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The Chic Assignment Season Finale from England

Welcome to the season finale for The Chic Assignment. What an enjoyable ride it has been as we have immersed ourselves in beautiful arts and culture and bettered our everyday lives through meaningful habits. I would like to thank you for joining us this year.

The Chic Assignment will take a break in January, but we plan to resume in February. If you have any requests for future assignments, please leave them in the comments below.

Our family has safely arrived in England and today's check-in is very special, as you will see glimpses of the English countryside and festive visuals from this time of year.

Tchaikovsky, Dickens, the present moment, and stress management. These were the themes for December.

Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite Op. 71a is always a welcome treat to listen to this time of year. I've even been known to play it in the month of July to feel Christmas nostalgia. Does anyone else do this too? We will explore Tchaikovsky's biography in a future Chic Assignment. This episode focuses largely on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, which is read beautifully by Ben.

Looking at the portraits of the Tudors at Hampton Court Palace, made me further ponder how short life can be. It's important to remain present with our family so that we don't miss the specialness of the season.

I was able to practice "not stressing the small stuff", which was Chic Assignment number 4, on the plane ride over. It's not easy taking a long-haul flight with four kids (including a baby and toddler!) So not stressing the small stuff was a must for me. I have to say that in order to get through the flight I had to also remain very present and accepting of the circumstances. Lots of prayer was happening too :)

Thank you for joining me for a wonderful year of Chic Assignments. What an enjoyable treat it has been to do this with you each month. As mentioned, I will take January off for the Chic Assignment, and it will resume in February, 2020.

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Comment of the Week
On Instagram, jayasjohnson writes, "So refreshing to see an Instagram picture where the person is not angled to the side and is smiling normally and happily. You look gorgeous! Merry Christmas !"

Jaya, your comment made me laugh. Thank you! I can't stand the fake poses either :) Merry Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed today's Chic Assignment season finale. I would love to know how the assignment this month impacted you. I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas and I will see you soon.

With love,


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I. W. said...

What lovely countryside! Merry Christmas. I would love to see a video on basic table manners. While dining out last night, I again saw an adult holding a fork in his fist, stabbing it down to hold something in place on his plate. I have seen this maneuver so often! (While eating out in Europe, we've often played Spot the Americans!) Thanks for all you do!

A Lovely Inconsequence said...

Your message today was very moving to me especially the part about the drama the Tudor's endured and how their lives, like ours, were very short and now they have been gone a very long time. It isn't often that a woman of your age and a woman on social media is in touch with her mortality. I thought that you gave us a good reminder and found it rather poignant that you are aware of the brevity of life at this busy point in your life. Well-said Jennifer.

Having trained as a nurse, I learned at age 19 in my clinical studies how short life is and it has stayed with me since. Thank you for showing this side of your soul and Merry Christmas to your lovely family!

Wenzday said...

I love this video. It was great to see so many beautiful scenes in England and to hear Ben read Dickens. It all gave me a wonderful Christmas feeling. So I'm inspired to go play Tchaikovsky now! Best of the holidays to you and your family.

Renee Suzanne said...

Please do Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in a future Chic assignment. My favorite poem is "The Village Blacksmith" followed closely by "The Children's Hour". We all know about "Paul Revere's Ride" as well! Thanks for considering!!