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Ten-Item Wardrobe Winter Updates + Packing For England

I'm sharing ten-item winter wardrobe updates in today's video as well as packing for an upcoming trip to England. I'm trying to pack minimally while still preparing for the extreme change in weather.

As we move into another change in season it's time to retire clothing from the prior season and make plans for what's new. For winter, I am retiring the Everlane Japanese picnic dress and the Target Wild Fable dress. These dresses performed really well this past season. I am retiring them due to their fall colors. I will pack them away and look forward to bringing them back next fall.

I have retired two core items and am bringing one back in. I have decided to bring back the LL Bean dot dress as it is very versatile, a dark winter color, and easy to layer for the colder months. Even though this is not the most exciting change, I do feel happy and comfortable with this returning piece. As you do the ten-item wardrobe, you will become content with less.

Now let's talk about packing for England. For a 3 week trip I have decided to bring only five core items: one pair of dark denim jeans (JLS10 for 10% off) and four dresses (LL Bean dress, midnight floral dress (linking similar), Velvet plaid dress, and J.Jill charcoal wrap dress).

These are the extras I am bringing... remember extras compliment your core items:
Two cashmere sweaters (Mott & Bow red cashmere code JLS10 gives 10% off and Everlane camel v-neck cashmere), 3 pairs of pajamas, including the Leimere cashmere pajama , Mersea travel wrap (for the plane), and fleece tights. I am also bringing a faux fur infinity scarf (linking similar here). I would have loved to bring my SKYE Coraline trench (Jennifer20 for 20% off ) because it goes with all of my outfits, but it is too lightweight for the heavy winter weather in England. I will look forward to wearing that trench when I get back to California.

The dress I'm wearing in today's video is by Draper James and the earrings are by Ana Luisa (code Jennifer10 for $10 off).

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Comment of the Week
Carolyn M. writes, "The most common comment that I receive if I dress nicely on a regular day is an inquiry as to whether I have returned to working outside of the home. When I mention that I am still an at home mother, I mostly get a look of confusion, like why would a woman dress up if she is a homemaker?"

Hello Carolyn, I loved your comment. Every time you answer that question you plant a seed in someone's mind about the importance of dressing well daily, regardless of what you are doing. You are bringing dignity to your home life! Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed today's ten-item wardrobe video. Share your ten-item wardrobe updates with us and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog. See you soon!

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Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer, I hope you and your family have a wonderful time during your trip to England.
Occasionally, you've referred to your mother-in-law's great taste. Would she be willing to talk with you during one of your videos? I'd love to know her thoughts on being presentable always and the chic lifestyle.
Your wardrobe choices look great, I love your minimalistic approach.
Looking forward to your videos from England. Merry Christmas and safe travels!

Boston Girl said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in England! I so appreciate your ten item wardrobe. However, I think you need to think about rain! Lots of rain! What do you have with a hood? Carrying an umbrella can work, but if is blowing, you will want a rain coat--you might want to bring your trench, after all. Also, an umbrella requites a hand, and with little children, you often need to hold hands. I suggest more sweaters, fewer tee shirts, as central heat is not as good in the UK as it is in the US. Merry Christmas!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I had a feeling I would post this when you were traveling...and hope you see it! Happy you arrived! I always enjoy your posts about travel and learning how to be a minimalist packer. I wish you and your family a lovely time in England and I look forward to your travelogues.

I tend to over-pack so your tips are welcome and essential. Last year, when I traveled with my brother to Thailand in November, I told myself I was only going to use a carry-on and I was successful. I think it worked because it wasn’t a two-season trip and the weather was warm so my clothes were lightweight and took up little room.

Speaking of England, I’ve had this thought for a couple of years. I admire you and your husband so much and you’re developing a brand and I’m just going to say it, because I’ve thought it off and on as you develop your Chic Assignments and share your travel posts (to England and Portugal). When you and your husband traveled with your family to England to all those charming places (Stratford Upon Avon, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Hampton Court Palace, etc.) and when you offer your Daily Connoisseur chic assignments and read together, I thought how lovely it would be to take a one-week tour with you two as Daily Connoisseur tour guides. You would make travel fun and elevate it in such a personal and informative way, making a trip abroad both inspiring and educational.

For those of us who are charmed and curious about life and hope never to lose that spark for lifelong learning at any age may I suggest that you and your husband, Ben, consider putting something together such as an informative tour in the future? I would be on a plane immediately to enjoy a tour of England, or even day trips, that were contemplative, enlightening and friendly. Sightseeing with your knowledge and experience of the area, you would both be perfect hosts and tour guides. With your husband’s knowledge of his birthplace and extensive reading and both of you enjoying lie to the fullest, along with your appreciation for family travel, I think it would be a lovely group tour for all ages. Please do consider it. I’m planting my seed now. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Jennifer. xo

Shannon Bardwell said...

Ok, here's the elephant in the living room. 4 Dresses and 3 Pajamas? Is there something I'm missing? I asked my husband about this. I don't think I even have 3 pair of winter pajamas. Does everybody have 3 pair?

engagedbliss said...

star dancer -- thank goodness! lol I am bemused by the 3 sets of pjs myself. When I travel for a few weeks I bring one set, especially with laundry facilities. I too think I must be missing something! Hoping for enlightenment. :)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello ladies,

Thanks for your comments! We are enjoying our trip to England. Everything I packed has performed really well here. To answer some of your questions: I did not pack rain boots as I knew I would have some here in England. And as for three pairs of pajamas there are primarily two reasons I packed them: 1. I don't want to wear one pair of pajamas for three weeks. I would get tired of them :) and 2. I wash my pajamas after 2 wears, so I did not want to have to do laundry every two days if I didn't want to. Everything is working out well so far! Thanks so much for watching and you can look out for an outfits of the week video next week.

With appreciation,