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Outfits of the Week in England | Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe

Welcome to Christmas in England. I'm sharing one week of outfits from my ten-item capsule wardrobe. If you saw my packing video, you already know what I brought to England and now you can see how the outfits wear throughout a very busy week.

One of my favorite things about the ten-item wardrobe is that it simplifies my life while keeping me stylish. I'm able to dress up and dress down with my core items. Thank you for watching today's video.

Day 1:
LL Bean basketweave dot dress
faux fur scarf (similar)
cardigan (similar)
olive sweater coat (similar)
fleece tights
riding boots (similar)
My phone case

Day 2:
Everlane cashmere v-neck
Lilysilk camisole code Daily12 for 12% off
Mott & Bow jeans code JLS10 for 10% off
riding boots

Day 3:
Floral dress (similar)
navy cardigan (similar)
fleece tights
riding boots (similar)

Day 4:
LL Bean dot dress
Mott & Bow Cashmere sweater JLS10 for 10% off
fleece tights
rain boots (similar)
Heavy wool coat (similar)

Day 5:
J.Jill charcoal wrap dress https://bit.ly/2LE1Eq1
faux fur scarf
fleece tights
black boots (similar)

Day 6:
Mott & Bow cashmere JLS10 for 10% off
Mott & Bow jeans JLS10 for 10% off
rain boots (similar)
black wool coat (similar)

Day 7 (Christmas Eve)
Floral dress (similar)
cardigan (similar)
faux fur scarf (similar)
fleece tights
black boots (similar)
Pearl Earrings Ana Luisa Jewelry Jennifer10 gives $10 off

Day 8 (Christmas Day)
Plaid dress by Velvet
fleece tights
black boots (similar)
Pearl Earrings Ana Luisa Jewelry code Jennifer10 gives $10 off

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Comment of the Week
Kym M. writes, "As eclectic Charlotte Mason homeschoolers we have been doing a sort of chic assignment for years. We have a poet, artist, and composer of the month. We study a Shakespeare play each quarter and we read a lot of classics."

Kym, I love this! We do something similar. And parents do not have to homeschool to do this with their children... they can enjoy this type of enrichment any time with their family... that's the wonderful thing.

Thank you for joining me for this outfits of the week edition. I hope you have a happy new year celebration! Let me know how your Christmas was in the comments below.

With love,


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1 comment:

Shannon Bardwell said...

You look beautiful...very elegant. I love seeing your children and hearing their sweet sounds in the background. So glad you shared your week's outfits. Very inspiring, mixing and matching, varying accessories, and layering. Blessings and safe travels.