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The Biggest Style Critique I Get from My Viewers

I've been sharing my ten-item wardrobe on YouTube for over 8 years now. For the most part, I receive kind comments, even if my style differs from that of the viewer. My intention with sharing my outfits on YouTube is to showcase how a ten-item capsule wardrobe works in real life and also to inspire people to look presentable always.

Every now and then I get a specific critique on the way that I dress. It's pretty much the only critique I get, which sparks my interest. What is behind this critique? And will it change the way I dress going forward? Watch today's video to find out.

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Iva Tiço is the lovely translator for my Albanian books. She shared Lessons from Madame Chic on her Instagram this week. Thank you, Iva!
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Ndërkohë që përktheja “Madame Shik”, herë në mënyrë të natyrshme e herë duke ia imponuar vetes, nisa të vija edhe unë në jetë disa nga këshillat e madamës Shik. Për shembull, në libër është një kapitull shumë interesant për rrëmujën... Kur nisa të përktheja librin, isha si Xheniferi, studentja amerikane, por që pak nga pak po shndërrohem në një madamë Shik. Që kur përktheva atë kapitull, nuk kam ngrënë më në tabaka përpara televizorit. Kam nxjerrë pjatat që ruaja për festa dhe çdo ditë e kam një festë të vogël, me lule të freskëta në tryezë. Përveç këtyre, kam zhdukur nga sirtarët çdo komplet pizhamesh e rrobë shtëpie jo të denjë, bashkë me shumë rrangullina, sende që kisha vite që nuk i përdorja; gjëra që merrnin pluhur, bënin rrëmujë dhe nuk më linin t’i gëzohesha një shtëpie të pastër, ku gjithçka duhet të jetë në vendin e vet. Kam mësuar të bëj tualetin ujë e sapun dhe çdo herë që gjendem përpara dollapit duke menduar “ç’të vesh sot?”, dora më kap gjithmonë një fustan të mirë, nga ata që kisha vite që i mbaja në varëse dhe i ruaja për ndonjë rast. Madama Shik më mësoi se nuk kam pse pres, rast i mirë është çdo ditë Foto 📸 @henrikoci.com_ #keshillangamadamechic #madamechic #botimetliving #jetobukurjetomeliving #dailyconnoisseur #jenniferlscott

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Comment of the Week
Nancy F. gives us an update on The Chic Assignment in her household: "I have never heard of Caspar David Frederich. However his works are so touching and hauntingly beautiful. I personally fell in love with the one called the morning. Also I have not been able to stop staring at the one called the Abbey in the Oakwood. Now the Bach piece that you featured is one that I have listen to many times over and have decided to re-fall in love with it. One thing that I will definitely be making homemade from scratch is my homemade hot cocoa peppermint meringue cookies that my fiancé and future mother-in-law love. I have definitely changed up my seasonal skin care. The main thing I have changed is I have went to a thicker facial moisturizer that is by ponds. I’m using more luxurious thick creams to combat my dry skin"

Thank you for sharing your findings, Nancy! I look forward to the check-in so we can discuss the assignments more.

Thank you for joining me today. Are you ever criticized for the way you dress? What are the chief complaints you deal with and how do you handle them? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on The Daily Connoisseur.

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Margaret Anne said...

You are the opposite of frumpy! Always chic! I think it is interesting that your critics continue to watch. Something about you is putting them on the defensive. Maybe it is the Holy Spirit working through you.

I think it would be an interesting exercise to post some photos of 39-year-old women throughout the decades of our recent history, say from the 1950's on. Your viewers could then see the evolution of what has happened style-wise. Jacqueline Kennedy was 34 when she became First Lady, for example. I came of age in the 80's and remember how my mom and the other moms dressed. I thought they were all so pretty. Even my (public) school teachers dressed beautifully. And they did not have Mrs. Kennedy's budget, I assure you.

Someone recently said a dress I liked was "matronly." Perfect! I am a matron. I bought the dress, and it is my favorite. And guess what? My husband loves it.

Juliet said...

Hi Jennifer - I am a longtime reader of your blog and have always admired your style. I agree you should wear what you feel comfortable in, and you should never worry about what is trendy in popular culture. I think to use the word "frumpy" in a critique is a bit rude, and I don't think you ever look "frumpy" anyway, since your beauty and the elegance of your presence and your demeanor always outshine anything you are wearing.
That said, and since you bring it up, I think such comments might have less to do with how much skin you are showing, and more to do with how you put certain things together. I think that up until about 2017, you always looked chic, but you never showed lots of skin or looked "provocative" in the least. I think it might have to do with proportion. Around that time, I noticed the proportions started to change, and how you put things together was different. For example, you started choosing larger floral prints instead of small prints and solids. Or in a pairing of a longer dress and a long cardigan (as opposed to a shorter or cropped cardigan), the outfit as a whole might just be less flattering on you, because the proportions are not balanced. If you want to wear a long dress and long cardigan, or a large floral pattern, I say go for it, and you always look cute. We all go through phases when our style evolves and we experiment with new things. You are putting yourself out there, and it is always easy for those of us sitting in our living rooms watching your videos to critique every little thing. I still always think you look adorable, regardless, and you should definitely wear what pleases you first and foremost.

Charlene said...

Hi Jennifer,
Your video today reminded me of something I came across just yesterday. In an AARP publication from August 2017, Ali McGraw was talking about how she has found inner peace and why she lives in a small community in New Mexico. She said, “I love it because there are grownup women — women who don’t strut around in the latest fashion and aren’t afraid to let their hair go gray.” In my opinion, she still looks beautiful at 80 with her wrinkles and grey hair.
I think it takes maturity and experience to recognize when the latest fashion just isn’t your style and courage to dress in a way that makes you feel best. I’m glad you don’t let those critiques bother you. Thank you for always keeping it classy!

Gigi said...

Frumpy?! You are so far from frumpy; which makes me wonder if these people actually know what the word means.

Stacy said...

I'm SHOCKED that's a complaint! Before you divulged what that was, I was SURE you were going to say the opposite: that you dress classier or more fancy than a normal stay-at-home mama would. I think you're lovely and you dress beautifully.

Brittany said...

Yes I was not expecting that to be the big reveal! I can’t believe anyone would say that. I love your clothes and style. They suit you so well and are so lovely and inspiring. I’m so glad you aren’t bothered by these people!

Cupcakesandchiaseeds said...

I would second the proportions comment. I don’t think the frumpy comment has anything to do with showing skin or not. I’m a huge believer in You do you! I certainly do! And yes, some days I’m in ‘yoga pants’ -but that works for me. Longtime reader who loves her lululemon, bc as an athlete who loves to work out, it rocks!

Grace Telfer said...

You are so classy, smart and beautiful. You handled the topic great.
I'm 60 and I am "frumpy." You my dear are NOT frumpy.
Thank you for all your videos.

Unknown said...

Jennifer, I just love your views and integrity and honesty. I feel badly that you are taking the comments about your dress so seriously. There are so many opinions about clothes. That is why there are so many styles. You always look lovely,but realize it is possible to dress a little too old for your age. One need not dress in a revealing way to look young. I really think the comments may be trying to say that you are young and pretty and some of your clothes aren't doing you justice. Do stay true to yourself. I have been frustrated trying to find clothes for my daughter that were appropriate for her age. Often clothing for preteens are suggestive and totally inappropriate. Thanks for standing up for good taste.

Lissa said...

Hello Jennifer,

You are a beautiful dresser! I really find it amazing--and disappointing-- that anyone would post those comments. But perhaps the most sobering thing to me is these remarks come from followers of this blog. Nothing on the internet in general surprises me anymore, but I think I have come to expect a higher standard from this community.
Please continue to be the incredible role model and mentor that you are, and don't change a thing.


JC said...

Hi Jennifer, I think you are beautiful and I am also a modest dresser. I think as one reader mentioned, it might have to sometimes do with your choices in proportion. I generally love your style, I'm just not a fan of your boot choices with your dresses. Again, a proportion/balance thing. I'm still wishing I had your fall 2012 wardrobe, though!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

This is so interesting, because your style of dress is timeless and classic and far from the the world of frumpy, which, if one really looks at it, would be in the land of sweats and athletic gear, in my humble opinion. That people would choose to write with judgment and labels is offensive to me and, yet, you take the high road and don't let it bother you which says a lot about your values and your belief in yourself.

One small side story is that I wore a similar outfit as yours with a white/cream Uniqlo V-neck sweater and black Lands End jeans, a pretty choker necklace with a Chinese coin on a black cord, a plaid shawl and AGL flats to a spiritual center (my first visit there) and I was told by one of the congregants how "lovely" I looked and I was "so put together with everything I was wearing." I smiled and thought, "I should be giving this compliment to Jennifer!" LOL. I am considerably older than you, but see how timeless and classic works‽ I felt polished and poised in a new setting.

Finally, one of my role models, as I mature, is my late paternal grandmother and while our styles are naturally different, she wore dresses and looked refined and elegant, with her brooch, handbag and comfortable heels. Whenever we were together, I so admired her fashion sense although I was too young to understand why. Now, I do and I am grateful for her wonderful memory, and I'm grateful to you, too, seeing how you know and respect yourself and live according to your principles and preferences. Well done.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you for your comments! I can't believe how many comments this video garnered both here and on YouTube. Clearly this is a topic that sparks interest. Thank you for your wonderful insights.

With love,


Francesca said...

There is absolutely NOTHING about your style that even resembles frumpy. In fact, I have gained so much inspiration from you and your style and it has helped me enormously. Thank you for adding so much value to the topic of style and keep doing what you are doing. A fan from Australia 🇦🇺.