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A Highly Unusual Day in the Life

Welcome to a highly unusual day in my life. I'm driving into fire territory today in Los Angeles to film a podcast, visit a dear friend for lunch, and then return to my family and a very special package in the mail.

Getting up before the rest of my family is really necessary in order to have a successful day. When I sleep later, I always feel as though I am playing catch-up. Today was a good day as I was able to get up, spend quiet time alone, get dressed and even get some work done.

I start the day in my robe and drink a tall glass of water with lemon, which has detoxing properties. I later change into my Loft blouse and Mott & Bow jeans use code JLS10 for 10% off.
For makeup, I use the Osmosis CC cream, A'DEL cream blush in coral reef, and The Organic Skin Co. eyeshadow in shades highlights and bamboo. Makeup brushes used are by Osmosis.

The podcast recording took a lot of preparation as I acted as both host and guest. I'll be sure to share the link to it when it comes out. I discussed Connoisseur Kids and the importance of raising tidy children. After filming the podcast, I visited my dear friend, Juliana (creator of Escape Room in a Box), for lunch and a good belly laugh. Don't you love seeing old friends? Do you giggle uncontrollably like we do? Or is it just us? :)

I returned home to a beautiful package from the elevated minimalist brand, SKYE, who sell ethically made and sustainable clothing. I'm looking forward to trying one of their dresses for spring.

I am wearing the SKYE Coraline trench coat

And here is a look at their Odette 18K gold pearl earrings

and Aurore 18K gold pearl earrings. The pearl hair tie is a gift they include with orders.

Use code Jennifer20 for 20% off at SKYE.

Overall it was a very exciting day, but (you know me) I do love the mundane! So when bedtime came, I was ready to rest and was looking forward to the next day, which was quite ordinary.

I hope you enjoy today's video.

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Жить ШИКАРНО? Это просто 😊 Сегодня расскажу о книге, которую прочла одним махом и уже приступила к следующим книгам этого автора 😍 #библиотека_gelpolishmaniac ᅠ ▪Дженнифер Л Скотт ▪ УРОКИ МАДАМ ШИК▪ История американки, которой в студенчестве посчастливилось пол года прожить в парижской семье, изучить не только французский язык и культурное наследие Франции, но и перенять шарм и волшебство быта хозяйки дома Мадам Шик. Книга написана легко, живо, с долей самоиронии, она про каждую из нас, и про то, как быть лучшей версией себя. Проживать со страстью каждый день, каждую минуту, каждое из событий. Извлекать удовольствие из любого занятия, стараться сделать каждый свой день исключительным. Мне нравится слог этого прекрасного автора, оторваться очень тяжело и, конечно, я рекомендую и Вам ознакомиться с книгами о Мадам Шик 😊 Никогда не помешает взглянуть на себя с позиции женственности и грации, и неважно, француженка Вы или нет. Все советы очень доступные, главное недорогие. Можно жить красиво и достойно при любом бюджете, важен правильный подход ко всему. У меня изменилось отношение ко многим повседневным вещам, на которые я не обращала внимание раньше. Не скажу, что Вы найдете там для себя что-то принципиально новое, но мотивирующий пинок получите однозначно 💪 P.S.: у автора есть страничка в инстаграм @dailyconnoisseur и увлекательный блог на you tube 😉

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Comment of the Week

Niculina McClanahan
Niculina writes, "Jennifer, you are so wise and gentle, my goodness you bring tears to my eyes! Making home life the main priority and enjoying the mundane aspect of it is indeed the path to success. For everyone in the family, not only for the home maker. For children, who grow up in a household where there is serenity, food security and order rather than living like in a roller coaster, through highs and lows all the time. For the adults, whether they work outside the home or at home, who have the peace of mind that at least their home is in order when the outside world is chaotic."

Dear Niculina, Thank you for your kind comment. I completely agree. Everything starts at home. An ordered home life is important for everyone. Thank you for watching!

I hope you enjoyed this day in the life. Thank you and I'll see you soon!

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Donna said...

Please tell us about the Collagen creamer! Loved this video.

Donna said...

A very interesting day. Can you please tell us about the Collagen creamer??

Vicki Zimmerman said...

This video so beautifully captured your day and was recorded like a gorgeous film complete with music and the daily sounds of life. Wonderful! Congratulations on your recent podcast taping and I'll look forward to the link. How nice to see an old friend and then return to your family at the end of a full and rewarding day.

Regarding your Vital Proteins Collagen coconut creamer, I'll have to look for that as I've been using the blue canister of Vital Proteins to add to my coffee and tea to help strengthen my hair. The creamer looks like a nice option. Also, I'm hoping it will be easy to find a Sous Vide/Egg Cup recipe online. These could probably be refrozen and reheated. Finally, I saw a headset on your ears at home as you were practicing your script. What are those used for: to listen to music and to stay quiet in the home so as not to awake your family? Thanks again for another terrific post.

A Lovely Inconsequence said...

Jennifer, could you tell us the source of your cute slippers? Sorry if you've mentioned it before. Thank you!