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Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe Outfits of the Week | Layering Pieces

I'm back with another outfits of the week video from my ten-item capsule wardrobe.

Let's get right into the outfits:

Saturday: I'm wearing the red floral blouse (linking similar here), denim skirt (linking similar) and blue bow sandals (linking similar). My phone case is Casetify.

Sunday: I'm using a twisted crop top over my polka dot dress. I have been experimenting with layering lately and will have a video coming on this soon.

Monday: On this very hot day I'm wearing the Lands' End seafoam dress with my nude patent sandals. In my hair is the velvet bow scrunchie.

Tuesday: Nautical Chic day! Navy stripe tee shirt (similar), cropped jeans by Mott & Bow, red ballet flats (linking similar), velvet scrunchie.

Wednesday: I'm experimenting with the layered look with this wrap cropped tee over the brushstroke dress. My earrings are Ana Luisa (use code Jennifer10 for $10 off)

Thursday: I'm wearing the button-down chambray shirt dress (linking similar), floral apron (a gift from my mother-in-law), and leopard sandals.

Friday: Today I'm wearing the button-down chambray tie blouse (linking similar) on top of the olive dress... one of my favorite looks from the summer!

UPDATE: Many of you are asking about my tablecloth. I am linking a similar one here as mine is several years old.

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Comment of the Week
This was a letter I received on my Author website from Rachel, who agreed to allow me to share her story here. Rachel writes, "I wanted to thank you for your message of manners and poise. As the wife of a local politician, I daily see adults whose negative words and behaviors reflect poorly on them, and contribute to the strife we all see between people. Your books and blog are a welcome lesson in conducting myself with calm dignity, no matter what others are saying about my husband or our family. Just this evening I brought our children to a debate to watch their father speak. I prepared the children ahead of time with a poise message I learned from reading your material, and we all five conducted ourselves well during some nasty untrue speeches. My husband did very well during the debate, and he even managed to do so without insulting his opposition or calling them passive aggressive names! No matter how others behave, my family and I know that we can conduct ourselves in a way that makes us proud. Thank you for putting your message out, and have a wonderful evening!"

Dear Rachel, I really loved reading your story and think it holds such an important message. Thank you for sharing how you are raising your children to be polite in the face of a rude society.

I hope you enjoyed today's outfit of the week video. How has your summer wardrobe performing? Let us know and your comment could be comment of the week on the blog.

Before we go I would like to offer my condolences to all of the families affected by the terrible mass shootings this past weekend. I am praying we can heal as a nation together.

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Donna said...

I love your videos! Thank you.

Elizabeth Z said...

I absolutely love these crop tops from Amazon!! I have a few spaghetti strap gap dresses, and I always struggle with finding the right pieces to pair with them. Long tops make the dress appear boxy. T-shirts underneath the dress are not always the look I am going for, as it makes them appear more casual. Sometimes it is too hot for cardigans or shrug sweaters. These cropped t’s, with their pretty neckline and ability to flatteringly highlight the waistline are just perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Also, regarding the perfectionism video, I can’t help but fink of a parody video I saw years ago that really made me laugh. It’s called “Company is Coming,” and I’ll share the link below. I really can sympathize with what you shared here. I get into a cleaning frenzy when people come. In fact, I have found myself putting a temporary hold on having house guests during times in my life that I know will already be stressful to begin with. For example, I’m in graduate school, and so if I know I will have a particularly stressful semester or exam period, I have told my husband that family can’t stay with us during that time. I just know I won’t have the time to make the house perfect, to meal plan for the picky eaters that would be visiting, etc. I really appreciate you sharing your perspective on this cleaning behavior, and I definitely relate to it. And I agree, it’s likely primarily women that experience this stress!

As always, thank you for your videos, Jennifer. I enjoy them very much! ��

Link to cleaning parody: https://youtu.be/GBwELzvnrQg

JennyP said...

Good morning I am really interested in ways to cover my upper arms yet still be cool and comfortable,as I am a more mature age that I feel that all that bare skin is not always appropriate in public.Thankyou for the video as we are coming into our warmer weather soon(I hope) in the Southern Hemisphere.

Deb said...

Thanks for sharing your great videos. I love your instagram photo of the bouquet of mint...I’m going out to my garden right now to cut some for my kitchen window!

Fiona Chain said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for the inspiration, I have a funeral to go to today and I wanted something nice to wear, I’ve put on a bit of weight recently and everything is a bit snug. So today I am wearing a lovely black and white fitted dress and layering a lovely loose feminine black blouse over the top, I will then tie a loose scarf around my neck to hide the top the dress. Thanks again, I truly value your suggestions. Have a lovely day, Fi

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello ladies, thank you for commenting. I appreciate you reading and watching! Elizabeth, I am familiar with the Company is coming video. It is very funny! Have a lovely day, ladies!

With appreciation,