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All About Cashmere | How to Care For It + Style Tips

Let's talk about cashmere today: how to wear it, how to pair it, and how to take care of it.

Cashmere is fine, soft wool, originally from the Kashmir goat. It is one of the most highly-sought sweater types and thankfully is now more readily available and affordable. Five great affordable, high-quality places to get cashmere today are Mott & Bow, Everlane, Lilysilk, Boden, and Leimere. Please note: with nearly everything I feature on the blog, I reach out to the companies to see if they can provide a discount code for you, which is why you see so many below. Yay for discount codes!

Cashmere pairs beautifully with silk. I love the contrasting textures of the cool silk and the warm, soft cashmere. There are two ways I like to wear silk and cashmere.

The first way is with a silk scarf. This scarf is by Mont Kiji, which is a wonderful artisanal silk scarf designed in Paris by a Daily Connoisseur reader, Junhee (code connoisseur for 20% off). My cashmere sweater here is by Everlane. Those funny light spots in the photo are from reflecting light...

The second way is by pairing it with a silk camisole. This is particularly helpful if you have a low v-neck. The peek of lace is very pretty and covers the right places. This silk camisole is by Lilysilk code Daily12 for 12% off. The cream v-neck is by Mott & Bow, code JLS10 for 10% off.

Cashmere sweaters can dress up a pair of jeans. Cashmere cardigans can be worn with everything from casual tee shirts to dresses.

Leimere is an excellent resource for cashmere lounge wear. I am featuring one of their pieces in my upcoming holiday gift guide. This Leimere set is so soft and comfortable and would make really presentable lounge wear or pajamas to wear in front of family during the upcoming holiday season.

Cashmere pairs beautifully with both diamonds and pearls (real or faux).

There is something classic about a cashmere sweater and so pairing it with traditionally classic jewelry pieces is always a safe, but sure bet. Whether your jewelry is real or faux, doesn't matter. It's just about finding the right pieces that stand out in a subtle way.

My SKYE Odette 18K gold pearl earrings (code Jennifer20 for 20% off) and Ana Luisa NY pearl necklace code Jennifer10 for $10 off pair nicely here with this chic black Lilysilk cashmere v-neck, code Daily12 for 12% off.

Let's talk about how to care for cashmere.

I have always used The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo when hand-washing my cashmere. It's simply the best!

Start by submerging your sweater in a cool tub of water with one or two capfuls of the cashmere shampoo. Agitate the sweater and let soak for up to 30 minutes.

After your sweater is finished soaking, run it under cold water and then press the water out (never wring your sweater).

Lay your cashmere sweater flat on a towel after you have pressed out most of the water. Then roll the sweater up in the towel as you would a sleeping bag. This gently presses the water out further. Finally hang your sweater flat on a drying rack or on another dry towel.

If you have pills or lint on your sweater, this sweater pill remover is the most amazing tool! I found it on Amazon and it's only around $10. My nail polish is Vendetta by Londontown JenniferS for 25% off first-time order

I hope you enjoy today's video.


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At your convenience, could you share a bit about how to care for suede shoes?
Also, I'm hoping to find fleece-lined skinny knit pants - the trick being skinny pants ALMOST like leggings, but not quite so fitting like a glove. I'd prefer a bit of looseness around thigh and shin. Have you found anything like this?

Sue Elliott

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