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The Secret to a Homemaker's Success

Hello my Daily Connoisseurs, in today’s video I’m going to share the secret to a Homemaker’s Success. Can you guess what it is?

Welcome back to The Daily Connoisseur. My name is Jennifer and I am a wife, mother of four, a writer, and yes, a homemaker. I enjoy exploring the world of homemaking on this channel because the life of a homemaker is complex and oftentimes hidden.

Today I’m going to share the secret to a Homemaker’s success.

Delighting in the mundane tasks of your day.

Yes, delighting in the mundane. What does mundane mean? There are two definitions:

1. lacking interest or excitement; dull.

2. of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.

Basically, it’s the everyday tasks that we associate with drudgery. We would rather be doing more glamorous or exciting things than our mundane tasks: washing the dishes, folding laundry, wiping countertops, ironing clothes, making beds. It can all be so mundane.

“The world is so full of a great many things” as Robert Louis Stevenson said. Everyone else seems to be leading such an exciting life. Why am I stuck here doing these mundane tasks over and over again?

Well, the things you do most in life, are the most important. Did you ever think about it like that? Think about how many hours of our lives we devote to these tasks. They take up a significant portion of our life. We might as well change our attitude about them.

The secret to successful homemaking is delighting in the mundane. Focus on the task you’re doing and simply delight in it. Change your mind about it. Change your perspective. Imagine your delight if you were on your way to lunch with a good friend, you would be looking forward to it. You would dress nicely and have a cheerful attitude. You wouldn’t be dreading it at all.

And while at the lunch, you would enjoy every moment. We should capture some of that energy when we face our daily tasks. Now, of course, we are not going to be doing jumping jacks of joy when we clean the kitchen for the third time each day, but over time, if we can accept the present circumstances and enjoy that mundane task, we can truly start to change our lives.

I hope today's video gave you food for thought. How can you delight in the mundane aspects of the day? A wonderful resource to help you with this is my second book, At Home with Madame Chic.

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Thank you for joining me today and have a wonderful weekend.

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Brittany said...

I love this post and reminder. Thank you Jennifer! I am a homemaker with five kids. They are all very small. The oldest is five, twins turning four in a few weeks, a two year old and a three month old. There isn’t much time for anything besides cooking, cleaning, laundry and caring for the kids. And rarely do the fates combine and all those things are completed in a day. But it can be satisfying and rewarding to try. You are right it’s about attitude and perspective. I love your site and videos. It’s reassuring to know there are like minded people out there. And as a treat I ordered myself new pyjamas. I’m looking forward to your Nov Chic Assignment!

Jane said...

I loved this. How I wish more young women could see the value in their vocation as wife and mother. What a stronger better world we would be, if women didn’t buy into the myth that this work is unimportant. Thank you for showing the love and joy in caring for your beautiful family ❤️

Erica said...

Wow, what an inspiring message to change our perspective. This was such a beautiful video and your children are precious. Baby Boy is so adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

This is such a simple and powerful message to appreciate and take pleasure in the mundane throughout the day, whether it's our tasks at home or our errands outside the home. Your baby boy put the exclamation point on this thought, as you readied the house for your family and his loving embrace showed how he's learning to express the love he receives from you and give it back. The entire video was thoughtful and caring and the ending was amazing and full of joy.