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5 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit or Romper with Spaghetti Straps | Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe

I do realize we are nearing the end of the summer season and many of us are already thinking about fall... but it is so hot here (can you relate??) that my summer ten-item capsule wardrobe is still going strong. In fact, it has been so hot here that many of my core items that have long sleeves are unwearable.

My cousin recently visited me and she was wearing the best-looking jumpsuits. I fell in love because they not only look presentable, but seemed so comfortable too.

In today's video I'm sharing style tips on how you can style a summertime jumpsuit or romper, particularly one with spaghetti straps as many of them have.

My jumpsuit is from Morning Lavender. Please note the jumpsuit I have is currently sold out. I am linking some other great options here:

I love this jumpsuit in black or taupe. It is gorgeous.

To check out all of the jumpsuits on Morning Lavender, click here.

Here is a link to all of the jumpsuits at Lulu's.

Here is a lovely jumpsuit on Amazon that has more coverage on top and comes in different colors. And a link to a casual, budget option on Amazon. These would be good for fall!

Here I'm wearing the jumpsuit with a floppy sunhat (linking similar) and Kork Ease sandal. If you plan to show your shoulders, it is advisable to wear a strapless bra or you could use breast petals.

Here I'm styling it with a cropped twist tee. This twist collar crop top would also be a great option. I'm wearing my Sam Edelman Gigi sandals here too.

Pairing the jumpsuit with a cropped sweater is a good option as you move into colder weather. I am linking a similar one here.

Paired with my button-down denim tie top (linking similar here and here), this has a lovely pulled-together look.

A cardigan pairs beautifully with a flowy jumpsuit like this. (Linking a similar one in cashmere).

A pashmina scarf covers the jumpsuit in a classy way.

A bonus look: a simple white tee underneath the jumpsuit looks casual and covers the shoulders nicely.

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Christina said...

Hi Jennifer! I love how you styled the jump suit. It looks very pretty on you. I love styling slip dresses and tank dresses in the same ways you showed. Have you ever heard of Half Tee? They sell cropped tops that make the way you styled it with the tee under the jumpe suit very easy without the extra bulk and tucking in a regular tee shirt. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Oh this jumpsuit may as well have been made for you, Jennifer! The spaghetti strap exposed neckline is so delicate and feminine and fresh on you. Really lovely.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with a jumpsuit is that is it totally impractical to use the bathroom. Wearing a shirt over it only makes things much worse. You have to totally undress every time you use the washroom!

Mimi Gregor said...

I have to agree with Anonymous (the second one). I used to wear jumpsuits occasionally when I was much younger. I remember having to get practically undressed each time I used the bathroom. This really held things up in the line for the ladies room at events, because jumpsuits were a fad back then, too, and so many women were wearing them.

DD said...

Jumpsuits and bib overalls were in style when I was in my teens and 20's, too, and I have to echo what Anonymous and Mimi said above. I vividly remember women coming out of the restroom with wet jumpsuit or overall straps because they untied or unhooked them to lower the garment to use the bathroom and the straps dipped into the toilet behind them. Yikes! Talk about a wardrobe malfunction! Cute but inconvenient.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, Christina, thank you for the half-tee recommendation. That solves a great wardrobe issue.

I hear you all re: the bathroom issue. I was laughing about how many bathroom comments we got on YouTube! I certainly wouldn't wear this to a place with a yucky public restroom but for being close to home and around the house, I have no problem with it. Thanks for joining me for this one!


Melanie said...

The jumpsuit is cute. I do not think it could be described as elegant or chic. Do wide leg cropped trousers compliment anyone's figure? It seems a fad piece to me but i am a very old person.
I very much enjoy seeing someone in the younger generation encouraging elegance. Thank you. Melanie