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Gender Neutral Dress Codes, Dressing Well for Travel & The Surprising Fall Trend | 3 Articles on Dress

Hello friends,

I am back with another 3 Articles on Dress video. Today we are going to explore gender neutral dress codes, dressing well for air travel, and the surprising latest fall trend.

The first article discusses the recent Gender Neutral Dress Code implemented at a Virginia Public School.

The second article, which I have discussed before on the channel, shares an argument for why we should dress well for air travel via Slate.

The final article discusses the surprising fall trend: bourgeoisie "boring" dressing.

Be sure to watch today's video to hear the details on each article and my thoughts. I would love to know yours too!

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‎Comment of the Week
On Facebook, Sandie B. writes, "Hi Jennifer, Just to let you know, following on from your video regarding compliments...
I have received three different complements on three different dresses that I’ve worn in the last week, as well as my teenage daughter telling me one of my outfits was cute!
Dressing nicely boosts confidence, and each outfit was secondhand so didn’t cost a fortune!!"

Sandie, this is so wonderful! I'm thrilled you are feeling great in your flattering dresses. Thanks for letting us know!

I hope you enjoyed today's video. I would love to hear your thoughts on all of the articles discussed. Your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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Anonymous said...

I too do not like the sloppy dressing trend, not just for travelers but everywhere. It's interesting that if you look at the comments on the second article, they mostly are negative. They sounded so defensive at the mere suggestion of stepping it up a bit. I'm afraid those of us who want to look presentable always are in the minority and I'm losing hope that it will ever improve.

Anonymous said...

A quote from Marvin Hagler (former champion professional boxer) on moving to Italy:
"I've just fallen in love with the whole country, the whole culture,"
he says. "You know something? The other day I was riding my bike
and I saw an 80-year-old woman helping her husband put on a
cashmere coat. He's not going anywhere, but he wants to look nice
and elegant. That's Italy right there."

Deborah said...

Before going further on this post, I wanted to ask an unusual question about the sheets: do they "rustle" as you move around at night? So often sheets are so crisp that they are actually noisy in the dead of night, and will wake me up! (I move around a lot at night.) For many years I only used flannel sheets because they are quiet. A month ago I did pull out a set of cooler sheets that are... maybe percale? They don't wake me up. But I'd love to know if your sheets are quiet?

Kristyn Hall said...

I think the gender neutral dress code is becoming common, because of complaints coming from boys and their parents. I was in high school in the early 90s and I remember a bunch of boys wearing short skirts to school one day in protest (because the cheerleaders could wear short skirts, but the boys couldn't wear shorts). My Christian college required boys to wear collared shirts and khakis to class and chapel, and girls had to have skirts and shirts with sleeves. The boys were annoyed by girls who wore t-shirts with knee length denim skirts because how was it really any different than a boy in denim shorts and a t-shirt? Now all these years later I have four boys so I really do sympathize, though I don't want to see any of my sons in cheerleading skirts! An across-the-board dress code seems to be a good idea. (I agree that the graphic was funny!)

JennyP said...

Here in Australia most schools have uniforms.Best thing ever!encourages a school spirit and stops students focusing on their clothes instead of the school day. Most schools have a secondhand uniform shop that helps with expenses and it evens out the socioeconomic background of all students

Mimi Gregor said...

If this is the trend for Fall, then I am waaaay ahead of the curve! The clothing that you showed (particularly that first picture) are things that I actually would wear! It's the sort of style I do wear. Many years ago, I not only stopped subscribing to fashion magazines, but stopped looking at them entirely -- even for free at the library. The clothes were just so unrealistic for a woman's quotidian life. Plus the demographic that they are catering to is obviously quite young, and I am... not. (Do they honestly think that young women just starting their careers, with plenty of college debt to pay off have the money to buy clothing that realistically cannot be worn anywhere?) Maybe self-proclaimed "fashionistas" find these clothes boring, but they are a breath of fresh air to me! Very feminine, but without looking frou-frou.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello ladies, thank you for your comments!

Anon, yes, I sometimes receive backlash like that as well from people who just find my channel on YouTube. I find the defensiveness very telling...

Anon, I loved that quote! Thank you for sharing!

Deborah, I do not find that the sheets rustle. I have the duvet cover and pillows and they are truly amazing. The only downside I would say is that you do have to iron the pillowcases as they get quite wrinkled since it's that pure organic cotton.

Kristyn, I agree... although I also agree with the other who say uniforms are just easier. If I didn't homeschool, I think we'd like the kids to have uniforms at their school.

Jenny, I received a few comments from Australians on my YouTube channel who said the same thing. It's true... I believe they are better overall as long as the cost is kept low.

Mimi, Yes! I totally agree! I would love a nice brown plaid midi skirt for the upcoming season. I'm hopeful!

Shannon Bardwell said...

Just catching up on several videos. I love this one on dressing and looking ahead to fall. I'm a "planner." The "boring" clothes look so classy. I've noticed a couple of dress brands that you wear can be ordered in the "long" version which would be a midi for me. I'm leaning toward midi's for fall-a bit easier than a maxi and totally modest. Thanks Jennifer.