their new memory foam cooling gel pillow, I had one person in mind: Mr. Connoisseur! What was this mysterious cooling gel? I was interested to try it too because I've been having some neck and back issues... mainly sciatica, which took me by surprise last March.

We've had fun trying out these glorious pillows. I really like the memory foam aspect of them. They truly are so comfortable and the foam technology forms to cradle your neck and head in a custom way. They have a cooling gel that is geared toward people who experience hot flashes or can't seem to cool down at night (ahem, Ben).

Because I get cold at night, I prefer the pillows without the cooling gel, but Ben thinks these are the perfect pillows and says they definitely cool him down. (He makes an appearance in my video and will tell you all about it.)

The pillows are hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, phthalate-free, BPA-free, and lead-free. I have both the pillows with the cooling gel as well as without the cooling gel listed here. Save & Soft have given us a 15% off discount on the pillows.

I hope today's review helps many of you.

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Comment of the Week
On Monday's Decorating for Christmas video, Deborah writes, "Jennifer, I am enjoying your blogs. Yours is the only blog I follow except "how Jen does it" which is inspiring and I intend to try some of her ideas and recipes (thank you for that link). But you are relaxing, a gift I enjoy opening each time you post. So "do-able. So many values that I strive for. Your books - I have them all.
Just wanted to say thank you, please don't ever get discouraged. And by the way, your new tree topper is gorgeous. Looks like the one my MIL gave me years ago - is yours real silver glitter like mine? I set mine on a small wreath of pinecones and sparkly berries on my dining table.
Wish we were neighbors.
God bless you"

Dear Deborah, thank you for your kind and encouraging comment. I appreciate it so much. I wish we were neighbors too! We could enjoy a cup of tea together :)

I hope you enjoyed today's video. Do you suffer from sciatica or have neck and back issues? Do you get hot or cold at night? Do you use a memory foam pillow? I would love to hear from you. See you tomorrow for a special episode of The Clueless Gardeners.

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FTC: Thank you to Save & Soft for sending us the pillows and sponsoring today's video. All opinions are genuine and our own. Links are affiliate.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
A good pillow is worth much gold! Glad you've found ones that work for you!
I have been using "Foot Levelers 4 in 1 Design Cervical Pillows - by Pillo-Pedic" for 40 years. (Have no idea why the word "cervical" is in the description now). Before internet was much good, I was desperate for a replacement when mine was falling apart. I tried every kind out there, none worked. I prayed for months! Then honestly, God directed me to a church garage sale, and there was a BRAND-NEW, identical pillow! Plus, the tag gave me info to get more(the company name had changed).
Two chiropractors, when they saw my x-rays, both commented on the beautiful curve of my neck, which apparently is not common. I have a really strong, good back at age 57. So I carry my pillow with me wherever I go. Got a travel size for a trip overseas.
Anyhow, as for hot and cold marriage conundrum... oh yes. I am the one who gets hot - not hot flashes, just hot. He is always cold and turns the heat up, adds extra blankets to his side of the bed, and I still am hot. But now his back and neck bother him and he sleeps in the living room recliner, so the temperature is not an issue anymore. I keep the bedroom cool. But maybe he'd come back to the bed if this memory foam pillow was comfortable enough...hmmm... then it would be back to the temperature issue... oh dear, what to do...?! LOL

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for all your videos during this holiday season. I am not always able to comment because it's a busy time, but I am always watching, and I always appreciate your recipes and other videos. Your husband is so funny, and your children are adorable. Your daughters remind me of my sister and myself when we were little. We always wore blue and red as well. Happy holidays to you all!

Warm best,

Deborah said...

PS the above "anonymous" was me - I clicked the wrong box.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Deborah, your comment made me smile! These marriage conundrums are tricky! That is very cool that you found the pillow at the garage sale!

Alexandra, thank you! Thank you so much for always being such a wonderful presence on the blog. I hope you're having a lovely holiday season with your family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

From your sciatica description, I would strongly recommend trying a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic girdle issues for pregnant and postpartum women. (someone like this http://www.tanyagoodrich.com/ but in your location). believe that during pregnancy and after, the pelvic girdle shape changes which can cause the sciatic nerve pain because the various muscles and ligaments and bones are not exactly in the same places they were before. I had pain that started during pregnancy and continued afterwards, and I was able to get relief with specific exercises that strengthened the right muscles. I hope you're able to find relief! All the best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,
How I resonated with this video! My husband is (almost) always hot, and I am cold - just like you and your husband. When we lived in Minnesota, he had to have the bedroom window open a crack, even in the below zero weather, for some "fresh air." Many years ago we decided to purchase an electric blanket with dual controls. Problem solved - his side could be almost "off," while mine could be turned up to a nice, toasty temperature. One particularly cold night, I just couldn't get warm. I kept turning the dial up, to no avail. The next morning I mentioned how cold I had been to my husband. He replied, "Funny thing! I was so hot last night, I could hardly stand it." Of course, you can figure out what had happened: The controls had gotten interchanged, probably when I changed the sheets. So when I turned the dial on my side up, he was roasting. Meanwhile, I stayed cold. We now live in Florida. He's still hot, and, believe it or not, I'm still cold. No electric blankets now, though. I just add a woolen afghan to my side of the bed.
(P.S. I love your work - your books, your videos, all of it - and have a original copy of your first, self-published book, "Lessons from Madame Chic," along with all the newer books! I have given them as gifts to my daughter and daughter-in-law, among other young women.)
(P.P.S. I do not prefer to post anonymously but can't figure out the other ways to post! My name is Janet.)

Vicki Zimmerman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vicki Zimmerman said...

Like you, I've done a lot of research on pillows and I generally do anyway when I'm looking to purchase something. I was desperate to find a proper pillow that would alleviate my neck pain from having worked on the computer doing hours of writing and I found the all natural latex Oxygen 2 Pillow, which changed everything. They're made from eco-certified latex foam and cotton. I sleep so well and I have no more neck pain. I bought it at the former Ergo Store and read about it online at www.o2pillow.com. I think memory foam tends to "run warm" for some people and get hot and perhaps that's why your pillows have a cooling gel. I prefer to have a "regular-shaped" pillow and my O2 fits the bill. I even bought a small version of my pillow for travel and I don't go home without it. This pillow looks and feels like a normal pillow and really helped to improve my neck problems and give me a better quality of sleep. I understand what periods of chronic pain can be like for you (sciatica) and your husband (shoulder) and being pain-free and getting a good night's sleep as much as you can is so important. Do take a look, Jennifer, if you want to do any more pillow comparisons. These come in a range of heights and firmnesses (0-3 and Soft, Medium and Firm). For example, I started with SOFT 0 and my second one is a Medium 1. As for the hot-cold conundrum, I am always cold and have an extra blanket on my side of the bed, while my husband sticks one leg out to keep cool. If the sound of the air-conditioner troubles you, perhaps you can use earplugs. Or, if it's simply the cold, maybe he can divert it in some way so that it doesn't blow on you. I do hope this new pillow is helping him, too! You asked about other topics to review and I recently heard about this interesting blanket for people who can't sleep and while I can generally sleep, I'm just curious about it, since some reviewers said they've had the "best sleep ever" with this blanket. I've never tried it and will look into it more. It's called the Magic Weighted Blanket. Here's the link, if you're interested: https://magicweightedblanket.com I always enjoy all your videos and hope my pillow experience helps you, too. (Previous comment deleted due to typos.)