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Flipping Through Vintage Victoria Magazine | August 1994

I recently uncovered a treasure trove: a box of "vintage" Victoria Magazines from the mid-90s. Those of you who subscribe to Victoria will know what I'm talking about. Those issues were just pure gold for people with our Connoisseur sensibilities.

I loved flipping through Victoria Magazine as a teenager and looking at the stunning images, reading the poetry, and learning about new people and places that have all since become dear to my heart.

Uncovering these old issues brought back so many memories! I thought it would be fun to flip through an August issue from 1994, which was 25 years ago (can you believe that?). Join me for today's relaxing video as I flip through a vintage issue of Victoria. I'm seeing this one with you for the first time in 25 years.

I apologize because at some points in the video there is a glare on the page. I have learned a few things about filming the pages of a glossy magazine at night! Despite the filming issues, I thank you for joining me today and hope you enjoy the video.

Mentioned in the video: Victorian nightgowns. I love to wear these long, white Victorian nightgowns. They are my favorite gowns to wear at night.

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Comment of the Week
Unknown writes, "This blog, especially your videos on homemakers biggest enemies, have revolutionized my life. Literally I have found myself a completely different person as I go about my housework each day. I no longer look for “the end result”, but I enjoy the process. I no longer dread the work and this has helped me not to procrastinate. As a result, my house is cleaner, but I am less tired. Seems strange but it’s true. Amazing! I just started reading your book, at home with madame chic. So so great. I am recommending it to everyone I know! A big thanks to you. Please keep the videos coming."

Dear Unknown,
I was thrilled to read your comment and am so glad that my books and videos have impacted you in such a positive way. Wonderful!

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed this flip-through and I would love to hear your thoughts on this vintage Victoria Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Jennifer, thank you for sharing this magazine! I love things like this. Have you heard of Alexandra Stoddard? She is an interior designer with several books. Most of her work was published in the 80's and 90's but I still love that aesthetic- the florals, and ribbons, very feminine. Her books also contain a great deal of wisdom on spending our time wisely, and focusing on what brings us grace and joy. You would love her work!

Christine Gaines said...

Hi Jennifer,
I absolutely loved flipping through Victoria magazine with you. It is very interesting to see the change in times from 25 years ago. Women did dress more classy and I feel that life moved at a much slower pace. There is so much beauty in that magazine. I feel like we just had tea together at a tea house while reminiscing over another time. I was about 13 when that magazine came out. I would really enjoy if you did this once a month...so fun! The recipes sounded delicious too. Have a wonderful weekend!
Christine 😁

Bronwyn said...

Thank you for sharing! I'd love to see this as a regular feature. Victoria magazines enchanted my teenage mind as well. I no longer have those issues from the 90s, but I have the DVD-ROM collection from 1987-2012.

Deborah said...

Hi Jennifer,
Seeing the magazine through your eyes was sweet! I actually purchased a handful of old Victoria magazines on eBay not too many months ago, but because the Victorian style is a bit visually cluttery to me, I didn't enjoy them enough to keep them, and passed them to my "second mother" (a fine lady in her 80's who LOVES Victorian things and could easily fit into that era, with her natural grace and sense of old-fashioned styles and values.) Anyhow, I almost didn't plan to spend much time in this video, but then today I wanted a little relaxing diversion, and thought I'd give it a chance... and you surprised me with how much I enjoyed this time "with you". I love all your personal comments.

Ruth said...

Very enjoyable to see this issue of Victoria magazine through your eyes. :) I actually have quite a few vintage issues of Victoria, including this one - so I pulled my copy out and followed along with you. Just lovely!