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What's in the Day as a Homemaker? | A Homemaker's Solitude

What's in a day as a homemaker? How does a homemaker deal with the isolation that comes with the territory? These are the concepts I'm exploring in today's video.

What’s in the day as a homemaker?

The outside world looks in at a homemaker and wonders what on earth they do all day long. They envision endless hours of daytime television, folding laundry, and occasionally thawing a chicken from the freezer.

Well you know this, my fellow homemaker, they’ve got it completely wrong.

The Life of a Homemaker is deep and complex. There really is no other work like it in the world. Shakespeare’s Juliet asks, “What’s in a name?”

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Let us as homemaker’s ask “What’s in a day?”

The day could hold any number of quotidian tasks: making beds, ironing, cleaning, cooking, correspondence, teaching, parenting. Each of these things in and of themselves seems pretty straight forward. What’s the big deal? Some of the smaller tasks like making beds and cooking don’t seem so important. Aren’t there better things to do?

Well no, frankly, not really. I suppose it doesn’t matter who does these things, as long as they get done. So yes, as homemakers, we aren’t the only ones to do these tasks, our family does them too. But whatever tasks that are attributed to you, no matter how mundane, please know their importance. They may seem small. They may seem insignificant. But when placed together with the collective work you do all day long, they are deeply significant.

Some homemakers struggle with the isolation of being at home. If you’re an introverted homemaker like I am, you actually enjoy it. If you struggle with this, think of your isolation through a different lens.

Let’s look at how Henry David Thoreau made isolation work for him. He moved to Walden Pond to learn to live deliberately. To live a purposeful life. Notice he did not want to be around others during this time.

Oh, my fellow homemakers, make your solitude in this endeavor work for you. Can we live deliberately, like Thoreau, through making the beds, cooking the meals, ironing the clothes?

We can enrich our minds through this process as well. Through listening to books, taking the much-needed rest, and filling our minds with beautiful things.

So the next time someone asks you, “What’s in the day as a homemaker?” You will look at them with a twinkle in your eye. You could say, “Living deliberately, carving out my purpose, and making our life at home a magical escape from the outside world.” Or you could just smile and say, “You’d be surprised.”

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Comment of the Week
Kerri-Mae Ashley writes, "Where have you been all my life?! Lol I got so emotional towards the end of the video for a number of reasons - conviction, hope, joy and excitement! I recently became a SHAM (1 year ago). It was a goal that we patiently waited for ten years and I said I would not be a yoga pants and t-shirt mom and what am I today? A yoga pants and t-shirt mom. I used to get dressed everyday and now only to go out to go out the house. I hurt myself hiking and couldn’t work out so I gained weight over the past few months. I felt like I didn’t deserve to get dressed everyday like I used to because I didn’t feel and look the same in my clothes. The self pity and shame is over. Thank you so much for this beautiful video - it has inspired a changed back to my true self. You are such a blessing...xoxo"

Kerri-Mae, your comment is so empowering. I am so happy you have chosen to change back to your true self and I'm thrilled that the videos have impacted you in such a positive way. Thank you for writing to us.

Thank you for joining me today... I would love to know... what's in your day as a homemaker? How do you deal with the isolation that can come with the territory? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on The Daily Connoisseur.

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Woman of the House said...

Lovely video, Jennifer! Your approach to homemaking is beautiful and life-giving. Your family is so blessed to have you there to make home life rich.

I laugh to myself when I think about people wondering what in the world homemakers do all day. I'm a homemaker with responsibilities toward four generations and it keeps me busy all day long! Besides caring for my husband and helping him in his ministry as a pastor, I have a grown daughter at home with a chronic illness, a mother-in-law with dementia in assisted living who needs frequent help and visits (not to mention homemade gingersnaps--her favorite!), and I homeschool my two grandchildren. Just this week we gave dinner and overnight lodging to my son-in-law and a co-worker who couldn't get home due to a snow storm. What do I do all day? I serve wherever I'm needed and I'm so thankful to have the time and freedom to do that. I know we are all better off because of my availability and I wouldn't have it any other way. The deep satisfaction and joy is reward enough.

Thank you for giving such a gracious, uplifting view of homemaking, Jennifer! You do us all proud!

It's me, again. said...

Dear Jennifer,
What does it mean to be a homemaker? For me it means freedom! Yes freedom, this may sound shocking but when you think about it it is up to the homemaker to create the life they desire. I believe one of the most important elements to creating a desired life is discipline. Yet within this discipline was always my vision of what I wanted our life to be and the process of how to get to the vision. I establish routines which involved cleaning, laundry, budgeting, outside the home activities, home activities, meals and daily scheduling.
Another important aspect of the stay at home mom was establishing and maintaining a network of friends for phone calls, play groups, bible study and kids activities which encouraged adult interactions . My network was small but big in support.
Just know, being a homemaker is freedom, to make you and your family"s life your own. It is not an easy road but a tough one, because it is up to you, there is no boss to establish the routines or time schedule to follow,. Take time to be thoughtful, and know all great things take time and endurance. Be thoughtful and kind and you will succeed .
Always enjoy watching your videos and reading your blog.
Sincerely, Nancy

GrammaGrits said...

This was a wonderful video! As a 67-year-old retired wife, mother and grandmother, I find my days full and busy in making our home a warm, inviting place. Between meals, laundry, general cleaning, decorating for the seasons/holidays, correspondence, etc. I often wonder how people ever consider the day of a homemaker boring or useless. I also love time for tea and reading. Blessings on your upcoming trip and your family this Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

Kristyn Hall said...

Jennifer, I wonder if you have ever read G.K. Chesterton's essay, "The Emancipation of Domesticity". It was written a century ago and he has a unique writing style that (at least for me) requires concentration, but he is always worth the effort.
This is such a wonderfully thoughtful series ♡ Thank you for your hard work and time spent on it.

Sherrylynne said...

Oh, Jennifer, please share the book you are reading in this clip. I loved the Tasha Tudor book, Reading it before bed for me was so restful and beautiful. Now I am reading a Monty Don journal that is so good, I have to read it aloud to my husband. But if you have another winner, I am all in!